Friday, April 8, 2011

The Fun Never Ends

It's been a while, where do I start. We've had many appointments and classes this week, it's been crazy busy and hectic but we've made it work. Skyler is loving preschool. When we told him Wednesday morning he was going to preschool again he was excited, and all smiles. His teachers were very impressed with his perfect rhythm during music time. After his first preschool class on Monday we took him to his endocrinology appointment. Everything was good except he unfortunately has not gained any height or weight at all since his last appointment six months ago. She said that when you measure them standing as opposed to lying down they tend to lose some height so we'll wait for the next appointment in 6 months and see if he's still the same height. She said he won't lose anything by waiting to start the growth hormone, so we might as well give him another chance to grow on his own before the 8 hour blood test.

He had his first swimming lesson on Tuesday, which he was not very impressed with, but it was my fault. We were running late so when I saw the class had already started I rushed into the water and plunked him down on my lap.. Oops. He's two and he needs time to adjust to the water and to feel in control of something in his little world. So next time we will make sure to get there early and take our time getting into the water so he can enjoy it a lot more.

I went to the dentist on Wednesday and found out I need a root canal.. Joy of joys.. Oh and Tuesday night my SIL decided we were returning all the bridesmaid dresses and we were just going to go buy a black dress for wedding. Amazingly enough the dress shop refunded the whole $300 and I went to Se.ars that night and picked up a $27 dollar cocktail dress. It's cute and I can wear it out to go dancing or for dinner etc. In other words the money was much better spent on that than on the $300 formal gown that I would literally only wear once.

Thursday we went to my moms and Skyler enjoyed his time outside playing in the yard at grama's. Oh and we haven't had hot water in our apartment since Monday so most of the reason for going to my mom's was so I could finally take a shower. Then this morning the baby woke me up at 4am and wanted to feed all morning, by 8am we had to head over to the children's hospital for Skyler's opthalmology appointment. We got in about 45 mins after our appointment time which honestly for that doctor is a very short wait. As soon as we entered the doctor congratulated us and welcomed the baby and asked if he could put drops in his eyes. I was happy he asked because I was planning on seeing if we could get him checked out. He took a look at his eyes and said he is perfectly fine.

He asked how Skyler had been doing, if he was alternating eyes still, and he is. We said he's been using the right one a bit more so we've been patching it. And he remarked to the opthalmology student present that "it's always nice to have smart parents". He tested him with the snellen cards (a series of grayscale pictures on cards, they're very light and boring to look at). Skyler was largely uninterested in them but he still managed to test at 20/60 which is great! The doctor remarked in his report that he believes Skyler sees even better than that, but it's hard to test him, when he's not interested in the pictures. He also discussed with us getting Skyler in for surgery to weaken his inner eye muscles. This would straighten out his eyes a bit more and hopefully lessen the nystagmus, it should also help open up his peripheral vision so he'll have an easier time getting around. It won't correct his depth perception but it might help a bit. So we put him on the waiting list for that. It won't be for another 5 or 6 months though. And in June he has a brain MRI from Neurology.

It's a lot to process honestly, I'm not sure how I feel about all of it yet. We will do what's best for him I have no doubt, but it's a bit daunting thinking of your little one going under the knife and starting HGH injections and having to be put under for an MRI and on and on.

After his opthalmology we called my OB because I was scheduled for my appointment at 11:40, but it's in the same hospital and we were done Sky's appointment by 10am. They said sure thing come on in. So I got to see my OB right away, she prescribed me some stuff for thrush, and the pill, asked how things were going etc. She said that next baby I am no longer considered high risk and won't need all the monitoring so that will be nice. She did say though that we can have the prenatal assesment instead of a regular ultrasound which is awesome.

Then from that appointment we rushed over to my stroller fitness class. I was a bit late, but I snuck in and stayed toward the back until we went to walk around the track together. I met a girl around my age and we chatted for the whole class. It was nice. The class starts with a warm-up stretches and stuff for 15 minutes, then we walk/jog around the track for half an hour and then we do pilates/yoga stuff for the last 15 minutes.

Anyway all that's left of this week now is to go to the rehearsal dinner tonight and the wedding tomorrow. I hope you are all having a much less eventful week so far!

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jennohara said...

BUSY BUSY! Sounds like Sky's opth appt went awesome! 20/60...that's amazing!!
It is definitley stressful having to do countless tests on our kids eh? I hated the MRI, but it wasn't as bad as I thought it'd be.
Good luck with everything!
Glad to know the little one's eyes are perfect. :)