Saturday, October 30, 2010

Perfect Rhythm

Yesterday we went to the CNIB halloween party. It was fun, Skyler did some crafts and led me all over the place (he only ate a tiny bit of chocolate, even though I did offer! After the healthy food of course...) Everyone there loved his costume and thought it was cool that I made it. Then this morning Skyler decided that it's 3am on Friday that means playtime! Of course. So we were up from 3 until about 5 or 5:30. Then we had to get up at 7 to go to my work. It was my halloween party at work so C brought Skyler in his costume. The kindergarteners loved him of course. They all wanted to play with him (Ooh a life-size doll!). It was great, though he discovered the doll house and seemed to think it was fantastic so now I'm a little worried that I may be making or buying a doll house soon. Hopefully it can be arranged without spending too much money haha.

I was surprised how well behaved he was at school for someone who didn't sleep and didn't have a nap at all. Then from my work we went straight to his music class, with a pit stop for lunch on the way. He was amazing. I think he's really starting to enjoy the routine and the group and everything. He was really into it, dancing and smiling and laughing and everything. Even though he hadn't napped!

And the teacher brought out a drum at one point, and she sings and plays the rhythm and has us tap the rhythm on our/toddler's legs. Then each little one gets a chance to play the drum while we sing the song, she brought it to Skyler first. The idea is for them to just try it out, get used to instruments etc. I held his hand for the first 3 beats and then let go and he continued playing the drum with perfect rhythm, he kept up the beat for the whole time! I think the music teacher was a little shocked. All the other kids were too fast/slow or varied the tempo. The only reason I mention this is because I'm always noticing how the other kids do everything "better" than he does. So watching him play the drum at the right tempo and not missing a beat was pretty cool. It reminded me that while he might be a little behind in some things, he is still pretty amazing at others.

Lately he's started to enjoy books! Which for me is awesome because I've been an avid reader my whole life. He used to have very little interest in them except for chewing, and he wouldn't sit still for a story to save his life so I'd just read to him while he wandered off to play. But he's started picking up books (usually upside down of course) and pretend to read, or study the pictures, which is fantastic! And yesterday the postman brought us our almost daily supply of Braille books and I cracked one open with Skyler right away. He actually sat with me the entire story and followed the Braille with his fingers while I read him the book. He even pointed at the pictures of the little boy in the story and named some of the body parts (like ear). He's also started naming parts of the face on everyone he gets close to. He likes the eyes and nose best.

All in all, aside from him still not walking (he took about 4 or 5 steps at music class today!) he's doing quite well.. If only I could get him to use his words more often instead of whining! If anyone has a secret for that let me know.


Stacie said...

How cool is that?! Way to go Skyler. And, what a trooper to go the day being busy without a nap!

I love when littles look at books and pretend to read them. Laney is doing that now too. She talks about things in the book, and when she gets to the last page, she'll say, "The End."

jennohara said...

Very cool about him keeping tempo!! It took Hanna a while to be interested in books, too. It's neat to see her point things out in the book because she has to go so close to see it, and scan the whole page to find it. I'm hoping to get some braille books soon.
I hope you guys have an awesome Halloween...can't wait to see Skylers costume finished! :)

Azaera said...

Jenn you don't have library services through the CNIB? You should sign up, there should be a number on the website. It's so simple, they ask what kind of books you want, (touch and feel, picture books, Braille, audio etc) and then they just send them through the mail. It's free for clients of the CNIB and to send them back you just flip the tag around and put them into any mail box post free.