Sunday, October 10, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving (in Canada anyway) and we're celebrating with family tonight and tomorrow night. What I am thankful for right now is obviously my family, being able to support ourselves, having a good safe place to live, healthcare, all the rights and freedoms that I have just because I live in Canada. But at the moment I'm also super thankful that I'm friends with an optician!

I was thinking yesterday about how Skyler is going to be wearing glasses full time now. Because he's so young I think it's worthwhile to have a back-up pair handy since he's likely to pull his off or pop out a lens or something. I went to work researching where I could find him another pair of glasses. As I mentioned before the frames we have for him now were given to us for free from his amazing opthalmologist. But they will be outgrown at some point soon, and I discovered yesterday that to find toddler glasses in our city is next to impossible. There is a grand total of ONE place that sells baby and toddler frames in this city. And the prices are as you can imagine astronomical. $350 and up for a single pair of glasses..

So I continued looking around online, I found a forum for people whose babies and toddlers wear glasses. There was an article written on there about buying glasses online. The best site they recommended is (I'm not getting paid to tell you this btw) as you can get a pair of prescription glasses for as low as $8. That's including the lenses (single focus). Shipping is only $5 in the states, and $9 to Canada. This to me sounded too good to be true, so I did some looking around at reviews. They're almost entirely positive, and there are lots of them out there. For $8 glasses how can I go wrong? If they don't work then I'm only out $8 + shipping.

The only thing is to order you need a pupillary measurement and the prescription and the frame size. Fortunately our next door neighbour and friend is the optician who does Skyler's (and my) glasses. We invited her over for coffee and asked what she thought about us ordering him some glasses (since I was still feeling a bit wary, but excited about not paying $350). She said she'd get us his measurements either tomorrow when he's awake (she'll come and measure him for me again) or on Tuesday when she can check them at work on the computer. She helped me pick out the right size frames on the website and explained to me a bit about how the measurements work. She also said there's no harm in spending a few bucks and finding out if they're good or not. If the lenses aren't proper she'll pop them out for us and we can send them in to have new lenses put in for $38 through her work.

Overall it's totally worth checking out, if they don't work out we can easily have her put new lenses in as long as they're optical grade frames. We're fortunate to have a friend who can help us with this stuff, especially since our child is visually impaired. Anyway I think I'll order him two pairs of glasses since I'm paying the $9 in shipping. The sizes aren't quite as small as he needs, so he will likely grow into them. One of the pairs should fit him right away and the other one I picked may take him a few months or so. I'm excited because I know his prescription is going to change, his head size will change, but he will need glasses like me and if I can get them for a fraction of the cost that's what I'm going to do, at least for back-up pairs.

Anyway I just thought I'd share and happy thanksgiving to my Canadian friends. I hope that you too have a lot to be thankful for.


Stacie said...

Happy Thanksgiving Eve!

And, wow about the glasses. Your friend is so kind to help you and Sky out like that. Good thing you did research on his glasses. That's a huge difference in price!

LuckyOnce said...

Awesome about the glasses. :) Happy Thanksgiving to you.

I did a double-take when I saw the picture of C and Skyler walking. I have one from when D was about 14 months or so that is SO similar. (Taken from behind, red shirts, little person/big person.) SO cute! :)

jennohara said...

That's awesome if you can get him glasses for so cheap! Why not try it out?! Very very cool, and even cooler that you have an optician right next door!!!
Happy Thanksgiving to you too!