Friday, October 8, 2010

Friday Madness

So yesterday, as my big boy was showing off his skills of standing one place while holding something with two hands (ex. not holding onto the table) he came across an ill placed mug of liquid which he hoisted up and all over mommy's laptop. The power plug was pulled, the battery came out quite quickly as well as mommy and daddy rushed to save its life. Miss Laptop is still undergoing surgery. Her keyboard was removed, cleaned and painstakingly put back together. Luckily nothing else inside got wet. I'm quite fortunate to have a man who used to build laptops and desktops..

As for Skyler, he's taken a couple steps on his own here and there.. Mostly one at a time, and he has been letting go of things more frequently to stand for a bit on his own. Today we went to his first music class. It was a ton of fun. Even though last night after said laptop debacle he decided he wasn't feeling well and didn't go to sleep until after 3am. I was so sad about that because he's been on a perfect sleep schedule for months, sleeping at 7:30 or thereabouts each night and making it until morning without waking up. Going to work this morning with 3 hours sleep was brutal.

Anyway, back to the music class. Though Skyler was tired (he slept until 11am, so he had more sleep than me) he still seemed to enjoy it quite a bit. His first transition experience went less than stellar. There's 15 mins playtime before the music part starts, and he did not like having his play interrupted to go sit on a mat in a circle with the other kids. However as soon as we started singing and playing instruments my boppy little toddler started to smile and bounce to the beat. I think he loved that daddy and I were both there with him, playing, dancing and singing. He enjoyed tapping the rainsticks, and putting the bean bag on his head.

It was a bit interesting for me. We know he is behind developmentally in some areas, not by a lot though mind you, but it was a lot easier to see it in a group of his peers. The class was 18months to 36 months. All of the kids were able to walk on their own already except for him, and I started to realize the difference between him and his sighted peers a bit more too. His vision hasn't had much effect on his play at all before, because it's always been one on one for him with us. This time, in a big group I realized how the other kids are able to make eye contact with the teacher, watch the puppet she's holding and look at the story books while she reads. With Skyler he doesn't really seem to engage visually with the teacher like the other kids do. I'm not sure if she was outside of his visual range, or perhaps wasn't interesting enough for him to look at. He did however take a lot away from the class, and the teacher made sure to bring the book around for each child to touch (it had raised froggies in it).

The songs were catchy, and she did an entrance and exit song using each child's name and an action. He loved that, and the song was stuck in my head most of the night. The other parents seemed nice enough too. I had worried that since his class is in a wealthier neighbourhood that the parents might be a bit standoffish. After class we went home and ate and then took Skyler to the park by my mom's place. Skyler had a great time even though he was ready to pass out, daddy is usually at work when I take Sky to the park, so he had lots of fun playing with him today. Yesterday for the first time he went on the teeter totter all on his own, (and off and on and off and on ad infinitum) and today the park we went to had swings so he got to go on there for the first time in about 6 months. Last time we went on the swings he was terrified, this time he loved it.

When we got home, he promptly passed out at about 6:50. And so far so good. I hope you are all having a nice Friday as well.


Stacie said...

Sounds like Sky's music class was a success! I love all the pictures. He's such a happy boy.

jennohara said...

Music class sounds great for him! I'm glad he likes it! Have a great weekend!