Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Things My Kid Says

This morning Skyler heard me open the mail and came running
Skyler: Treat!
Me: What? No this is a Sears catalog.
Skyler: *looks at me with a serious look and shakes his head* "No"
Me: What do you mean no? It's a Se.ars catalog I swear, look there's a lady on the cover trying to sell us 400 thread count sheets.
Skyler: *shakes his head again* No..
Me: Yes.
Skyler: No. Treat.
Me: I'm not trying to trick you, this really is a Se.ars catalog.


Me: Skyler what do you want for breakfast?
Skyler: Brefkast. Motorcycle!
Daddy: How about a waffle instead.


Skyler: *Pointing at some guy in walmart wearing a toque* Hat! Hat! Uncle Ber.en!
Me: Yes that man is wearing a hat, just like your uncle does. He is not however your uncle.


Skyler *approaches a couple in the store arguing over whether to reuse a paint tray for two different colours.* Repeating the guy Skyler says "Reuse tray!"
Daddy: *walks over and grabs him* Sorry about that.
Guy: No problem he's helping my argument.


Upon seeing a friend of ours who's in his 30's but has graying hair
Skyler: Grampa!


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Stacie said...

Fun times!

You never know what they're going to say at any given time. It makes for some great stories.

I love blogging funny things Laney says so I can always have them around to read.

Skyler is so funny. It only gets better from here!