Friday, February 11, 2011

What a Day!

What a day we had today. Skyler went to bed last night at 6:30 on his own, so I didn't bother to wake him since he must have been tired. Of course he woke up around 5 or 6am this morning, and wouldn't go back to sleep. I swear he knows when we have plans for a busy day. First thing we did this morning was go to Fu.ture Sh.op to spend some gift cards. We bought my mom a tv since we didn't need anything else from there. So we went and surprised her with lunch and a new flat screen LCD tv to replace the huge hunk of junk she had before (it was one of those old ones with the giant back on it that uses a ton of energy). This one was a 26in and her old one was only 19in. She was so surprised and excited it was awesome.

After lunch we headed to a community club near by. C and I had recently talked about enrolling Skyler in a preschool program at the community club. It's the same program I used to take N to when I was pregnant with Skyler so long ago. I know the ECE who runs it and she's a lovely lady so I'd feel alright leaving him with her and the other ECE who happens to be her sister. So we went and registered him for the spring session starting in April. Honestly I've been kind of nervous and excited about it. It's two days a week and the classes are two hours long. We've never really left him with anyone except my mom and the ECEs in the nursery at church. I think he will probably be just fine, and have a great time. It will be good for him to socialize too.

After that we headed over to his music class which is just a bit further up the street. He had a great time despite being very tired. He played the glockenspiel and sang and ran around and played with his friends. After that we had to rush to the bank which thankfully was also close by for an appt to open up Skyler's youth account, RESP and RDSP. His RESP is his education savings plan, so that by the time he's old enough to go to post secondary the money is there for him if he wants it. We made it a family plan so that if he decides not to go to school his sibling(s) can use it. The RDSP is a savings plan for the disabled. That one can only be in his name, but it can be used for other things aside from school and it gives him a cushion if he's having a hard tim getting a job or something when he's grown up.

At the appointment he started to get very tired, and thirsty and cranky. He got to the point where he was screaming his head off. Until daddy took him to a store and bought him some apple juice. That calmed him down for a bit, until he inhaled it and puked in the bank advisor guy's office. Yeah I felt a bit bad about that one, but the guy said he had a three year old so he wasn't too phased by it. He brushed it off and was cool about it, but I'm sure he was probably relieved when we finally got out of there.

Then from there we went straight to pick up some sushi, stopped to eat in the parking lot at C's work because it was on the way to our next stop. After eating we went to a college downtown. I'm sure I mentioned a long while back that Skyler had a photo shoot. Well tonight the gallery opened where his photos were displayed. We wandered around the building for a while lost until we realized it was in a different, but attached building. We finally found our way there, and as we got out of the elevator and headed into the gallery, the very first thing we saw greeting us as we walked in was a huge gorgeous photo of our son. She put his pictures right at the entrance so he was the first thing you see when you walk in. Tears filled my eyes.

It was beautiful. The gallery had five different people's stories. Each one was about someone living with vision loss/impairment, and how they weren't broken or weak or anything like that, but how they were alive. She had interviewed me when she did the photo shoot, and I was touched by the essay she wrote about us. There was a couple pictures of Skyler and me together, but the best picture was the big one of him. It took my breath away. It was moving for me watching people come in and read about my baby, and ooh and aww at his pictures. The people who were there when we were saw him dancing by his picture and commented on how beautiful he was in real life and how he was such a darling etc. The photographer who did the essay was nice enough to let us take some pictures of her work.

After that we went to Wa.l Ma.rt for some random stuff. They're turning it into a super centre. It will be the first one in our city, it's weird because everything is all over the place. Anyway after that we finally came home!

I have more to tell you about his SLP yesterday, and my anxiety disorder, but that can probably wait until tomorrow. Now it's time for some well deserved relaxation time.


Stacie said...

Just reading this post makes me tired. How in the heck did you manage to do all of that while 36 weeks pregnant?!

What a beautiful story about Skyler!

jennohara said...

Busy day!! LOVE the display of Skyler! What a little celebrity!