Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

It's 7pm here, so not quite new years yet, but I wanted to wish you all a happy new years before I forget. I hope 2011 is a year full of hope and dreams come true for everyone, as sappy as that sounds I mean it.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Low Risk? Maybe Eventually

I had another OB appointment today, soon they will be every week. My blood work came back perfect, glucose and iron are right where they should be apparently. And my OB gave me the good news that if I can make it to 37 weeks I'll no longer be considered high risk and I can give birth in "a fancy birthing suite" as she put it. So that's my new goal with this baby, I know he'll decide when to come, but at the same time I'm hoping I can encourage him to stay in there until 37 weeks! I want a nice birth not in a sterile OR this time. I got a number to call for a tour of the maternity hospital since I didn't manage to go for one last time. And I had to reschedule my next appointment because Skyler has his first meeting with the new SLP (speech language pathologist) and C is going to be in court testifying. He witnessed some guy who stole a truck and got involved in a high speed chase with the cops.

After my appointment we went to the mall to see if we could upgrade my phone since I've had it since I was pregnant with Skyler and it's a hunk of junk. C got a blackberry for christmas, so I guess I have been a bit jealous. Unfortunately they said that I can't get out of my contract so no blackberry for me. After that we stopped by the play place in the mall. Skyler loved it. He hasn't been there since he was too small to enjoy it. Tonight I plan on going through all of Skyler's stuff and the baby's stuff and get it all sorted out. I want to put some in a donation pile, and organize the rest so he doesn't have to much clutter. I'm also going to put the bedding in the crib and the baby's clothes in his brand new drawers.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Skyler Bakes

For Christmas from my in-laws I asked for mini-muffin tins because they're just so cute! So here is Skyler (with hilarious bedhead hair) making his first batch of banana muffins today:

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Cold That Doesn't End

Hah! You're going to laugh at this one. Or not believe me at all, whichever. My horrible cold turned ear infection, spread from one ear to the other, and also into my eyes. The puddle of water in my eyes turned into goo, which crusted my eyes shut yesterday morning, that was a fun one. I actually wandered around my home at 5am with my eyes crusted shut using all the techniques I've learned from working with people who are blind. I found that in my own home I am quite able to get up go to the bathroom, get the water pitcher from the fridge pour myself a glass of water and put it back away all without seeing a thing. And I didn't spill a drop, so there's something.

This is officially been the worst cold I have ever had in my life. I never get ear infections. I went to my NP, who checked me out and said it's early to tell if it's viral or bacterial, but she wrote me a scrip for antibiotics (which she said that there are no truly "safe" without any risks during pregnancy antibiotics) and said that I should probably wait a few days and if it starts to get worse, then go fill the scrip, and if not then just wait for it to pass. So I am waiting. The pain in my ears has gotten much better thankfully (I would have lost my mind if it hadn't) though the pressure is still there, and it gets worse when I blow my nose which is unfortunately quite frequently with this cold still here. My eyes were less crusty today, so I am hoping they are getting better. The NP took swabs of the goo, but I don't have any results yet. It's probably just an excess of mucus hopefully.

In good news, today was my last day of work. Last night we celebrated Yule/Winter solstice and aside from me being exhausted and wiped out from being sick and not being able to hear much, it was a great night. My brother even showed up and he has never been to my place and I've been here for like 2 years. So that was good. Lots of good food, good friends, good fun. On Christmas eve we're going to C's family celebration, then Christmas day will be spent with my mom. I'm excited but at the same time I am already feeling worn out from this virus coupled with pregnancy so I'm hoping it passes by without too much stress.

Skyler's communication really seems to be coming along. His receptive language is awesome, he really does seem to understand what we are saying almost all of the time. AND today I was on the couch relaxing for a moment after I got home from work, when he comes toddling down the hall and hands me his body wash from the bathroom. I looked at him and I said "oh you brought me your soap. Do you want a bath?" and he said "Bath time!" of course it sounded more like "da eh" or something to that effect, but I'm pretty sure he was trying to say bath time. Anyway I stripped him down and gave him a bath which he was happy to have. Later on he came up to me signing away with "more" asking for something. At one point he pulled a bag of chocolates out of a gift bag he found from last night and brought them to me because he wanted one. I love that he is trying his best to let me know what he wants. And he's succeeding a lot! It's making things much less frustrating for all of us.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

What Next?

