Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Okay I know I'm way late in posting this, but I want to welcome to the world Adriel! Born at 9:10am Saturday Feb 26th, weighing a hefty 7 pounds 10 oz (almost double Skyler's birth weight).
And here's his birth story for those who are interested.

I had been taking care of Skyler round the clock with his nasty cold. He couldn't sleep because he was so stuffed up and coughing his little lungs up. I was about at the end of my rope, Thursday night I had only had about 2-3 hours of sleep and then on Friday he was up until 6am, and I was up with him. Holding him, singing to him, pacing with him. He finally went to sleep at 6, so I went to bed. I woke up briefly at 7 with some cramping and fell back asleep. By 7:30am I was in pain and there was a gush of fluid.. My first thought was maybe I can go back to sleep.. Haha. Then the pain took over and I called my mom and woke up C to take me to the hospital.

When we got there triage checked me and said I was almost fully dilated, there was only a tiny lip left. We walked down to my birthing suite, which was awesome. They said I wasn't ready to push yet, I told her I certainly felt ready. The nurse was great, she said okay lets breathe through the next two contractions and she'd check me again. I did and she let me push as she checked, she found the lip was moving out of the way when I pushed but then slipping back into place after. So another couple contractions and she had me try again because I felt ready, then she said I was fully dilated and they sent for the OB.

She got there quickly, and she said she had just sent my OB home for the day, but that was alright because she was really great anyway. She told me to just do what my body wanted me to do, and I did! They said because his heartrate was a bit low I'd have to give birth on my side. Which was much easier than on my back. Anyway after about 4 big pushes and lots of encouragement from C & the L&D staff baby was here. It was very smooth, overall I was only in the hospital for one hour before giving birth. And it didn't feel like an hour, it went by so fast.

He was a little stunned so they took him over to the little bed thing in the room and checked him out. He cried after only a few seconds and was fine. He never left our sight either, and I got to hold him and feed him immediately after. The room I gave birth in was nice and it was calming to have my own music playing while giving birth. Also we got to stay in the same room for the whole thing, labour, delivery, recovery and post partum. Unlike last time where I was in four different rooms. There was also free cable tv and phone, and C got to stay the night with us. They brought him a sleeper chair. It was like a hotel room.

Anyway his pediatrician came and checked us in the morning and said he was 100% and gave us the go ahead to come home. So now I'm adjusting to having a newborn for the first time ever, and having two kids. Oh and C goes back to work tomorrow..


Elle said...

Congratulaions! Wonderful news!

BLOOM - Parenting Kids With Disabilities said...

He's gorgeous!!!!!!!!

How exciting.


LuckyOnce said...

Congratulations!! So happy that he's here and safe and that you got to take him home with you right away!

Stacie said...

Congratulations!!!! He's beautiful.

jennohara said...

YAAAAY!!!! Congratulations to all of you! :) He's a gorgeous little guy!!
Sounds like it went pretty good in the hospital!
Too bad you don't have more help while you're recovering tho!

Ashley's Mom said...

So beautiful! Congratulations!!

CLC said...

Congrats! He is beautiful!

LuckyOnce said...

You can delete this once you read it since it has nothing to do with the birth of Adriel! I was going to send you an e-mail response to your comment on my blog, but realized I didn't have your e-mail address handy.

In the past the blog has been very regional, but that's the stuff that's really hard to keep up with. I was posting info about deals for all of the major local drug stores and the two supermarkets I shop at every week, and it was taking me hours. My plan would be to keep updating about the one supermarket I shop at the most (because there are very few blogs that cover it) but to mostly talk about couponing and money saving in general terms. For instance, one of the most recent things that I decided to start doing was menu planning to try to maximize my use of fresh produce that's on sale in a certain week. Plus, I just bought a meat grinder attachment for my Kitchenaid mixer, and I'm going to try to start grinding my own chicken instead of using ground turkey (which is way more expensive) in all recipes that call for ground beef. (We already use turkey in almost all ground beef recipes, but grinding my own chicken will make for a cheaper and lower fat content option than ground turkey.)