Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Down Syndrome: A Reason to Abort?

Stories like this one annoy me..

I'm glad they're going to be able to easier test for conditions like Down syndrome. But it angers me at the same time, that they have this little tidbit in the article:

"As yet, the results are not accurate enough to inform important decisions, like whether to continue the pregnancy," added Professor Lyn Chitty of University College London, who is also testing the DNA blood tests for Down, said on the university's website.

Why do people get pregnant if they know there is a risk of having a special needs child (and there ALWAYS is) and then decide that if their child is different/special needs they are going to abort it?? How is that fair? If you aren't guaranteed your idea of a perfect child well then kill it before it's born problem solved?? UGH. If you aren't ready to love your child unconditionally then maybe you aren't ready for a child at all. Yes, it is harder when your child has special needs I won't deny it, but this is my baby I would do anything for him!

Don't get me wrong I am not arguing about abortion here or saying that I am pro-life or whatever, just the idea that it is assumed that if one is pregnant with a special needs child that they should abort it and be done with it. There was no way to tell that Skyler would have septo-optic dysplasia while I was pregnant. They could have tested him for Down syndrome, and spina bifida and whatever else and told me "he's healthy/'normal'" whatever and he still would have come out with special needs. Had they somehow detected it in utero would I have said nevermind I'm not going to bother with him? Hell no. I declined all those tests knowing that whatever happened, he was my baby. I didn't care if he was going to be born with two heads there was no way I'd consider abortion unless he was going to kill me for certain (like pre-eclampsia) or suffer immensely and then die at birth or something.

I'm not opposed to prenatal testing. If it helps some women prepare for the birth of their child then excellent. I just wish it wasn't used as a screening device to decide whether or not to let the child live based on the idea that the child is not going to be the parent's vision of perfection. I find this just as absurd as the idea that if it's a girl and you wanted a boy then it's okay to abort it.

Wow I have ranted a bit there.. I understand we all have different opinions and I respect that, so tell me how do you feel about it? Is it okay to decide that if your child isn't the way you want them to be, then abortion might be the right option for you?

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jennohara said...

NO WAY! It is in no way right. I actually find it very disturbing that people can actually abort a child just because there's a possibility that they aren't perfect. I don't even have to think about having the screening tests done. The answer is always the same. If I found out anything with the screening, it would most definitely not change the way I felt about that baby.
It's a sensitive subject with me. :)
Sorry about my ranting back! haha