Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Fun Never Ends

If you've been following then you know that Skyler has been sick since Friday. He has some sort of cold that is making him congested, and when my boy gets congested he starts choking on his snot. When he starts choking he sometimes will puke. When he pukes twice, we have to give him his solu-cortef injection.Yesterday he went to bed around 6pm. I was delighted that he was sleeping so soundly. It was not to be of course. He woke up at midnight, just after C got home from work. He refused to go back to sleep (when he lies down the snot keeps him from breathing which keeps him from sleeping. I've tried propping up his head, but no luck yet.) and he got all upset and puked. Twice. He puked up his meds.

The next thing we had to do was give him his injection. It was our first time giving it to him and it was not the most fun thing in the world. So after we gave it to him, got the bandaid on, had some snuggles C decided to call and get his prescription refilled because we only get one vial at a time and there are only two doses in each vial. Each dose only lasts three days from when you activate it/open the vial. So we wanted to make sure we would have it on hand if this continued. We called 3 different pharmacy locations all the same chain. Only one of them had it. They refused to fill the prescription because the last one they got was from a year ago.

So we had to call the pediatric endocrinologist on call. Maybe she just doesn't like working over night or something but she was a (insert word here). C explained to her that we had to give his emergency dose. She asked why we hadn't taken him to the ER. He told her that Skyler is okay, just has a cold and is congested and is puking because he can't seem to get rid of the snot. She said "And who made that diagnosis?". . . . Let's be clear here that the tone of her voice as well as her words implied beyond a doubt that we as his parents are definitely not qualified to say why our son is puking and that indeed we are imbeciles for thinking that with our small brains we might be able to figure out what's going on.

She eventually said she'd phone in the prescription to the one store that was open 24 hours and had the meds on hand. We went and picked up the meds, and they gave us some insulin needles since they don't have the kind we need, and we got our very own biohazardous medical waste bucket. My life just keeps getting better. Heh. So we didn't get to sleep until about 5am. Then this morning (okay technically noon) we ate our breakfast/lunch and then decided to see if we could get him in to see our NP. We called at 1. They told us to come in at 2. So we did, we saw her right away, the visit was thorough, but not lengthy.

She examined him, said his ears are fine, no infection. Lungs are clear, throat is a little red from coughing so much. No fever, no signs of stomach flu. Everything in perfect working order except he is congested. It looks like a common cold virus. Bottom line? He's puking because he chokes on his snot and doesn't know how to spit it out or blow his nose. Sigh. I wish people would stop questioning our intelligence when it comes to our son. I am glad our NP looked at him and came to the same conclusion that we did, and I'm glad we didn't take him to an ER full of germs just to sit there for 8 hours and find out that he is fine. I just hate when specialists get that superiority complex. I feel like saying "No I'm not an idiot, when my kid is horking back a load of snot and then chokes on it til he pukes, I'm pretty sure I can figure out why he's puking."

She also checked everything else while he was there, and noticed that he has one leg longer than the other.. I agreed I had noticed his left leg is stiff, and his foot seems to point outward when he walks. She thinks he may have a problem with his hip and suggested we go get him X-rayed. So he may have some hip dysplasia or something on top of everything else. I've read that they can usually fix it when a brace and if that doesn't work they do surgery. I seriously don't want him to have surgery. What can you do though? If he needs it, he needs it. We'll cross that road when we come to it. For now I just want to make it through tonight.


Stacie said...

Wow, I'm not even sure what to say. That sounds pretty overwhelming. I know you and C are handling it, but still.

I hope Sky's congestion clears up really soon and starts to get some rest (for his sake and yours).

Hang in there momma!

jennohara said...

I hope Skyler feels better soon! And I hope his X-Rays come back fine and he doesn't need surgery. I'll be think ing about you guys!

Karen said...

I hate it when doctors think that they know your child better than you do. You're such a good mom. How could anyone not see that?