Friday, October 1, 2010


We had opthalmology today. At 9:15. There were two no-shows and a cancellation so we got in almost as soon as we got in the door, which is amazing in that office. I love his opthalmologist so much! The British accent doesn't hurt things either. He took a look at Sky and agreed that he seems to be switching and using both eyes now instead of just one! (Fantastic!) He told us that since we can recognize when he is using one eye over the other, that we can watch him and if he starts favouring one eye, patch that eye for a while, until he starts using both again. And to just keep watching and patch whichever eye when necessary.

He also did the drops and examined his eyes (which he hates, but he wasn't too bad about it.) and wrote him out a new prescription. So we're back to wearing glasses again, let's hope he keeps them on! I just need to get his prescription filled.. I'm hoping the frames still fit him or else we're looking at a huge bill for this one. Kids/toddler frames = extremely expensive. And we talked a bit about surgery to straighten out his eyes. The Dr. said that usually with strabismus he would do the surgery quite early, but since he has ONH he doesn't want to operate until he's older, because there's a risk of over correcting. He says that there's a good chance we can correct it with the patching and glasses while he's young. Though he thinks that he likely will end up "slipping" and crossing his eyes after a while even if we correct it now. So we may be looking at surgery later on when he's older.

And he was saying that he will probably never have the same kind of vision we do (how the two eyes take the pictures and put them together into one. Or depth perception basically) but he will likely keep using one eye at a time. That's okay of course. That's just him. Also I inquired about him seeing colours because in my human eye course I've learned that optic nerve problems can cause colour deficiency. He told me that if you and I suddenly had a problem with our optic nerves, colour might go, but because Skyler was born with smaller optic nerves he doesn't think it's an issue for him. But because we can't test yet we won't know. He said though that it's not a big deal even if he does have some problems with colours, he will still see things, just a bit different than us. Which I mean I already tell people that. :)

Anyway it was a lovely appointment and he's testing somewhere within the ranges of 20/125 to 20/220 because he's having trouble getting him to co-operate for the testing. Anyway the idea of him seeing somewhere between those ranges is kind of exciting for me.. I've always just gone with his last diagnosis of 20/200. I think the 20/125 is more accurate because when he's at home he points out things further away than the cards at the doctors office which he finds utterly boring.

I just had to share!


Stacie said...

Ooooh, that is great news!

jennohara said...

That is SO exciting to even have an estimated acuity!! I wish we had that with Hanna. Sounds like he's doing AMAZING!!

Ashley's Mom said...

That's wonderful news! I'm so excited for you all.

And, I don't get it about the glasses for toddlers and kids. My Ashley's glasses always cost at least double what mine did. And hers were much smaller!