Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Candy Cow

Skyler is sick yet again! And so are C and I. So far he has only puked once, and while he hasn't been sleeping much it's not as bad as last time yet. I hate colds! School/work is going okay. The first few days with my little one were pretty trying as everything was brand new to both of us. A lot of adjusting. Plus she's still on her summer schedule and had not been sleeping at all. So every day was basically her getting pretty upset and falling asleep on everything, the floor, the instruments, me, the table, the chair. Everywhere I'd try to go with her she would fall asleep. Last night she actually had a good night's sleep and today she was fantastic. I'd never seen her so happy. Lots of smiles and giggles, we had a good morning.

I'm off tomorrow to go to the OB, my first appointment with her for this pregnancy. I'm 15 weeks along now. I hope it goes well. If I remember correctly she was pretty nice the one time I saw her when I was pregnant with Skyler. I've been pretty emotional, crying at everything. And like last time I've started getting heartburn now that I'm in the second trimester, oh and back pain.

I can't wait to show everyone my latest project. C and I were discussing what to do about Halloween this year, since Skyler is almost two this time around and he can kind of walk (he's down to holding one hand most of the time!!) and well we want his candy. Haha, we jokingly said he's like a "cash cow" for candy (a candy cow). Dress him up all cute and he'll rake in the treats. We'll give him a small cut of course. Of course the issue of him needing an actual costume comes into play, because cute baby can only get you so far, cute baby in cute costume now that will get you some snickers bars or something right? We went to the stores and looked around, toddler costumes are ridiculously expensive! $25 for a cheaply made costume? Made with a tiny amount of fabric (usually not the best fabric either).

We decided to dress him as a cow, and I looked around for a cow costume. $20 for a toddler hoodie made of some cheap white felt type material with two black patches sewn on, and ears on the hood. It didn't even come with pants.. Um, no thanks. I went to the fabric store and hunted around until I found the perfect cow pattern, and better yet the material is gorgeous. It's soft, it feels and looks like a real cow, and it was on sale! So my little boy is going to end up in a costume (with both pants and a hoodie) that cost me $9, and looks so much better than the junk in the store. (Assuming my sewing skills are up to par.)

I started it last night. First I took Sky's measurements and then designed my pattern, I had to pull out the fancy pencils and sketch paper, and I must have redrawn a few of the pieces at least 3 or 4 times to get it perfect. I'm making it a bit on the big side so he can wear other warm clothes underneath since end of Oct here is always freezing. (I'm not sure he'll need to though as the fabric is warm and it has a lining inside..) After I made my pattern pieces, I cut them all out, from the cow fabric and the flannelette I'm using as a lining. Then I sewed together most of the pieces with the lining. It's coming along quite nicely. The only problem is I have a ton of extra cow pattern fabric left over. I bought almost two metres to be sure I'd have enough. I'm thinking pillows..


jennohara said...

So cute! Great idea :)
I'm planning on making my girls' costumes this year, too. SO much cheaper! They're both going to be fairies, so I'll put together some tutu's and by some wings at the dollar store. Voila!
Good luck with the OB!

Ashley's Mom said...

My 20 year old, 6 foot bruiser of a son was a cow for Halloween when he was but a wee thing. So cute!!!