Wednesday, February 9, 2011

36 Weeks

So I had my OB appt today, from now on I have them every Wednesday until this little guy comes out of me. Let me tell you about my appointment. We got there about ten minutes before 10 am. My appointment wasn't until 10:15 so Skyler was just wandering off as there were no chairs available (it was way more packed than usual) when they called my name. We had been there maybe a total of 45 seconds. So we went into the room, the nurse weighed me and handed me a sheet telling me I needed to be "changed" from the waist down. Funny way of putting it but, whatever I just took off my pants. No sooner had I taken them off than my OB was in the room. I actually tossed my pants over to C from the table.

She did the usual blood pressure, feeling up my uterus, listen to the heartbeat etc. Then she swabbed for strep B and checked my cervix. Baby's head is down and ready to go, my cervix is still closed. So all is looking good there. Then the next part, the best part. Since I've never made it full term or delivered at this hospital I asked a few questions.

-Is it routine to have an I.V. when giving birth? No. Certainly not.
-Will I have to give birth laying on my back in that gawdawful position? Heavens no, you can be in any position you want!
-Can I bring my own music from home? Yes of course.

And she asked me if I was able to breastfeed Skyler when he was born. I said yes & no, that he had been on bottles of pumped milk with formula as well as the breast because he was so tiny, but that it was my dream to be able to breastfeed this one right away. She said of course I'd be able to do that. And that this time would much different for me, way more relaxed. We left the appointment at 10 am, 15 minutes before it was even scheduled to begin!

I can't wait now for labour. Those things were worrying me, they weighed on my mind last night. I woke up early this morning thinking about them and wasn't able to go back to sleep. But my mind feels easy now. As long as baby/labour doesn't have complications I'm finally going to get a positive birth experience. I've already been practicing my meditation for labour. I managed to meditate through 21 hours of labour with Skyler without a single pain med, no screaming, no swearing nothing. So I am hoping that I can do that this time as well.

OH and the very best part of all, that I almost forgot about. She said I'm full term now!! I thought it was next week, but she said I am ready to go anytime now, no more OR, no more at risk, no preemie. So I'm ready, bring it on baby!

(just watch him stay in there til 42 weeks or something now.. lol)


Ya Chun said...


good luck and have fun at your 'relaxing' labor! Can't wait to meet this BIG little one ;)

jennohara said...

How exciting for you!! I'm so excited for you as well...cant wait til everything gets started!
I managed to go totally natural with both my girls too. That's the way to go if you can do it!