Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Climbing to New Heights

He seems to be learning so quickly. We hadn't done too much "schooling" over the summer, but I picked him up a new pack of Ses.ame Stre.et alphabet flashcards the other day, and he's already picking out letters and saying their names. (His favourites are A and D). Yesterday we worked on using a spoon. Haha it was hilarious, and awesome. He doesn't quite do the wrist rotations yet, so when I gave him a cup of yogurt and a spoon he went at it, and managed to get some in his mouth, and quite a bit all over him. He then decided maybe it would be easier to use his hands, so he dunked those in there, but realized that he wasn't getting much yogurt that way, so he then must have thought to himself "hey it's in a cup.. I must be able to drink it." which resulted in lots of yogurt all over my little man, but he did keep alternating methods until he had finished the entire thing. And I think at least half of it went in him.

I've started putting him to bed at 7:30 on the dot each night. It's made an amazing difference in how well he sleeps at night. There seem to be few wake ups. Minus the other morning when he decided to get up at 4am and stay up for the day.. Other than that he's been sleeping straight through the night, which is fantastic as it allows me to do the same.

Today the weather was gorgeous so after work we ate some lunch and then I took him outside to the park next to our building. It was a wonderful afternoon. He was in a great mood, I took literally 200 pictures. He walked around the park holding my hands, we played in the leaves. I'd pick them up and then let them fall, sometimes the wind would take them, and he would giggle like crazy watching them float to the ground. Then he would pick up his own leaf and let it drop too. He crawled around the park, and he climbed over a bunch of wooden post things. His gross motor skills are improving so much. He even went up and down the wooden steps twice. We also walked down a pretty steep slope together through a massive pile of leaves (which he loved because the leaves make a funny sound) and headed down toward the river.

There's a river behind our place, that is really more like a stream, it's not very wide or deep at all, but there are beavers, and geese. I don't think Skyler had ever seen a goose before, because they've never gotten close enough, but there were three in the water today and when they saw us, they came so close! Only a few feet away, I'm not a hundred percent sure, but I think Skyler saw his first goose today! It was amazing to be able to share that experience with him. He pointed toward them so I think he saw something, even if it was only the shape of it. They were honking too, so I know he heard them.

Then we headed back up the slope to the park and he shocked me again, but not only approaching the usually loathed play structure, but by climbing up to the top all by himself!! Then he played with the tic tac toe wheels for a while, and I freaked about because a wasp landed on him (and I carefully shooed it away whilst pretending for his sake that all was well, even though my heart was racing.) luckily he didn't get stung so it was all good. Then he climbed down, and back up again, and then almost fell, I'm not sure if it's his lack of depth perception or if he just didn't look, but he went to step where there was nothing to step on. I was right there of course and I made sure he didn't fall, but he was startled a bit. After that we went and wandered around the park some more until we were ready for dinner.

We came inside and had popcorn shrimp and french fries. So delicious. Then we played until 7:30 and off to bed he went. Now I'm about to pass out so I'd best head off to bed.

PS. I tried to add pictures to this post, but blogger is being a jerk and won't let me. Which sucks cause the pictures are super cute. :P


Stacie said...

His development is really taking off! A few months ago, who would have thought we'd be reading about him climbing by himself on the play structures! This is exciting stuff.

Sounds like a great time was had by you both.

jennohara said...

Awe man! I was looking forward to pictures!!
He is doing so well!!! It's so exciting because now that he's older, you KNOW he can see SOMETHING...which I know, is an amazing feeling.