Remember my terrible cold? Well it's only gotten worse. It's reminded me that there are worse things than a sore throat such as ear infection. Now there is a pain I'd never like to feel again. I went through breaking my arm in half and waiting five hours with no pain killers, not a single tear. 20 some hours of labour with Skyler, not a peep from me, but last night when that ear ache struck I wanted to throw myself off a bridge. If it weren't for the fact that I have way too much to live for. What a terrible pain my lord. C had to come home from work to bring me Tylenol which my OB said I could have. And it did absolutely nothing for me. I ended up having him get me some ear drops, which the pharmacist said I could have.. He better be right.. Those finally let me get some sleep and by some sleep I mean like 2 or 3 hours at most which is all I've been getting any night this week because of this cold. Oh and to top it all off I woke up with a nice puddle of water around my eye this morning.

The only reason I woke up so early (well aside from all the mucus and pain) is someone from C's work called in and I was sleeping in the living room and heard the message on the answering machine. C manages on Sundays so if something is wrong they call him. Apparently the guy opening slept in, yet again and the other guy who opens with him was stuck with no way of opening the store so even though C was supposed to start work at 2pm and we were supposed to go to church today to see the winter pageant, he is at work now. I'm not sure if he will decide to stay and work til 3 or if the kid who was supposed to show up in the first place will come in and he'll be able to leave.

Anyway enough ranting for now, the other night Skyler finally said his first 2 word sentence!! He woke up in the middle of the night of course, wandered into the hallway climbed into the carseat (the one in the picture from my last post.) which is his new favourite spot by the way, and he said "Go car!" it was soo cute and exciting. He repeated it several times. Even though it was 3am we were half tempted to take him out in the car for a ride just cause we were that excited. And once he finished with the car seat, he got up and climbed onto daddy's tool box in front of the closet door and started trying to open the door. The first time he's actually climbed up onto something aside from the couch or the stairs and stood on it. He also is able to climb up onto his little chairs that go with his chair and table set now. He stands on them! Slightly scary for mommy, but he always sits down when I say "on your bum please". Aside from him being sick like me, he's doing quite well. His development seems to coming along. Which is good news.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Winter Cold

Ugh I have this terrible headcold. Worst of all it came prepackaged with a killer sore throat which is my most hated part of any cold. And my head is so unbelievably stuffed up that it won't stop pounding. The most sleep I get at any one period is about an hour. All night long it's sleep an hour, wake up, cough, blow my nose, etc etc, finally fall back asleep and then wake up again. Poor little Skyler has it too, but he seems to be faring better than I am thankfully.

Here's hoping it goes away in time for next week. We're having our winter solstice celebration on the 21st of course and we're hosting it like usual. So there's lots of planning and baking/cooking to be done. I'm making a chocolate trifle. And I better be able to taste it.

We ordered a case of size one diapers a couple days ago in anticipation of this little ones arrival. I know we still have a couple months to go, but if this baby is impatient as the last one I don't want to be caught off guard. So as we were putting away some things in the storage room I guess we ran out of room because C put Skyler's rear-facing infant car sear on the floor in the hallway. Today while C was sewing some new curtains for Skyler's room I wandered down the hallway to see what Sky was up to, and I found him curled up in the baby's carseat. Too cute.

And an extremely rare shot of him wearing his glasses.

Monday, December 13, 2010


The OB today said I shouldn't worry too much that it's not uncommon for women to experience a strange feeling like their baby is having seizures. She thinks the baby is doing some sort of weird exercise thing. I still think it feels suspicious, but there's not much we can do if the baby is having seizures, not until it's born anyway so it's probably best to stay calm until then. Also I need to decide if it's safe for me to continue working. The little one I work one on one with is occassionally violent and in fact a few weeks ago she kicked my coworker hard in the stomach. My doctor suggested I could wear some sort of padding around my stomach, but I have no idea where I would find such a thing.. Either that or not work with the girl. The thing is I don't have a job otherwise. So now it's time to think about what I'm going to do.. If I decide to risk it and work for January because we need the extra money or stop and make do with what we'll have.

