Monday, September 8, 2008


If sleep is for the weak well I must be quite strong. It's fair to say I never got much sleep growing up. And still don't for the most part. Lately though I am tired, drop dead tired. Normally a good 5 hours will get me through the day no problem. I know that isn't healthy. Right now though, I climb into bed, and inexplicitly wake up a few hours later.. to pee, to blow my nose, whatever it is, something always wakes me up. I stumble back to bed trying to keep my eyes closed as much as possible hoping this will facilitate my re-entry into dreamland. Alas I lie there in bed, tired but unable to fall back asleep. Eventually I succumb to the fact that I am not going to fall back asleep until much later in the day when I have once again exhausted my body to the point where I cannot stay awake any longer. My guess is this will happen around noon.

C seems to be doing much better now, though last night he was wound up like a jack-in-the-box. Some real life friends of ours had their baby at 10:30pm, and when we got the text message he was practically through the roof. I doubt he fell asleep until sometime in the wee hours of this morning, because when I walked into the kitchen it appeared we had been ransacked by raccoons. I was of course freaking out because it looked like someone had eaten all my cookies, until I realized he had reorganized everything in the cupboards and for some reason thrown the empty cookie box on the floor.. (The garbage is literally 2 feet away I know your legs aren't broken..)

I think he is just so excited to hear that our friend is now a daddy, and that if all goes well, he too will soon have a little baby. We won't be able to see their baby for another two weeks, he's still in the ICU to get his blood sugars up, and he was born in a small town outside the city or else we'd go to see them right now.

Anyway I need some breakfast cookies.. I'm gonna go do that.

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