Sunday, January 9, 2011


Today is January ninth. Just barely. It was this day two years ago that we finally got to bring home our (no longer brand new) baby after two months of being in a plastic box in the NICU. Today I sit here and I feel the baby-to-be kicking my laptop as it rests on my tummy. I wonder what this little one's future will hold for us. I wonder if he'll spend time in that terrible yet lifesaving place. Tomorrow I will reach the 32 week mark, we've just past the furthest point I reached in pregnancy with Skyler. I hope he holds out a lot longer, and that his birth is without complications. Who knows what the future will hold though.

Yesterday we spent the day cleaning out the apartment. We got so much more done with the two of us than I could do on my own. Skyler's room is usable now, our room is soo much nicer. We got rid of a couple more things that have been sitting around collecting dust. I sold Skyler's old exersaucer on ki.ji.ji and we sent the old high chair to C's parents place since it's huge, it just takes up too much space. His mom said she'd be happy to take it since all the grandkids can use it when they visit. Right now there's just Skyler, but soon his brother will be joining him and C has 3 sisters who are all in relationships so there may be more grandchildren in the future.

Right now I am tired, it's the second time I've had to get up with Sky tonight. I don't know why he's been waking up crying randomly tonight. I just go in and change his diaper and make sure he is okay and give him some more water and he goes right back to sleep. I sort of wish I had more help from someone.. He doesn't seem to realize how drained I am from just being pregnant. I guess guys don't always get it because they don't go through it.. I don't know. I do know that I am lucky with my little guy, tonight or last night really at about 8:40 he was still up and wandering around. I said "Skyler go to bed, it's late." I didn't even have to get up. Off he waddled to his room and put himself to bed. What an easy child sometimes. I am blessed.

He's been repeating everything. I love it. He's said so many new words. I just wish they sounded more like the words he's trying to say. I'm not sure why he is lacking sounds. The other day I was laying on his bed with him and I went to change his diaper, I said "bye bye diaper" and he repeated me in the same intonation "die die" over and over, and waved. I know he was saying "bye bye" but I don't get why he can't make the "B" sound. I know that some sounds you learn visually, by watching other people make them, and he missed out on that for the first part of his life because his vision just wasn't there. So I try as often as possible to get in his face so he can see my lips move as I say certain letters, but he still says "gaga" or "craca" or "deh" for pretty much everything. Maybe he will figure it out with time, I'm not sure. At least we have SLP coming on Wednesday for the first time since his brief intervention visit. Maybe she will have some insight that can help us.

My favourite new thing that he says though is "yeah, cool" he heard one of us saying this on the phone last week and now he repeats it, but it sounds like "Yeh, coo." It's pretty cute and it cracks me up. He also says good, and goof. I sort of feel bad on this one because whenever he's being silly I say "you're such a goof!" with a giggle and give him a kiss, now he repeats it and says "goo!". Sometimes he'll make the f sound, sort of, but usually not. Ah well I know he may not be speaking perfectly but he sure has come a long way, even in just the last couple weeks. For a while there I was getting really worried about his speech. But you can tell his receptive language is definitely there, he's just starting to get the hang of the expressive language. Well I am going to try to go back to sleep for another couple hours.

Oh and in answer to Ya Chun on my last post, because I'm no longer working there, I don't think my gym membership is active, plus it can be a pain in the butt to drag Sky over there, and C works all the time so it's just me and the little guy for the majority of the day.

Good night! Or morning as it were..

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jennohara said...

Hanna tries to repeat a lot of words too. She also doesn;t say too many sounds. She has the tone right, but usually uses the same sounds. She likes the "s", "b", "m", and "n" sounds best. :)
It's exciting just hearing them try to say things now!