Sunday, October 9, 2011

Long Hiatus, Quick Updates

Okay so I admit to being a terrible blogger. I decided to take a while away from computers to just live without being plugged in. And it was nice! But I haven't had the time to blog since then. Skyler is back in preschool and loving it, except for the last two weeks we have kept him at home because he has his strabismus surgery this Tuesday (two more sleeps) and he's not allowed to be sick. I'm still basically holding my breath hoping he doesn't catch anything in the next two days and that the surgery doesn't get cancelled (they can bump us if someone else needs emergency surgery). So I'm in some sort of frenzy caught between anxious, excited and hoping that it doesn't all fall apart at the last minute.

Also within the last few days I somehow managed to lose my camera and I'm terribly upset about it. Although "lose" in this case might mean that a small person decided to shove it somewhere it doesn't belong or throw it in the garbage (which has already been taken out.. sigh) I'm holding out hope that we may find it yet, but if not then I guess I'll be saving for a new one. In Adriel news, my little man is an avid crawler, he will go anywhere and pull himself up on anything especially if he thinks there is food somewhere or a book that mommy might be trying to read. He is so close to walking it's scary. He's only 7 months!

Today is Thanksgiving so I made a peanut butter cream pie coated with dark chocolate on a graham & butterscotch crust. I'm pretty optimistic that everyone is going to enjoy it. At least I don't have to cook dinner, as we're going to my mom's house. Skyler is such a talker now, he has an amazing imagination and he loves to tell stories and retell his favourite books. I'm so excited too because we joined a homeschooling group in our city and we're going on our first official homeschool field trip on the 20th! Should be fun! Anyway I have to run to get the kids ready for our dinner tonight. Happy Thanksgiving to my Canadian followers! I hope everyone is well, and keep your fingers crossed for Skyler's surgery!


Elle said...

a) My fingers are crossed, as are my toes.
b) Your pie sounds delicious! It's making me hungry.
c) You should post more about homeschooling in Canada. I'm trying to convince the hubby that we should homeschool the babe when she arrives and is old enough.
d) Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

Stacie said...

I hope Sky's surgery is a success! Glad to hear that you are doing well.

Happy Thanksgiving to you!