Thursday, October 13, 2011

Post Op

The surgery went well, although when we were in the pre-op room Skyler was hugging his daddy and he said "I'm scared" which threw us both off guard. I admit I shed a couple tears when they took him in to operate on him. When he woke up he was pretty cranky (understandably so) and they had warned us at the pre-op clinic that he would be very clingy for about ten days after and that once he was ready to go back to normal he'd probably start doing things he had never done before.

So the day of the surgery he was extremely clingy and tired and didn't want to eat, only said two words the whole day and was definitely not himself. His eyes were very bloody looking (they still are) and he wants to rub them though he's not supposed to. So we let him just sleep that day pretty much. By noon yesterday he started talking again even asked for a grilled cheese sandwich! By the evening last night he was into everything!! He climbed up onto the headboard of his bunkbed and tried to climb onto his water table. He opened a bottle of gentian violet (Adriel's thrush meds, which stain everything purple) and dumped it all over the carpet. And he was running back and forth through the apartment. He also went down the stairs with me without feeling for them first. Now I'm not sure if that's because he's familiar with those stairs or if it's because of his surgery.

His eyes aren't completely straight though and I'm not sure yet if it's because they still have to scar back into place or if he'll eventually need another surgery (I seriously hope not) only time will tell I am sure. They are however much straighter than they were before. At night he's been waking up a lot, last night he cried for a while and was trying to tell us something but the words just wouldn't come out properly. It was hard to see him like that. I hope this recovery stage goes by quickly. He hasn't awoken yet this morning and I'm going to let him sleep for a bit so he can recover. My next post will be all about homeschooling! :)

For now I'll leave you with Skyler. I chose a picture where you can hardly see the blood so it's less disturbing, but here he is one day after surgery. (Yesterday)

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Stacie said...

Yay, I'm glad that Skyler's surgery went well and he's recovering. He is so precious. I love the picture you posted of him.