Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

A work in progress. Skyler is helping by taking a nap on the pieces I just cut.

The (almost) finished project

All it needs is a zipper. And it looks so much cuter on him than on the floor! Haha I took a couple pics of him trying on the hoodie, but he was tired so they're mostly shots of him lying on the floor trying to nap in it. I put him to bed, I'll have to get pictures of him wearing it tomorrow. For something I made entirely myself including the pattern (but not the actual fabric as my lovely husband points out) it's not too shabby.


Stacie said...

Love love love it! You're so creative and talented! I can't wait to see pictures of Sky wearing it. : )

Mrs. Spit said...

Holy cow - not too shabby.

you're great! (What about a bunting bag for the new babe? or, in a fit irony, a nursing cover for you?)