Monday, January 17, 2011

Crochet & Commentary

Things here are going good. I'm adjusting to not working. So far I've crocheted a new hat, a pair of slippers and two granny squares, that's just in the last two days. I figured I'd need slippers for the hospital when I go in to have the baby. I don't want my socks on the icky hospital floor after I give birth and I know I won't want to wear my runners. It was my first time making slippers. The first one turned out a little odd because the pattern wasn't very specific. The second one I fixed on my own since I realized the first one was wonky. The second one actually turned out really cute, they're ballet style slippers and I made them in a red yarn that I had lying around.

After that I guess I got on a crochet kick cause I realized I have soo much yarn in my craft closet and I should start using it up. So I'm making a baby afghan in shades of blue and white. I'm not sure what I'll do with it when it's done. Use it for the new baby or maybe donate it to the children's hospital or something. This will be my first granny square blanket. I've always just done blankets in regular rows. I wish I knew other people who crocheted, I could do a square swap.

In other news last night C got a call from a girl he works with. She was complaining about another employee who was annoying her all night long. Apparently on top of ticking off this girl, he also said some rude things about Skyler. C's brought him in to work before so most of the employees have seen him. Anyway this kid is just a teenager, so I guess it's part of being an ignorant kid, but he said something like "why are his eyes so weird, no one's ever going to take him seriously when he grows up if his eyes are all over the place." Needless to say though C was not happy, and neither am I. Honestly if someone has a sincere question and is curious about my son I will gladly explain it to them and so would C. I find it utterly rude and disrespectful for people to be talking about my son and his eye condition behind our backs to other people. He knows nothing about our son, but of course feels the need to make judgements.

This incident just reminded me of how much crap my son is going to have to put up with as he grows up. I can only hope we teach him how to handle the comments and stares gracefully and not take it to heart.


ShellieD2355 said...

Dear Azera,
My best friend was a teacher for the visually impaired until her retirement and while in college, we practiced braille and mobility together. This had brought me a new understanding for the struggles and triumphs of the visually impaired / legally blind.
Please hang in there! There are always those who are unthinking and who "engage mouth before brain" as one of my teacher's would remark. Just know that there are many people out there who are supportive.
I also am a avid crocheter. If you would like to visit my blog, I would be happy to share ideas and patterns and just talk.

jennohara said...

I'm glad you made some slippers! Great idea for the hospital.
I'm sorry for the rude comment. Some people dont think before they say something.

Stacie said...

I'm so impressed with all your crafty/crocheting abilities. That was a good idea to make slippers for when you're in the hospital.

I'm sorry that people are such a**holes and feel the need to make comments about your son. And it's unfortunate that he/she felt the need to say it to others as well :(

Verna said...

I find that people can be very rude and I don't think they always mean to be rude. Hang in there and know there are lots of us who do care about your son and your family.

Glad you were able to make those slippers. I know some patterns are not very plain, and sometimes I too have to try different things to make things work on a pattern.