I scheduled my next appointments, all of them up until the day of my due date. She wants to see me every two weeks now for a month and then every week up until the baby is born because of everything, to keep an eye on things. I really do love my OB she is great. They scheduled me an appointment on my birthday and my OB is away that week, so I'm seeing another doctor in her practice. I turned to Chuck in the car and said "Just watch the baby will decide to be born the week that my OB is away". I was sent for blood work today too. It was in the basement of the building and fortunately didn't take too long. The lab tech was super nice too, I felt like a jerk asking if she could change her gloves, but she said she didn't mind and that she's a germophobe so she asks people the same thing. That made me feel better. I just don't like the thought that maybe she forgot to change them or something. Last thing I need is an infection or something.

So yesterday morning when Skyler decided that he didn't need to sleep I taught him to consistently sign "more". He hasn't been signing much in the past year, but we've picked it back up. So he was sitting on the couch with me and I found the secret to getting him to sign was to simply give him an M&M whenever he signed for more. Except now he thinks that every time he's on the couch and he signs "more" he'll get an M&M. Probably not the healthiest thing to give him but whatever, it made him happy and he started signing again. It's not like I give him candy often.

Today though the poor kid has been sick. His nose hasn't stopped running and he's been a bit warm (not a fever, but not normal temperature either) and I've started coughing and am getting a sore throat too. He started puking this evening before bed too, fun times. I managed to step in about 4 puddles of puke, caught one in my hands, and wiped another off the couch. Thankfully after his last dose of stress pred he put himself to bed and hasn't puked since then (not yet anyway, fingers crossed). And I have to go back to work tomorrow. Honestly I'm not looking forward to waking up early. I haven't had nearly enough sleep in the last 6 days and now I'm coming down with something too. Ick.

I'm going to try to keep my mind off the weird movements that baby was doing, though today he's hardly moved at all which also has me worried (of course). Hopefully I am just paranoid.

It's Always Something..

I know I try to keep things light around here and I'm usually rather positive, but it's 4am I've been up with Skyler since 2, and I think he may have possibly gone back to sleep maybe (fingers crossed) and I'm feeling rather sleep deprived. What's on my mind is baby number two. I feel him moving around in there quite a lot now but over the last few days I've started to feel something other than kicking/punching and hiccups.. It feels like a rapid, shaking, convulsing kind of movement. It happens in two places usually, at the same time. Like his top half and his bottom half are both doing it at once. It's too fast to be hiccups and it feels different, and it's much too fast to be kicking. I never had that feeling with Skyler.. To be honest it feels like I imagine a seizure would feel like.

I have an appointment with my OB in the morning so obviously I'm going to tell her then. I'm just freaking out a bit and since someone else won't let me sleep I felt the need to vent. (Skyler is definitely not sleeping.. sigh) I'm not sure what to do, I've googled fetal seizures and the things I'm finding are not reassuring, the case studies done on it say that the prognosis is poor. Some posts say it could be the uterus spasming, but it doesn't feel like that to me. Here's hoping I'm wrong. There's a chance that this baby has CNS abnormalities, if he is seizing in the womb. One of the reasons I'm worried is because what Skyler has can cause seizures. We just got lucky with him and he has never had one. And though the ultrasound showed that this baby seems healthy, there's no way of knowing for sure because the area of the brain they need to see is too small until sometime after birth.

I know that I said going into this that I wasn't afraid of this baby having special needs.. I know that if he does we won't love him any less.. I just really was hoping for a break. Or at least that he'd have the same type of thing as Skyler, something known is less scary I guess. And I know that he may have what Skyler has, but just a worse version of it if he's seizing already. I'm just freaking out a bit because seizures are scary and it could signal something much worse. Here's hoping I'm just being hormonal and paranoid.. I guess I'll have a better idea in the morning when I see my OB.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Workshops Can Be Fun!

Good Morning

Of course on the one day that I don't actually need to wake up at 7am I am awake at 6:30, so here I am writing a post since I can't seem to get back to sleep. Yesterday instead of going to work I got to go to a workshop at the CNIB. It was actually the most fun I've ever had at a workshop. It was a whole day of learning how to make tactile books for visually impaired and blind children. The CNIB had brought in a class of grade 12 students from a local highschool (who apparently now require 40 hours of volunteer work to graduate, so they were there for credits) and put them to work making books for children 6 and under who have visual impairments.

