Wednesday, September 15, 2010


We had our appointment with the OB today. I thought it was at 10:30am, so when I took a look at the scheduler on our way out the door at 10 I realized it was actually at 10am! I called and told them I would be late. And on the way there we got stuck behind every slow person, hit every red light. I hate being late and I was having a panic attack of course. So we get in and the nurse gives us a lecture about how they run on schedule and they cancel your appointment if you're late. And I just burst into tears. I told her I was sorry that I felt awful, that I was panicking about it. She seemed to soften, but I just felt like crap to begin with I hate making people wait.

Fortunately my OB was a saint and told me not to worry about it. She's extremely nice and sweet. She told me she'd schedule me for a fetal assesment but not for the baby, for me. She says that from my account of how I went into premature labour it sounds like I may have an incompetent cervix. She said it normally happens in the second trimester, but it's possible that that's why Skyler was born so early. I knew a little about what an incompetent cervix is, because I used to follow Becky who no longer blogs, but she lost her little boys to an incompetent cervix. My OB said that if that is what it is we can do things to prevent it, like bed rest and whatever. She didn't mention surgery (sewing it shut) but I think that's another thing they sometimes can do with an incompetent cervix. Anyway she said I am a healthy woman and we're not going to treat me as anything different unless we find out otherwise from the fetal assessment. So for now, business as usual except no lifting things.

I think my company pays for disability if I have to go on bedrest, but I'm not sure. If not I'll probably get EI. I wouldn't mind resting I guess, but I'm sure I will get quite bored. She said it's possible too that it could have been just a random thing (Skyler being premature) but it's best to find out for certain obviously.

We also got to hear the heartbeat again. It sounds wonderful. I've felt a few movements over the last couple weeks. Here's hoping I can keep this baby safe inside me until it's ready to be born alive and well.


BLOOM - Parenting Kids With Disabilities said...

I am sure you will keep that baby safe.

How wonderful to hear the heartbeat.

I'm sorry you had such a horrible response when you arrived. We're all -- including doctors -- human!

Hope Skyler is well.

Mrs. Spit said...

I hope so too!

Stacie said...
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Stacie said...

Hopefully you won't have to be put on bed rest. However, that's good that your doctor is looking into the possibility of an incompetent cervix.

Yay for the strong heart beat today!

jennohara said...

I hope it was just a fluke that Skyler was premature...bed rest would stink.
Yay for the heartbeat tho!!

The cow costume is coming along awesome-ly! :)

Becky said...

But I still read :)

Email me if you have any questions. I'd be more than happy to answer anything or put your mind at ease.

It never hurts to get your cervix checked. In fact, I think it should be standard procedure but whatever. Apparently doctors don't feel that way. Anyhow, did she say anything about p17 shots? It's shown to reduce the instance of premature birth signifigantly. Also, new research shows that an increase of 1000mg of folic acid reduces it too. I would double up on the folic acid, ask about the p17 injections (anyone with a history of preterm labor should recieve them anyway), and keep getting your cervix checked. There is a lot that they can do to treat it before you get to bedrest. Did she give you a cervical measurement?