Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Not So Great Day

So I was supposed to have an ultrasound yesterday at 10:30. Drove all the way out to the hospital, went up to the third floor, found out they had cancelled it because of my fetal assessment in Nov. and either my doctor or NP or whoever had forgotten to tell me or assumed I already knew.. Sigh. Oh well, I am glad that they shoved it all into one appointment. Less ultrasounds = better as they don't know for sure the effect that it may have on unborn babies. So I have to wait until Nov 3rd. Which isn't that far away I guess. We instead used yesterday to get C's foot looked at. We went to the sports clinic which is always super busy. Took 5 hours to get in to see the doctor. He's had some weird pain for 4 days or so and since he stands all night at work it's been making him crazy.

They aren't sure what's wrong with him, they think it might be a stress fracture, but they don't know. So he's supposed to try to take it easy and go back next Monday. Which means he has a 5 day weekend, since this is his long weekend off. He's been working a lot lately, and we hardly ever see each other, so I'm pretty excited to have some time with him. Though I'm not so happy that I will be working, especially after today..

Today was a not so great day. When I came in this morning I found out the little girl I work with is going on the field trip on Friday, which means I have to go too.. and the bus doesn't get back until 3pm. I have to miss Skyler's music class. And I'm not sure how well she's going to do at a corn maze all day. She was having an off day today, and when we went outside at lunch time she was very hyper and all she wanted to do was stim. She likes to spin around in circles and throw herself to the ground with all her weight. There's no way for me to stop her or catch her without injuring myself or putting my baby at risk. So my plan of action is to get her onto the grass and try my hardest to find something to distract her with and keep her calm.

Unfortunately the entire school is out at lunch time on the playground too, and a lot of other kids are very "interested" in her. They like to hover around us and crowd her, and make my life a lot harder because she throws herself onto them and injures them in the process. She doesn't listen to instructions either, nor does she communicate (she's non-verbal remember). And along with the lunch kids, come the lunch supervisors.. There was this one woman staring at me and my little charge, as I tried to redirect her. Finally she comes over and asks me if I work for the school. "No" I tell her that I work for the Y (as it clearly says on my shirt..) but I work in the school. She spends another few minutes staring and then decides to tell me how to do my job. She says "You need to play with her."

My supervisor is nearby and just as annoyed as I am and she says to the lady "She works with her everyday she knows what she's doing." and I'm pretty much too stunned to say anything. What does she expect me to do with a child who is literally throwing herself onto the ground, not listening, not responding to touch, voice, anything at all. I am simply trying to keep her safe and help her calm down. And this woman is telling me what to do, and she does not work with me, I do not work for her, or the organization she is with. She has nothing to do with me, and has her own charges she should be watching. Also she has never worked with the child I have assigned to me, nor does she have a clue about her special needs.

Instead of dropping it, she walks away, finds some other lunch supervisors to gawk with and proceeds to stand with these other women and talk about me. They blatently stare right at me and even point at us! How fricking rude can you get? She is turned facing away from all the children she is supposed to be watching, in order to criticize how I am doing my job which has nothing to do with her. I have spoken with my charge's parents who are satisfied with her level of care! Her therapists all believe she is doing a million times better with me than she has ever been before, and yet some random lunch lady has the adacity to think she knows better than I do. And to stand and point and gossip and tell me what to do. It was very unnerving to have several eyes on me, judging me while I was trying to deal with an already stressful situation.

After that I was happy to be on my way home. Until Skyler drank some water with his straw at lunch time and it went down the wrong way. Then he started choking, and soon I was catching puke in my hands, yet again. I'm not sure how many times I have caught puke in my hands now.. Probably close to 30 times. It almost doesn't faze me anymore. If it hadn't been for the fact that I'd already been having a bad day, it might not have bothered me so much. Add in that he puked up everything he had eaten all day, and the fact that he's still super small and it feels like a giant set back when he pukes up everything he eats. I just want him to gain weight! He's been 20 pounds for like 9 months it seems. So I had to make him another lunch (it seems he always waits until he'd done eating to puke!)

Tonight after he went to sleep I finally got a glimmer of news that might be good. Something is happening that may turn out in my favour. But it involves other people, and I'd rather not talk about it until I know for sure it's happening or not happening. It's all very up in the air right now. Here's hoping it turns out.. I won't know for a while.

Oh and one good thing happened the other day. C got an unexpected bonus in the form of a gift card, and he bought me a new camera since mine's been broken for a while. So if you've made it this far in my lovely novel here, to make up for all that ranting, here's some adorable pictures of my beautiful little guy:


Stacie said...

Rant away. What happened at work is completely rant worthy (and this is your blog).

I cannot believe those women just stood there staring and talking about you like that. You would think they were 10 years old, not grown women.

jennohara said...

Wow, I'd be upset with that woman too. Sorry you had a rough day!
Coming home and seeing that adorable little face, tho, must make it all better. :)