Sunday, February 6, 2011

Long Day, But Satisfying

So things have gotten better, or gone sideways a bit since I last posted. Skyler has gotten much better, though he puked today from choking on his waffle because the kid thinks he should be able to eat like a snake and just unhinge his jaw to swallow an entire quarter of a waffle at once. Aside from him no longer being sick, he has begun this screaming thing that is driving us all nuts. He's usually pretty calm, and though he has started to really use a lot more words and different forms of communication he occasionally will show his two year old impatience. He forgets that he knows words, or any way of communicating and instead wails at the top of his lungs. I think it's mostly a combination of him being tired, impatient, hungry etc when he starts doing this.

He hasn't wanted to sleep at night since he was sick. He's been weaning himself off the bottle which is great on one hand, on the other, he's been unable to figure out how to fall asleep on his own and has been irate about it. C managed to get him to sleep the last couple days since he's been home from work in the evenings. It's been so much easier with him here, and I'm going to miss him tomorrow night when he works until close again. Today he only had to go to work for 5 hours so Skyler and I decided to go with him for something to do. I spent the day handwashing several huge drink machines while watching Skyler. He mostly swept the floor in the back room. It was adorable. I think we're all worn out from all the hard work we did today.

And then after getting home I started work on my latest project: a new baby carrier! I made a wrap style baby carrier out of 100% cotton gauze. It's lovely, it's so lightweight and breathable. It's a very simple project to make, it just takes forever to hem because it's 5 metres of fabric. I tried it on after finishing the hem and I love the way it feels. There are so many different ways of wearing the wrap, I'm excited to try them all. I like that you can wrap it so that it covers both shoulders and distributes the weight evenly. Next project will likely be a ring sling, I'm excited to try making one of those next. I'm on some sort of baby carrier kick it seems. Once I finish my ring sling I'll have three different kinds of carriers. I think it will be great because I can experiment and find which ones work best for us.

I even popped Skyler into the pouch sling (the one that I made) today while we were at C's work. He was hugging my legs and asking for up so I put him in the nice soft lined carrier. He actually really loved it. I thought he might be annoyed because he's two and likes to walk around, but he was feeling cuddly and he just snuggled up to me and repeated the word "sling" over and over with a smile. So I guess he hasn't outgrown being worn in a sling, which is awesome.

I think the cutest part of our day was when Skyler went on his lunch break after a long stretch of sweeping.


Stacie said...

2 is a challenging age. 2 1/2 is even more challenging. *sigh*

I still think it's so awesome that Sky is speaking more and more!

You'll have to post some pictures of the slings. I'd love to see them :)

jennohara said...

Slings are great! It's great that Skyler still likes them too!
He couldn't be any cuter sitting there eating his lunch!!
He's adorable!