Our son's OT had asked if I would be interested in going a few weeks back and of course I jumped on the opportunity. When I got there she told me she forgot to mention that the volunteer coordinator running it was hoping I'd speak to the kids about the importance of tactile books for the visually impaired from the perspective of a parent. I said of course I would say a few things. Now I'm not sure if you know, but I have panic attack disorder, and I usually keep it under control but speaking in front of people without much prep kind of triggers my panic reflexes. I was okay for the first few seconds and then I kind of started babbling a bit, but I think I made it through without too much confusion and I know I did much better than I would have a few years ago.

After that awkwardness was out of the way, and they had finished explaining how to make the books we got to work. There was a table loaded with craft stuff! I was in heaven. I think I've replaced scrapbooking in my art closet. At first I was a bit overwhelmed and couldn't decide what to make so I did a very simple counting book that will be useful for the little girl I work with (it's all tactile, and very simple so someone without any sight at all can use it) and then once I got into a groove I decided to try something more creative and I started to come up with some better ideas.

There was one other girl there about my age who was an inclusion worker with a low vision child as well, so her and I and our OT sat together and I chatted with her while I worked. It was actually kind of cool being there as a parent, I had a unique perspective and everyone in the room came to me to ask if what they were doing would be suitable for a blind child. I was like some sort of expert, haha. All the books made by the highschool students were to be kept by the CNIB and used by people like my OT to bring out on visits with their clients. Except for me and the other inclusion worker, our OT said we might as well keep our books since we work/live with their clients anyway. Though the OT asked if I could pretty please make her some books to use as well because she loved mine.

The second book I made specifically with Skyler in mind, and I loved how that allowed me to tailor it specifically to his interests and abilities. After the workshop was over I stayed to help clean up and the volunteer coordinator asked if she could do a videotaped interview with me. This time I was much less nervous, all those high school kids had left and it was just me and her. I showed off my book and talked about making it and what I got out of the workshop. I mentioned how it's important in a book for a totally blind child to use very simple illustrations because what might look interesting to us can be very confusing to someone who can't see. She then pointed out that my book was actually rather complex, and I said that that was the beauty of being able to make it for my specific child, it meant I was able to put together something that would be challenging and interesting for him since he does have some sight. All in all it was a great experience, and if you like crafts I would suggest you give it a try cause it's a lot of fun.

And here for your viewing pleasure is Skyler's newest tactile book. I've titled it "Find the Button" and the object here is you guessed it, to find the button on each page.

A foam flower shaped piece with a button in the middle, the stem is a chenille stem and the leaves are microfibre

The tree top is felt, the apples are a broadcloth type material, and one button. The trunk is corregated cardboard and the grass is like that astroturf kind of stuff you'd use as an outdoor carpet.

This Christmas tree is made from a dollar store dish scrubbie (never been used) corrugated cardboard for the trunk, sparkly pipe cleaners & a small button for the decorations. A plastic candy cane, a tiny decorative present and a piece of carpet remnant.

In this scene the button is peeking out from behind a cotton ball cloud. The sun is a piece of shiny gold paper, the water is broadcloth, the boat is foam with a straw and some red cloth for the mast, and the beach is sandpaper with real seashells.

And this page is a simple lift the flap page because Skyler loves flaps and squeakers, so the top piece of fabric is velvet with a squeaker under it, the second is microfibre with a wooden heart under it, and the last is felt with a pink button.

So while I'm no artistic genius, I really did enjoy this craft and I hope when Skyler wakes up he will enjoy his new book. If you do find yourself interested in making a book like this and you need some tips feel free to ask, I learned quite a bit. And the CNIB would happily accept any books you might make if you don't have a visually impaired child yourself.

Monday, December 6, 2010


So on Thursday I typed up a 4 page document about Skyler's development at his 24 month/2 year mark. I figured it would be good to have especially since he'll be seeing a new SLP hopefully soon. Basically it just describes where he's at, the things he's doing at 2 years. Friday morning I got a call from the neurologist's office asking if they could see Skyler on Monday (today). So I asked my coworker if she'd cover for me and she said yes, and I took the day off for his appointment. Suddenly I was glad I had written up that document the day before.

We got there exactly on time, and we got seen as soon as we came in which is always a bonus. I love his neurologist to be honest. He's another great part of Skyler's medical team. I brought him the document that I printed on Thursday and he was of course impressed with how organized we are. He asked us a few questions about where Skyler's at, watched him walk around the room, tested his reflexes and we talked for a little bit. He said he isn't too concerned about Skyler's development. Yes he is lagging a little behind on the speech development, but we agreed that it's probably just the vision thing that has him behind in any areas. It's harder to develop speech when you don't have "normal" vision.

