Sunday, December 19, 2010

What Next?

Remember my terrible cold? Well it's only gotten worse. It's reminded me that there are worse things than a sore throat such as ear infection. Now there is a pain I'd never like to feel again. I went through breaking my arm in half and waiting five hours with no pain killers, not a single tear. 20 some hours of labour with Skyler, not a peep from me, but last night when that ear ache struck I wanted to throw myself off a bridge. If it weren't for the fact that I have way too much to live for. What a terrible pain my lord. C had to come home from work to bring me Tylenol which my OB said I could have. And it did absolutely nothing for me. I ended up having him get me some ear drops, which the pharmacist said I could have.. He better be right.. Those finally let me get some sleep and by some sleep I mean like 2 or 3 hours at most which is all I've been getting any night this week because of this cold. Oh and to top it all off I woke up with a nice puddle of water around my eye this morning.

The only reason I woke up so early (well aside from all the mucus and pain) is someone from C's work called in and I was sleeping in the living room and heard the message on the answering machine. C manages on Sundays so if something is wrong they call him. Apparently the guy opening slept in, yet again and the other guy who opens with him was stuck with no way of opening the store so even though C was supposed to start work at 2pm and we were supposed to go to church today to see the winter pageant, he is at work now. I'm not sure if he will decide to stay and work til 3 or if the kid who was supposed to show up in the first place will come in and he'll be able to leave.

Anyway enough ranting for now, the other night Skyler finally said his first 2 word sentence!! He woke up in the middle of the night of course, wandered into the hallway climbed into the carseat (the one in the picture from my last post.) which is his new favourite spot by the way, and he said "Go car!" it was soo cute and exciting. He repeated it several times. Even though it was 3am we were half tempted to take him out in the car for a ride just cause we were that excited. And once he finished with the car seat, he got up and climbed onto daddy's tool box in front of the closet door and started trying to open the door. The first time he's actually climbed up onto something aside from the couch or the stairs and stood on it. He also is able to climb up onto his little chairs that go with his chair and table set now. He stands on them! Slightly scary for mommy, but he always sits down when I say "on your bum please". Aside from him being sick like me, he's doing quite well. His development seems to coming along. Which is good news.


Stacie said...

Geez, you poor thing. Can it get any worse at this point?! I sure hope you're starting to feel better.

Yay! Skyler said his first sentence. That's pretty funny about how he wondered out of his room in the middle of the night and made his way to the infant seat.

jennohara said...

I hope your feeling better soon! At least you're getting it out of the way before Christmas!
That's so exciting about Sky's new little sentence! YAY!