Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Twos: Temper Tantrums

Sometimes I wonder if my 2 year old's behaviour is typical 2 year old behaviour. He can be the happiest, sweetest little boy, but he can also drive me insane at times. It's like he has zero patience for anything at all. The second he can't make something do what he wants he begins screaming and crying (usually while yelling "help") until someone comes to fix it. If you try to get him to do it himself or show him how to do it himself he continues throwing this gigantic fit until you help him/do it for him or he pukes. Which is also what he does if you try ignoring him to see if he'll try to solve the problem himself. Yes he screams until he starts coughing gagging and puking if you don't find a way to stop him.

I know I work in childcare I have studied child development, and I know two year olds have no patience. But is this normal?? I used to take care of a two year old, and she was patient, she was quiet. She would attempt something many different ways before getting frustrated. I know all kids have different personalities. So is my child just extremely impatient and easily frustrated? Is he going to be like this forever as it's part of his personality or will he outgrow it? Or my worst fear of all, is this some kind of toddler 'roid rage? The meds he takes every day twice a day (prednisone) are a steroid. I am always worrying that perhaps they've taken over what would have been a completely different personality. Maybe he would be calmer without them.. We will never know because he has to take them every day for his entire life or risk death.

Obviously I would rather a living breathing angry impatient child than the alternative.. Still.. I can't help but wonder, and of course worry. I'm crossing my fingers that it's just a phase he'll eventually grow out of. Hopefully before I pull all my hair out.


jennohara said...

I'm not sure if it's "typical" behaviour for a "typical" child, but I know it is for Hanna - who isn't "typical", and neither is Skyler.
I think they get frusterated more than anything else. Hanna does the same thing. No patience at all. With Hanna, it's like if she can't do something one way, she doesn't have the patience to try another way. It might be a visual thing. ?? She's been getting better, so hopefully it's something they'll grow out of.

Azaera said...

Thank you so much for sharing this Jenn!! It makes me feel better knowing there is at least one other little one like Skyler, I'm not the only one going crazy with this.