Wednesday, March 23, 2011


So the doctor we saw (who happens to be my mom's regular doctor) I think was a little bit flaky. She asked us almost as soon as we came in if we had ever taken him to get his eyes checked out. Like we're complete idiots. When I said yes she asked me who was following him, like she didn't believe me. Yes I undertsand you have 7 years of schooling, but do you really think you are the only person who can see that my son's eyes are crossed?? I guess an idiot like me who is clearly not a doctor would never even think to get that checked out. I think I am mostly offended because I was the one who discovered his eye condition, I was the one who fought with doctors to get him in to see the pediatric opthalmologist. I was the one who discovered his diagnosis. "OMG his eyes are crossed?? This whole entire time, the past two and a half years I NEVER noticed thank GOD for doctors like you who can point this out to me, because I'd never have noticed otherwise."

Also, she had his file right in front of her. I may only have 3 years of university but at least I know how to read and when doing so might possibly be beneficial, like say when seeing a new patient for instance. Sigh.

Anyway, that annoyance aside, it's possible he has GERD/acid reflux so she prescribed him a low dose of Zantac and told us to make an appt with his NP in two weeks to see if it's working and if she wants to send him to see a gastro specialist and have an ultrasound of his tummy. Poor kid, he just can't seem to catch a break.

In happier news, he's talking up a storm now, and aside from repeating absolutely everything that everyone says he is also starting to use sentences on his own! The other day he tripped and fell over, instead of wailing at the top of his lungs like usual he said "I fell down" then he got up and lowered himself to the ground and said "I fell down" over and over. Haha it was cute and funny. He's also started to ask for things "pillow blankie, snuggle daddy" when he goes into our room. When he wakes up he cries and says "hungee" and I get him some breakfast. He points at the window and says "window, outside. go outside" and yesterday I saw him put on his sock all by himself for the first time. Also he's now pronouncing the letters he wasn't saying before! And it's taken over two years but he finally says mommy and mama and mom. And he says it a lot. I love hearing it.

Oh and he spends a lot of time staring at his baby and smiling, pointing out his eyes and hands and nose and mouth and every other lovely tiny baby part. And yesterday I saw him standing over his baby and singing head and shoulders knees and toes. While pointing to the baby's knees and toes. Absolutely adorable. He also loves to kiss him on his soft little head.


ShellieD2355 said...

Congratulations! You have a little man growing up! Don't ever feel bad if it takes him longer to reach these wonderful milestones. He is moving at his own pace and there's nothing wrong with that.

I sympathize with the food / weight loss issue. My oldest son (who is now on the verge of 26) spent 18 months not eating at all. He would only drink milk or apple juice. We took him to doctors, children's hospitals, everyone we could think of and ended up just having to ride out the time, giving in to any food requests whether or not they were "good" for him. He now eats like a horse and loves trying new and exotic things. I understand your situation is different -- being that he wants to eat but can't keep food down. That's a little trickier. I hope you discover the answers soon. For now, just hang in there.

Stacie said...

I hope that Sky's new medication helps him, and that it's not anything more serious than GERD. Poor little guy. I hope he's been feeling better.

jennohara said...

I hope all goes well with his ultrasound! It's great to hear that he's talking so much and so in love with his baby! :)
Hanna still wont even attempt to put her own socks on...that's a huge thing! GO SKY! :D