Friday, January 7, 2011

Healthier Living

I've started this health thing over the last week. I read on the CBC news website that Canadians aren't as healthy as they think. I realized that I don't even do the minimum amount of exercise they recommend each day. Where I live the winter is long, like dreadfully long and cold. It's next to impossible to take a toddler out in this weather and get exercise without causing him frostbite. So I stay inside and go stir crazy. In light of realizing how out of shape I am (plus I took a picture of Skyler in the sling I made and realized that I am getting a second chin!) we went and got a stationary bike. Now I can actually try to get some exercise without ever having to leave the apartment. I've been using it for 10-20 mins a day, and I'm feeling a bit more energetic since I've started.

Today we finally went grocery shopping and I picked up a bunch of healthier items. I've decided we don't need to eat so much "white" food. Instead of white bread we bought whole wheat and multigrain, instead of white crackers we got whole wheat etc. I bought a tub of vanilla yogurt and a bunch of frozen fruit because lately I've discovered how easy it is to make smoothies at home. We got one a week or so back at Booster Juice in the mall and Skyler loved it. Now it's my sneaky way of getting fruit & dairy into him when he's being a picky toddler as he often is. They're so easy to make at home and much cheaper too. I throw in a banana, some frozen berries a bit of yogurt, some milk and hit the smoothie button on the blender and that's it. I put it in a cup with a straw and Skyler goes to town.

We brought home our groceries in two cardboard boxes. The store we shop at lets you reuse the boxes the food is shipped in for free. So sometimes when we forget our reusable bags we get boxes. When we got home Skyler took every item out of one of the boxes, one by one and put it on the floor so he could climb into the box. I think I spent most of the night pushing him around and making choo choo sounds. He loved it. It was so cute. He's been picking up so many new words lately, even today alone he repeated so many new things (too bad they all sound the same, as most of his consonant sounds are missing) including the word "mine" (which sounds like nine) this morning when he hoarded our comforter from us during morning snuggles. It was adorable. I can't wait for the "mine" stage, it seems to be starting and I'm okay with it. Every typical two year old goes through it, it means he's rather typical and I kind of like that. We'll see if I still feel the same in a couple months haha.


Stacie said...

Good for you! I need to do the same thing. Ugh, I used to be an avid exerciser....then I had a kid. Now, she's my exercise. I used a stationary bike (when we had an apartment for several years too). I loved it. It was a perfect way to get exercise and not have to go anywhere.

That is so cool that Skyler is speaking more words! It's only going to get better :)

Ya Chun said...

Yay you and yay Sky!
You can't work out at the Y - if one id you still works there?

jennohara said...

Haha! Hanna hasn't entered the "mine" stage yet. I'm actually looking forward to that one too ;)
Good for you for going on a health kick! I love making smoothies at home too! Mmm! Now I want one!