Saturday, August 28, 2010

Finally! (TMI warning)

Saturday is here (C has to work Sat & Sun which sucks..) and Skyler has finally stopped puking. We're on our third or fourth day now puke free! I can't even count the amount of times I caught puke with my hands in the last week. And the laundry we had to do.. Like 6 loads of laundry, most of it bedding or clothing that had been puked on. Yuck! Everything is clean now, we washed it at C's parents last night. They had a huge family dinner, I mean it wasn't supposed to be, but they have 4 kids, and each one of the girls brought their boyfriend except one whose boyfriend is in Ont. And I was there, and the baby of course. So it was 10 people for dinner. Dinner was good. Everyone behaved pretty well for a change which is a miracle in that family.

AND the most important piece of news! After we left at like 9:30pm C's sister brought over Skyler's new big boy bed! Actually it's his youngest sister's twin bed that she's grown out of as she's now 18 and has a double. We went and bought him his own sheet set and a mattress protector today and we set it up in his room this morning. And my little big boy, took his first nap in his big boy bed! We gave him a bottle, he laid down and past right out. Not a peep from him. We had to go in and wake him up at 2pm so he didn't sleep all afternoon. He woke up with a big smile on his face. He loves getting on and off his bed and playing on it, and laying on it. So cute. We really wanted to get him used to having his own big bed before the new baby comes. We don't want him being mad or jealous that some new little person came along and stole both his mommy and his crib! (Of course we're not going to forget about him when the baby is born, but I will be breastfeeding so he may get less attention for a while.)

Anyway here's hoping he sleeps as well tonight. I hope everything in your life is going well!

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Stacie said...

Hallelujah for no more puking! That's just too many days of dealing with it all. I hope he's feeling much better!

You'll have to post some pictures of Sky in his big boy bed :)