We discussed doing another MRI. He doesn't think we will find too much in the MRI, but we will get a better look at his optic nerves. I inquired about the possibility of his condition affecting his corpus callosum and the neuro agreed that indeed in some people SOD does affect their corpus callosum, he doesn't think Skyler's is affected though. He was surprised that I even knew that, and said that he will definitely look for that in the MRI and let me know if there are any abnormalities. So we decided to go ahead with it, it'll be in about 6 months or so depending on the waiting list. He said we'll be able to get a look at the speech areas of the brain too and check that out, though he thinks Skyler will develop normally.

He said he's seen some patients with SOD who simply have the optic nerve and pituitary problems and develop a little bit slower, but normally. And he's had some patients with epilepsy and seizures and other major issues that cause them not to develop typically. He's thinking that Skyler is of the former and not the latter. Thankfully he doesn't have the epilepsy (so far at least) and he seems to be "coming along quite well" in terms of where he's at in his development. The doctor also asked again what our occupations are, and remarked that we're "more educated than educated people." He is just in awe of us it seems and how much we know about our child and his condition. He told Skyler that he's lucky to have us. Of course we are lucky to have him too.

All in all it was a good visit. I am slightly worried about the MRI as I know Skyler will have to be sedated. The doctor said not to worry too much as he does it all the time, with kids a lot younger than Skyler, and Sky has had an MRI before (at 2 months, or 0 months corrected). It's probably scarier for the parents at this age than it is for him. Hopefully it all goes well. Our next appointment will be when he turns 3. Except after the MRI, he said we can call him to get the results or go in for an appointment if we want, since it would suck to wait 6 months for results. Anyway overall I'm glad his specialists are so great.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Look With Your Eyes, Not Your Hands

I admit it, I said something not-so-bright to my visually impaired toddler today. I was peeling potatoes over the garbage can, and Mr. Curious came toddling up to see what I was doing. I told him what I was up to, and he stuck his hands into the garbage can, I told him "hands off, you can watch, but don't touch." Yes garbage can yucky, I'm not going to let him play in it. But that sentence coming out of my mouth felt so strange after I had said it. Touch is one of the ways visually impaired kids learn and well "see" if you will. I think me saying this was a bit of two things:

-Forgetfulness, and obvious ick factor (because garbage ew.) even though I had just changed the bag.
-His vision is much better than we ever thought it would be. He seems to see so much more than ever before. He will point to letters on anything anywhere no matter how big or small and tell me "A!" (He recognizes the letter A, but he also can't say the word "letters" yet, and so calls them all A's)

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Little Update

Okay I know it's been a while, a long while. I now have a two year old!! And a very active little person inside me who is 25 weeks along. Skyler's birthday was great, we spent Friday (his actual birthday) at home just the three of us, relaxing and enjoying each other. We also went to his music class where everyone sang him happy birthday of course. It was lovely. We also scrambled and cleaned our butts off to make our place presentable for Saturday.

His party on Saturday was pretty good. I made a ton of cupcakes. The family wasn't too horrible and he got lots of loot, including an acoustic guitar that's his size. And an adorable Toy Story snow suit from grandma and grandpa which was size 24 months. We had to go and exchange it for a 12 month size which fits him much better. The 24 months was huge, like double his size. I took him out to play in it on Sunday and enjoy the huge pile of snow that Nature dumped on us. He seemed to like walking in the waist high snow.

We set up our Christmas tree and Skyler loves it. The lights are inside little Christmas ball ornaments and he likes to point and stare at them. We got him a little baby doll for his birthday and he loves to go and kiss his baby and pick him up gently and carry him around. He's learning to be gentle and he's giving lots of kisses. He is so independent now, and he seems to be starting to make a few new sounds like "ba" and "va" and I heard a "fre" yesterday. Pretty exciting. His wait for speech should be up by January his physio said so hopefully we'll be seeing speech again soon. Anyway the next post will have pictures I promise. Sorry it's been so long!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Things People Say

Sometimes something will get under my skin.. Like this evening. I spoke to a family member today, an older person let's say, around 84. Anyway she asked me how Skyler was and C and everyone and mentioned getting some expensive present for Skyler for Christmas, and then asked how my pregnancy was going. I told her all was good, everything on the ultrasound looked good, etc. She said to me "Oh that's good, you couldn't handle another disappointment." Huh? First of all you don't know what I can handle, if I was worried about having another special needs child I wouldn't have planned to have this baby. Secondly there are a lot of words I would use to describe my son, and I don't think she was trying to be malicious or anything, but "disappointment" is not how I would describe my child..

