Saturday, August 21, 2010

Worst Night Ever

Last night was possibly the worst night ever. Since the NICU anyway. The day before had been awful Wed/Thur I had been up with him super late and then woke up at 7am with him. The two of us had been up all day, he refused to nap and then didn't want to sleep. I was so tired I couldn't think straight. So fast forward to last night. Skyler's nose started running in the afternoon. The day had been super busy we had to go and deposit cheques and get new back tires on the car and I had to get fitted for a bridesmaid dress for C's sister's wedding. So after all that nonsense we had to go to C's grandma's for dinner. That's when the fun started.

Skyler's nose started to run and I could tell he wasn't feeling 100%. We ate dinner, then C went outside to change the oil in the car. We went out for a minute but there were too many mosquitos so we went back inside. C's grandma gave Skyler a juicebox, and the poor kid who doesn't seem to know what to do when he has a runny nose, sucked the juice right into his lungs and began hacking and sputtering and of course as he does whenever he chokes, he puked. I find whenever he is sick with a cold the snot in his throat makes him cough/choke until he pukes it up.

We went home shortly after and tried to get him to go to bed. I think he laid down for half an hour. Eventually at 11pm we went to pick up C's cousin from work. We returned home, tried yet again to get him to bed. Countless times we put him down and had to go in and pick him up because he wouldn't stop screaming and crying hysterically. Finally at about 2am we decided that the crib wasn't working and we were getting desperate so we were going to go for a drive. Unfortunately Skyler is not one of those babies who can "cry it out". If we leave him crying for too long (especially when sick. and sometimes too long is only minutes) he will puke. So when C went to get him from the crib I guess it had been too long and he puked all over C.

So a quick clothing change + bath and we tried the crib again. No luck, so off to the car for a drive. We gave him stress pred oral and headed out. He slept in the car, but we could only go until 3am and then we were both worn out and needed sleep. Unfortunately Skyler was not going to sleep when we got back into the apartment. He puked again around 3:30, we started freaking out. I gave him more pred at 4 and sent C to sleep for two hours since he had to open the store at 6:30am. Skyler puked again at 4:30. I know I should have given him his shot at this point, but we weren't thinking and by 4:30 I was dead tired and rocking back and forth crying on the floor basically, pleading with him to please sleep. This would end up being a recurring theme as we tried to decide if we should take him to the ER.

C left for work at 6am and Sky and I were still awake. He puked again at 7am and I called C and told him I couldn't do it anymore and he had to come home. He called his boss and made her go in for a bit so he could come home. We called the endocrinologist who told us we should have given him his shot at 4am, and that we should wake him up (as he had just just finally fallen asleep, it was nine am by the time C came home) and take him to ER so they could assess him, show us how to use the shot and send him home.

In other words last night/today has been one hell of a night/day! He slept til 7pm and he is okay right now, still sick and stuffy and tired but he's playing. He hasn't puked yet today either, not since 7. I'm going to go insane though if he refuses to sleep tonight. I was just ready to smash my head into a wall this morning, and stressed beyond belief, with panic attacks and everything I am so not ready to go through that again tonight. Tomorrow is the CNIB picnic, and his gymnastics registration. It's supposed to be 33c above not including the humidity.. It's going to be killer hot. Here's hoping the weather and his sickiness doesn't ruin everything. :( I so want him to be feeling better. It sucks when your baby is sick and medically fragile.


Karen said...

I hope he feels better soon and that you do too. It's always so hard when your baby is sick because you can't even explain to them that it will feel better soon. :( Try to rest and remember that he'll feel better soon and you'll have plenty of sleep then.

Stacie said...

I really hope that all three of you got some good sleep this weekend. Also, I hope Sky is feeling better.

I know how incredibly tough it is dealing with a vomitting baby. I've done it more times than I can count.