Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Cold That Doesn't End

Hah! You're going to laugh at this one. Or not believe me at all, whichever. My horrible cold turned ear infection, spread from one ear to the other, and also into my eyes. The puddle of water in my eyes turned into goo, which crusted my eyes shut yesterday morning, that was a fun one. I actually wandered around my home at 5am with my eyes crusted shut using all the techniques I've learned from working with people who are blind. I found that in my own home I am quite able to get up go to the bathroom, get the water pitcher from the fridge pour myself a glass of water and put it back away all without seeing a thing. And I didn't spill a drop, so there's something.

This is officially been the worst cold I have ever had in my life. I never get ear infections. I went to my NP, who checked me out and said it's early to tell if it's viral or bacterial, but she wrote me a scrip for antibiotics (which she said that there are no truly "safe" without any risks during pregnancy antibiotics) and said that I should probably wait a few days and if it starts to get worse, then go fill the scrip, and if not then just wait for it to pass. So I am waiting. The pain in my ears has gotten much better thankfully (I would have lost my mind if it hadn't) though the pressure is still there, and it gets worse when I blow my nose which is unfortunately quite frequently with this cold still here. My eyes were less crusty today, so I am hoping they are getting better. The NP took swabs of the goo, but I don't have any results yet. It's probably just an excess of mucus hopefully.

In good news, today was my last day of work. Last night we celebrated Yule/Winter solstice and aside from me being exhausted and wiped out from being sick and not being able to hear much, it was a great night. My brother even showed up and he has never been to my place and I've been here for like 2 years. So that was good. Lots of good food, good friends, good fun. On Christmas eve we're going to C's family celebration, then Christmas day will be spent with my mom. I'm excited but at the same time I am already feeling worn out from this virus coupled with pregnancy so I'm hoping it passes by without too much stress.

Skyler's communication really seems to be coming along. His receptive language is awesome, he really does seem to understand what we are saying almost all of the time. AND today I was on the couch relaxing for a moment after I got home from work, when he comes toddling down the hall and hands me his body wash from the bathroom. I looked at him and I said "oh you brought me your soap. Do you want a bath?" and he said "Bath time!" of course it sounded more like "da eh" or something to that effect, but I'm pretty sure he was trying to say bath time. Anyway I stripped him down and gave him a bath which he was happy to have. Later on he came up to me signing away with "more" asking for something. At one point he pulled a bag of chocolates out of a gift bag he found from last night and brought them to me because he wanted one. I love that he is trying his best to let me know what he wants. And he's succeeding a lot! It's making things much less frustrating for all of us.

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Stacie said...

Just being pregnant is hard enough, but a terrible cold/ear/eye infections on top of that - sheesh.

Are you feeling any better yet?