Monday, November 29, 2010

Look With Your Eyes, Not Your Hands

I admit it, I said something not-so-bright to my visually impaired toddler today. I was peeling potatoes over the garbage can, and Mr. Curious came toddling up to see what I was doing. I told him what I was up to, and he stuck his hands into the garbage can, I told him "hands off, you can watch, but don't touch." Yes garbage can yucky, I'm not going to let him play in it. But that sentence coming out of my mouth felt so strange after I had said it. Touch is one of the ways visually impaired kids learn and well "see" if you will. I think me saying this was a bit of two things:

-Forgetfulness, and obvious ick factor (because garbage ew.) even though I had just changed the bag.
-His vision is much better than we ever thought it would be. He seems to see so much more than ever before. He will point to letters on anything anywhere no matter how big or small and tell me "A!" (He recognizes the letter A, but he also can't say the word "letters" yet, and so calls them all A's)


LuckyOnce said...

That's so cute. :) I love that he calls all the letters "a" and that it shows that he totally gets it! He's amazing!

Stacie said...

Mr. Smarty Pants for sure.