Tuesday, January 4, 2011

31 Weeks

Time is just flying by it seems. I've made it to 31 weeks as of today. Skyler was born at 31 weeks 5 days. I'm sure every pregnancy is different and hopefully this one will go much longer, but I can't help but feel that if I can make it past Friday I might breathe a little sigh of relief. I've been working on getting things ready for this little one, and making life less cluttered for the three of us. I managed to get a whole lot of things into the hallway to donate or sell, but they're too heavy for me to carry to the car and someone has yet to make good on his promise to drop them off.

Yesterday and the day before there was a huge sale at Fabr.icland. Which used to be one of my favourite stores, but now I think it's C's favourite store. When he walks in the clerks light up, they recognize our family on sight. They always ask him what crazy project he's working on now (gorgeous curtains for our bedroom, I love them!). It's kind of funny. Anyway I picked up some twill and some chenille with cute little hearts on it. And I set to sewing some new things for the baby. I made 2 pouch slings. I remember using the store bought one for Skyler when he was little (well I would still use it if I wasn't pregnant actually) and how nice it was to have him so close, and much easier to use than a baby carrier with straps. I remember when I bought it too, there were other ones there with a nice soft chenille lining in them, but I decided to go with a plain one because chenille would be too warm in the summer months. And I could only afford one sling since they were upwards of $60-$70.

This time around I figured that since I'm making them I could make a few with the nice soft warm lining for the baby to use in the winter and then a couple without for summer time. In the end each sling cost me $7 to make with the lining, and $3 without. Not too shabby for something I paid $70 for a few years back. Plus they look super cute and feel really soft inside. The first one I made a bit too small, my measurements were off a bit I guess. It still fits, but I'm probably not going to be able to use it past the first winter which is fine. So I made a second one that's a bit bigger for the next winter. I tested the tiny one and Skyler fit in it, so it can't be that small. Then again he is pretty little for a 2 year old.

The picture really doesn't do it justice :)

Yesterday morning we took Sky to a play group since it's been -35 degrees celcius around here for the last week or so and there's no playing outside in that kind of weather, I'm going a bit stir crazy. So there's this playgroup called the Indoor Playground which I used to take N to back when I was a nanny. They have a downstairs with dramatic play areas and craft & circle time areas, and an upstairs with a big gym with riding toys and a structure. We decided to take Skyler to it, he seemed to enjoy it quite a bit. He got to wander around and play with all the toys. His favourite was the washing machine/dryer combo. He is definitely his daddy's boy. He also liked the big toy house that he could open the windows and doors and walk into and out of. And he liked pointing at the other kids. Sometimes I could get him to wave other times all he wanted to do was point. Strange child of mine.

I hope you all had a great new year's eve/day. Skyler and I woke up on New Year's day and snuggled up in a home made blanket together and just cuddled. It was the best start to a new year I could ever have hoped for. I hope yours was just as lovely.


Ya Chun said...

I hope you still have several more weeks to prepare for this babe!

Happy New Year to you too!

jennohara said...

Good for you to be making all the baby things! Slings ARE expensive, so that's awesome!! I betcha you could also make a bunting bag for the carseat if you dont already have one. ;)