Monday, October 4, 2010

October is Full of Appointments

We went Friday afternoon and filled Skyler's prescription for his glasses. We got lucky and he still fits his old frames! And our friend is an optician so she filled the order for us and she got authorization to cut us a deal. We only ended up spending $38 on his new lenses!! I paid it in full, and hopefully the new glasses will arrive sometime this week or next week. This time, they should help him see more! How exciting is that? He seems to be seeing quite a bit let me tell you.

In the last few days it seems like his development has exploded. He's yammering away, talking, repeating, pointing, turning knobs on his new toy kitchen, climbing up steps, trying to climb onto the couch, walking holding only one hand, walking holding onto a big people broom and nothing else, the list goes on and on. I'm so proud of him. And he gives himself "time-outs". Time-outs around here are not a punishment. When he's having a fussy-cranky-upset-about-everything-and-nothing-time, we head to his room, I give him a bottle of water and he lies down on his bed and takes time for himself, I leave the door open and when he's done he wanders back out, feeling refreshed and much less cranky. Now he knows when he needs to go for a "time out" and he'll wander off to his room, find his bottle of water and lay down. He also puts himself to bed now!

Today we had endocrinology, so we headed back to the children's hospital for the second time in the last few days, and over to the community services building where they have the endocrine clinic. Skyler was measured and weighed, and the doctor came in and said he is doing fantastic for growth, she was extremely impressed with where he is on the growth chart. She showed us how fabulous his curve is on the chart. And then we talked about doing his blood tests at the next appointment (in 6 months) and she asked how we'd feel about taking him for a bone age scan. She explained that they would x-ray his hand and see if his growth plates are at the right stage for his age. Even if they are behind that's alright, as long as they mature at a steady rate. This way we can take another scan in a year or so and see if he's growing properly. It will aid us in deciding if he needs growth hormone later.

We agreed and took him down to the X-Ray lab for his first ever X-Ray. Daddy held him on his lap while I waited in the waiting room (Didn't want to put baby at risk). They had to squish his hand under some plexiglass cause he didn't want to keep it open, but he did really well. I didn't hear any crying and it was done in less than two minutes. All in all it's been a good couple of doctor appointments, and those are the big ones for him. His vision is progressing wonderfully, as is his growth.

We went shopping today for groceries and Skyler picked out his cake mixes for his birthday cake/cupcakes/whatever I decide to make. I offered him a choice between chocolate or rainbow bits.. He chose both. I also spent some time with family yesterday after church and heard a rumour, that if it's true would be very beneficial for all parties involved so I am hoping it will end up being true.

We went to church for the first time in a few months yesterday. C has been working mornings on Sundays so we hadn't been able to go, but it was so lovely to be back! Everyone missed us and we had missed them too. Skyler had lots of fun in the nursery, I was worried about leaving him since it's been a few months since we'd left him there, but he didn't even notice us leaving, even though I kissed him on the head and said we'd be back in an hour. He played happily with the other toddlers until we got back. It was nice.

After church and after visiting my family we went home and had a new friend over. I met her through the baby & me group I go to. She has a 10 month old baby girl with a G-tube, who was born preemie as well. She was due in Jan and born in Nov just like Skyler. In fact their birthdays are only 2 days apart. We had a lovely night, hanging out together with our new friends. Skyler was so enthralled with the cute baby girl. He was gentle and attentive, he wanted to touch her cheek, and he danced for her. She smiled and cooed and flirted back. It was really cute to watch. I loved how fascinated he was with her, and how he was so happy to meet her.

I can't wait for Friday when we have our first music class! So far this month is starting off quite well. I hope it continues that way. and I hope your October is going as well as ours is so far.


BLOOM - Parenting Kids With Disabilities said...

Hi -- I'm so glad to read this happy message!

I'd love to see a pic of Skyler when his new glasses come in (I don't think he's been wearing glasses in the pics I've seen?).

Your time outs sound wonderful -- and it's cool that he's got the concept down so he can choose to calm himself down that way!

When is Skyler's birthday?

I'm glad all went well with endocrinology.

Look forward to hearing more about the birthday boy.

jennohara said...

So glad he's growing so well!! Hanna had the bone age x-ray when she about 6 months old. Hers came back as younger than her age.
How exciting about his new glasses, too!! I hope one day glasses will help Hanna :)

I'm excited to see his bday pics!!!