Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Waiting Game

All is well inside. The OB took a listen, heartbeat still strong, and he's practicing his Irish jig in there (in other words lots of good movements). Water still has not broken, I had some more intense contractions last night, but he's still a no show. I'm in good shape, aside from being a bit flustered. So all we have left to do is continue waiting for him to make his appearance. The OB said (kind of jokingly) he must have something important to finish up in there, and he'll come out when he's ready. On one hand I am rather relieved. I was pretty scared there would be mention of pitocin or induction since I've been in labour this long. Which is not something I want. Medical interventions are never good unless someone's health is in danger.

On the other hand it's back to waiting for him to make his move. I happen to be a rather impatient person unfortunately. But I know that whatever he is doing in there is important and he will come out when he is ready to. So I am back to meditating, drinking lots of water, and well I still haven't stopped working out on the bike and I think that's keeping me sane. My weight is more in my belly now than anywhere else. The nurse at my appointment even said I'd lost weight instead of gained. (Not in a bad way mind you, it was just a couple pounds) Anyway I am off to admire our new bedroom curtain that C just finished sewing.

(and he picked the fabric, it's super cute)


jennohara said...

Well I'm glad you don't need to be induced...youd have to be in the high risk area for that! :(

Ya Chun said...

sending you patience!

Stacie said...

That's good that your OB didn't suggest induction or pitocin :)

Honestly, I think I would go a little stir crazy waiting for my baby to arrive, especially since you have been having contractions for a week now.

I'd sent some patience your way, but mine is as thin as thin can be with a 2.5 yr old little girl *sigh*