Monday, November 1, 2010


Halloween was great! Crazy busy, but Skyler seemed to have a good time. We went to his CNIB party, my work party, then music class, then Saturday was a bit slower since C had to work, but we did carve Skyler's first pumpkin. He loved it. Sunday we were on the go from 8am until 9pm pretty much. We went to church in the morning, Skyler was tired because he of course woke up at 5am on Sunday and played til 6 or 7am. After church we went to my mom's place, then picked up C's cousin from work and drove out to the small town they're both from. We took her to her mom's place, got some candy from them, then went to C's parent's and had dinner. Dinner was a lot later than they said it would be.. As usual. So we didn't get to go trick or treating until it was pretty dark out.

We got candy from his parents place, then from some friends out there. It's a small town so everyone knows everyone else pretty much. We stopped to chat with a few different people he knew. Everyone loved Skyler's costume and they were impressed that I made it myself. After trick or treating we finally went home and the little guy was so tired out he passed out right away. (After we brushed his teeth of course)

So lately he has stopped wearing his glasses. He is just outright refusing them, and it's making me a little crazy, but I know that for both our sanity it's best that I just let it be for the moment. I try a few times a day to put them on him. He immediately pulls them off, and either tries to put them back on by himself (but can't because of the strap) or he throws them to the floor. I think the fact that he is now (almost) two has a lot to do with his refusal to wear them. He is still really interested in glasses. He takes mine off my face and tries to put them back on me, or on himself. He tries to take his off and put them back on, but the sports strap stops him. I tried taking it off, but they don't stay up on his nose without the strap.

I honestly think that if he can just take them off and put them on all by himself, perhaps he will start wearing them again. So on Saturday I took a walk to the closest grocery store (superstore is a big chain store) and as I was waiting for C's cousin to come out of the bathroom I noticed their vision centre. I took a peek inside and noticed that they had toddler frames!! Toddler frames that I could buy with lenses for only $59!! I had tried to order at that website online, but none of their frames were small enough so I figured we'd have to wait on that until he grows a bit. So I took Skyler to the store with me today and we tried some frames on him and found a pair that fit. His glasses should be ready by tomorrow or the next day. I'm excited. Skyler seemed to like wearing them while we were in the store, so we shall see. I'm hopeful.

I really think the glasses have helped him in the short time he's been wearing them. His eyes seem to be a lot straighter, and he's started squinting! I know it's odd for me to be excited about that, but he never squinted before. To me it shows me that he is trying to see something at a distance that he didn't realize he could see before. He only does it when he's not wearing his glasses, and it started only after he had been wearing them. So I am willing to bet that he can see something with his glasses that he can't see without. So he is trying to compensate by squinting. Although why the silly child won't just wear his glasses to see is beyond me. Toddlers!

He is becoming so.. grown up. I always worry about him being behind and it seemed like it took him forever to do anything, but now I am seeing him do so many new things! He loves to read and look at books like I mentioned in the last post. We got one from the CNIB with touch and feel animals and a squeaker in it (Animal Kisses by Barney Saltzberg). He spent the longest time ever playing with that book. Turning each page to look at the animals and giggling when he pressed the squeaker. His hand manipulation is getting stronger. He likes to pick things up and figure out what they do. To me it feels like he is really becoming a toddler.. I know it sounds strange but I never really thought he'd be so.. typical? with his development. As soon as the walking part & more language comes.. it will be like he's almost a normal kid. I mean a kid who can't see as much as others, but still. He manages to explore his world just fine without it.

I hope you all had a happy halloween too!

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jennohara said...

Awe! He was so cute in his costume!!! I'm glad he had fun doing his pumpkin. Hanna is scared stiff of the LOOK of the inside of a pumpkin. Weird, I know. She doesn't like the guts.
I notice Hanna is getting very grown up lately too. It's awesome to see them acting so "typical", like you said. :)