Wednesday, September 8, 2010

First Day of School

My first day was good. My little girl is adorable, she was pretty calm the first part of the morning (she even fell asleep on me!) but then right before lunch time she decided she was done. It's a brand new environment and everything is different and scary, I'm hoping that as she settles in things will get easier. Turns out her family immigrated like 2 or 3 generations ago. So, not really immigrants at all. Haven't met dad yet, but mom is nice.

Working with her today reminded me of all the things I have to be grateful for Skyler. He has so much more vision than a lot of blind kids. While his eye contact isn't perfect (especially since one eye is usually turned in) he doesn't have a problem facing you, or keeping his head up when he babbles at you. And he will smile back at you if you smile. He interacts a lot, if you laugh, he laughs. If he does something funny and you laugh, he will do it again and again and again. Right now he thinks it's hilarious to fake burp whenever he hears someone else burp. Same with sneezing, coughing, blowing your nose. Any sound you can make he will copy it for your amusement.

I realized today that we've come a long way from when we learned about his condition. We've gone through a lot, and we've learned a lot. I remember the sadness that I felt when I thought he was completely blind and the scary thoughts of how much he would miss out on, and all the what-ifs. Today even though we know he is legally blind, we also know that he can see things around him and make out what they are. We know that he knows our faces, our expressions, he explores his world freely and enthusiastically. He's not afraid of most things. He will climb his chair, and try to get up onto the arm of the couch! He hasn't shown any signs of autism yet, though a lot of blindisms do look like autism, and he has a few of those. (He flaps/flails his arms when he's upset.)

Today he was being extremely whiny, and I went to find him and figure out what he wanted since I had just fed him, changed/pottied him, and bathed him. I found him in his room, lying on his bed ready for sleep. For the first time he put himself down for a nap. He's been sleeping very weird hours lately and making us all crazy around here, so I know I should keep him up and not let him nap right now, but it's just too cute that he's figured out he is tired and has put himself to bed. Well here's hoping the rest of the week goes well.


Stacie said...

Glad to hear that your first day of school went well!

I'm so envious that Sky put himself to bed.

I still have a heck of a time putting Laney down for naps, which I recently tried giving up. She's been falling asleep on my lap or sitting next to me. Ah well.

jennohara said...

Hanna thrives on being center of attention, too. She'll be crazy just for laughs.
That's awesome that Skyler put himself to sleep! So cute!

Ya Chun said...

It's good to hear that Skyler is doing so well.