Thursday, August 19, 2010

Class Registration

C and I went today and registered Skyler for his music class at the Montessori play school. We got to wander around and the director explained the program. I loved the school, it's gorgeous the way it's set up. There are all sorts of soft giant blocks for him to climb on, toys and books and they are all nice and neat and clean and nothing is so chewed or ragged that you can't figure out what it is. (Maybe the daycare I work in has broken things because we have too many kids) The way the room is separated too is just lovely. It's all an open concept and it's so welcoming. The walls are painted a lovely soft colour with murals of trees and bubbles and things painted on them. There are mirrors everywhere. There is a little dance studio toward the entrance where his music class will take place.

The director explained that the first 15 minutes we all just get to socialize and have free play throughout the room, and then the music teacher will ring her bell and call everyone into the circle for class. The kids will get to play instruments and sing and listen to music and whatnot. The class is 45 mins not including the 15 min free play. She said also that if at any point Skyler is bored or doesn't feel like sitting still the rest of the "school" is available for him to play in and explore and he can go back to the circle as he wishes. And it's open concept so he will be able to hear the music while he explores. There's also a small kitchen and refreshments are provided for the parents. And there's a spot to eat for the little guys if we want to bring him some snacks.

It's a beautiful place and I was quite impressed with it. More importantly Skyler loved it. He was so interested in exploring everything. I can't wait for classes to start in October. Also today I registered Skyler for a gymnastics class. It's Saturday mornings, and it's not too far from us. C and I decided we'll do one music class and one gym class for now. The gym class is for toddlers 18 months to 3yrs and they have access to this big room full of things to climb and swing on and play in. There are tunnels and slides, and all sorts of cool things. I'm really hoping this will help with his gross motor skills maybe give him the balance/confidence to walk on his own. Again it's parent involved so C and I will both be there with him. I can't wait to go to their open house to check it out.

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Stacie said...

Wow, that sounds like a really amazing place! I bet he's going to love it.