Monday, November 8, 2010

Fever Degrees

Things have been up and down since the little mister started walking, thankfully mostly up. I still get excited every time he toddles by me. I love it so much. We found out that baby #2 is looking good and healthy in there, and that Skyler is going to be having a little brother. Apparently I am looking good too, according to the fetal assessment people. We'll see on Wednesday what my OB says. Oh and fetal assessment is waaaay nicer than the ultrasound department!! When I was pregnant with Skyler I only had one (normal) ultrasound and they were mean. The tech didn't say more than two words to me, C couldn't come into the room until the very end, they had the screen turned away from me so I couldn't see anything I just had to wait quietly while he jabbed me in the abdomen, hard enough to hurt. AND they made me drink a ton of water beforehand so that sucked.

This time my fetal assessment was in a different building in the same hospital. I didn't have to wait for my appoinment at all, they took me as soon as I came in. The tech was super friendly and nice, she told C and Skyler to come in and watch. She explained everything on the screen, told me what every little line and spot was on the screen, what she was looking for, how healthy he looked etc. I got to see everything this time, the screen was facing me. She chatted a bit with me too and she didn't jab me super hard nor did I have to have a full bladder. Then she had a doctor come in and verify that everything looked good. They both told me all looked great, and then the tech printed us out four pictures of the baby. For free! With Skyler they told me it would cost at least $50 or $60 for pictures. A much nicer experience. Next time I go for an ultrasound (if we have another baby someday) I'm going to request a fetal assessment. The doctor there said it would be no problem with my history.

The weekend was pretty good. We got a new sewing machine and sewed almost 20 scarves for the staff at C's work (Christmas presents) and C made his sister's presents too. Technically he did all the sewing, while I did the cutting and pinning. It was amusing at the fabric store because little old ladies would see C looking at fabric and ask him if he sewed. They were astonished or something that a guy actually likes to sew. Personally I like it, it's something we can do together that doesn't involve monitors or screens, since we spend far too much time in front of those as it is.

Yesterday was a gong show. My poor toddler woke up with a high fever. He was flush all over (red skin). We gave him his stress dose of pred and some infant tylenol (and I went and cried in the bathroom because I was so worried). His fever went down and he seemed to be fine, he slept most of the day and when he woke up he played and ate and then put himself back to bed. He woke up again around 10:30pm and the fever was back. We were going to wait it out, give him more tylenol and see if it went back down but he hadn't had a ton of fluids (even though I was trying to push them all day) and C's cousin was over so she pressured us to take him to the hospital. We ended up spending 3 hours in the hospital to find out that we were already doing everything we needed to be doing. That it's some sort of virus that's going around and to just take him home, monitor him and keep doing what we were doing.. Don't you hate it when people make you doubt yourself?? We ended up being awake until 3am in a hospital full of germs for nothing basically. Oh and spending $6 on parking. At least we know he'll be alright.. (Which we pretty much already figured.)

There are only eleven days before Skyler's birthday so I guess we better get planning for his party. Hopefully by then whatever he has will have run its course.


Stacie said...

Congratulations on another baby boy! So glad to hear that all is going well with you and him.

I hope Skyler is starting to feel better now.

jennohara said...

Sounds like things are going great aside from Sky's fever. :( Poor guy. Glad to hear that the baby (BOY!) looks great, and so do you. :) I'm excited to hear more about Sky's bday plans!