Saturday, October 16, 2010

Developmental Milestones

Life is still chugging along at it's same pace. Skyler hasn't taken much more than 1 or 2 steps here and there since the day he took 5 steps. He lets go of things a lot more to stand and hold onto toys now, but still not walking confidently on his own yet. He'll get there. It's slow going, but I know he's ready, he just needs to realize it on his own.

He'll be two next month, it's hard to believe. I hate when I compare him to the other kids his age, or even younger than him. They all seem to be doing so much more. I know that he will develop at his own pace. I went and out of curiosity did one of those developmental checklists for 24 months. He's almost right on track. He's missing the walking alone piece, and a couple things in terms of communication. For instance, it asks if they can correctly pronounce m, n, p, and h and most vowel sounds. He can pronounce all but the letter p so far. And it asks if they're speaking in two word sentences. He's not really yet. He will say "I like that" on occasion, but I'm not sure if that's echolalia or if he's actually using it as expressive language.

Either way he is pretty on par with most of the developmental milestones. I was pleasantly surprised to find out. I've heard that sometimes meaningful speech doesn't develop in visually impaired kids until they are 3 or 4, at which point they suddenly begin speaking in full sentences. I'm hoping something like that happens, as right now his communication is still consisting mostly of him whining, yelling, screaming and flailing when he's upset or we misunderstand what he wants. We're working hard on getting him to say "help" and "done" when he's frustrated, or tired of a task. He will repeat them when we prompt him usually, but he's not saying them on his own yet. "Use your words" is something I find myself saying frequently throughout the day.

As for pipsqueak, the OB says everything sounds/looks good, and my fetal assessment is on Nov 3rd. Also I have a big baby tummy popping up now, haha. She told C and I to think about whether we want to know the sex or not, because they will likely be able to tell us at the fetal assessment. I definitely want to know if it's a boy or a girl. If it's a boy we have less stuff to buy. If it's a girl.. I may end up buying/making a few frilly things.. Either way I'd like to know if Skyler's getting a sister or brother. That way I can kind of prepare myself mentally, and if it's a girl I can start using her name. If it's a boy I can start a frantic search for the right name.. So far I have not come up with a single boy name that I like. Anyway it's 5am and I have no idea why I'm up so I'm going to try and go back to bed.


Stacie said...

So happy to hear that your pregnancy is going so well! I bet Nov. 3 cannot get here fast enough.

jennohara said...

I also heard that speech comes later for visually imapired kids. I think Skyler is doing SO well! Talking will come soon enough...and you'll wonder why you ever wanted him to start. ;)