Saturday, March 19, 2011

I've been meaning to write a post for a while I just can't seem to find the time. Adriel is doing great, aside from me having thrush, again.. Sigh. Skyler though is puking again.. The last two days he hasn't wanted to eat and he's thrown up everything he did eat. We're starting to think it may be a side effect of the prednisone or something because it's getting ridiculous, a toddler should not puke this much it's just unnatural. I broke down yesterday, I just felt so overwhelmed with it. We made an appointment for him to see a doctor at the practice where his NP works, she's away Monday so they stuck us with another doctor. And he has an appointment in April with his pediatrician but I don't want to wait that long I want to find out why he's puking so much. He's still only 20 pounds and he'll be two and a half in May. Well actually he was 22 pounds last week, but I weighed him this morning and he's only at 20.9 now, with all the puking and not eating..

In less crappy news, I finally made my first ring sling. It's so cute I love it. I now have 3 different kinds of soft baby carriers that I've made myself. I'm finding out which carriers I like better for which things. At night when he's fussy and I can't soothe him by nursing I stick him in the pouch sling and I pace the living room for a while, he passes out. During the day when I need to go out and I want him close to me I put the wrap on before we leave the house, then I just pop him out of the car seat and into the wrap. When I don't have time for the wrap (because you have to take a few minutes to put it on) I grab the ring sling, which is also perfect for nursing in public because the tail is a great nursing cover and I can nurse while I walk around and no one is the wiser.

Yesterday I signed Skyler up for swimming lessons with the red cross. I'm so excited, he loves the water, I think it will be fun. I also signed Adriel and I up for a Stroller Fit Fusion class. I've been working out at home this whole time on the bike, but I think it will be nice to get out and meet other moms and learn some yoga and walk around the track. So far I've lost 15 pounds since Adriel was born (7.9 of which were baby mind you, plus placenta and water) and I have 15 more to go, but truthfully I want to lose 25. Not all at once mind you, but over time. Honestly I'm not really focusing on losing weight. I work out more for the benefit to my heart and body than my looks. But I think it's good to have something to strive toward nonetheless.

Adriel is 3 weeks old today and he celebrated by letting me get a couple hours of sleep, so I'm happy. Oh and yesterday my mom cut my hair, I'll have to post a pic later, right now I have someone asleep on my chest.


Ya Chun said...

Sounds like everything is going well with a newborn in the house!

Watch your intact of sugar with that thrush - he might pass it to you!

jennohara said...

Great update!
Sounds like everything is going great with Adriel! :) I'm happy to hear that your all adjusting just fine to having two babies.
I hope Skyler is feeling better soon. :( If it makes you feel better, Hanna has been at about 18 pounds for over 6 months, and she'll be 2 and 1/2 in April.
Can't seem to get her to gain!

Stacie said...

I hope that by taking Sky to the doctor, they'll be able to tell you why he's been throwing up so often.

I am so happy that you've adjusted so well with having two babies at home!

LuckyOnce said...

Sorry to hear that Sky isn't eating well for you. Hope you can find out why at the doctor's office.
I'm glad that you got a few hours of sleep from the baby. In the first few weeks, a few hours at a time are always amazing! :)