Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Skyler's Glasses

Skyler got his new prescription! The frames are the same, but they seem to fit his face better this time around. AND he wore his glasses from about 1:30pm today (when we picked them up) all the way until bedtime tonight at 7pm. He only tried to take them off a few times, and I reminded him that he needs them to see and to keep them on. He wasn't too upset about it at all! Which is a really good sign, it means they're probably helping his vision. He was even looking around a whole lot when we put them on, and staring at things. I wonder what he can see with them.

His eyes are still crossing, the left one is especially turning in, but that's alright. Hopefully it will straighten itself out a bit more in the next few days as he adjusts to the glasses, and if not then it's time to patch. The cutest moment of the day has to have been when he took them off to lay down and have some milk. I put them back on him after (I cleaned them for him too, toddlers have dirty hands) and he simply reached up and touched them and said "glasses" and went back to playing. So adorable. Every once in a while he'd reach up like he was going to take them off, and then he'd stop and go back to what he was doing.

In unrelated news, I'm now at the 19 week mark. I see my OB this Thursday. I'm not sure if I'm crazy or if I'm only remembering the last part of my pregnancy with Skyler, but it seems this baby doesn't move around as much as he did. I'm not at the stage yet where I can feel it from the outside, but I have been feeling kicks for a long while now, but they just don't seem to be as frequent. Perhaps this baby has a calmer disposition than my little firecracker boy. Next week on Monday I go for my first ultrasound. Here's hoping they'll tell us the sex.


Ashley's Mom said...

I didn't think Skyler could get any cuter. I was wrong!! I love the glasses!

Can't wait to hear the news from the OB...

BLOOM - Parenting Kids With Disabilities said...

Adorable with a capital A!!!

Those are such gorgeous glasses, perfect for a kid Skyler's age. It's amazing what is available these days.

I'm so glad he's adjusting to them so quickly.

Thanks so much for sharing.