When I look into this little person's (usually crossed) eyes, I see my entire world! I see myself, I see my husband, I see most importantly my son. The little person he is, the person he will one day become. I see everything that's right in the world, an innocent wonderful little person who has so much love to give and receive. So many things he can do. He is never a disappointment. Nor will he ever be, no matter what mistakes he makes or any bad choices in his life.

Skyler you are everything I ever hoped you would be, and so so so much more. I can't imagine life without you, exactly who you are, exactly the way you are. No matter what anyone else thinks or says. I hope you always remember that.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Terrible Twos

The terrible twos it would seem, are indeed quite terrible. Mister has developed quite a temper to go along with his impatience and demanding nature. He wants everything the way he wants it and he wants it now! I know this is supposedly normal. I made the mistake of watching a video of N (the girl I used to nanny for) when she was his age. In the video I ask her "what do you want honey?" and she clearly says "apple sauce" I hand her the apple sauce and she says "no. yuck. want cheese please" Then I give her cheese and she asks for a bun. A big bun. Her words are so clear. She understands everything I ask her. I look at Skyler and I only wish he were somewhere near that.. But he is not and we have to make do with pointing and SCREAMING and sometimes hitting. Don't get me wrong, I don't take him for granted. We get by well enough, I try to avert his attention before frustration and screaming begin. Which sometimes works, other times it does not.

He is by far the most beautiful creature I've ever laid eyes on, and his mystery and wonder envelopes me every day. I love him so much it hurts. He astounds me with all the new things he's doing. That independence kick though, I tell you I'm doing my very best to encourage it all while trying to keep him safe. Just today I taught him how to zip and unzip zippers. Just in time for winter.. Not sure if this is an awesome thing or a not so great idea. When we came back in from outside he went to zip/unzip my hoodie and was in great distress when he realized I had taken it off and was only wearing a normal shirt. We spent a good 5-10 minutes of him screaming and trying to rip my shirt while I gently but firmly held his hands and tried to convince him that it wasn't the end of the world and it's okay to not always get what you want, but not okay to hit and rip people's clothes.

As December draws nearer I'm definitely feeling the urge to be at home and take care of my family. I've been nesting a bit too I guess. I've never been much of a housewife but lately I find myself in the kitchen doing dishes, and cooking meals & baking and sometimes even making lunches for everyone for the next day. And the weirdest part is I don't seem to mind it. I haven't been spending as much time online. It seems to be such a time suck. I'm spending a lot more time just being with Skyler one on one, following him around, singing with him, reading to him, playing outside. It's not that we didn't spend time together before, but I guess the quality and quantity have increased.

This Friday is his birthday, we're having some people over on Saturday including one of Skyler's friends from nursery at church. I'm hoping it all goes well. I'm excited to bake his cupcakes. There will be lots of them I'm sure. I'm going to make sure he helps me, because he can't not help me anymore. If I'm somewhere doing something he needs to be right there supervising or helping out. Which is great, he's learning so much and he feels involved with what we're doing.

Yesterday I took him outside and when we got out I realized that in the rush we had forgotten his mittens.. So I pulled mine out of my pocket and stuck them on him, and this is the ensuing hilarity that had us both giggling for a while:

Monday, November 8, 2010

Fever Degrees

Things have been up and down since the little mister started walking, thankfully mostly up. I still get excited every time he toddles by me. I love it so much. We found out that baby #2 is looking good and healthy in there, and that Skyler is going to be having a little brother. Apparently I am looking good too, according to the fetal assessment people. We'll see on Wednesday what my OB says. Oh and fetal assessment is waaaay nicer than the ultrasound department!! When I was pregnant with Skyler I only had one (normal) ultrasound and they were mean. The tech didn't say more than two words to me, C couldn't come into the room until the very end, they had the screen turned away from me so I couldn't see anything I just had to wait quietly while he jabbed me in the abdomen, hard enough to hurt. AND they made me drink a ton of water beforehand so that sucked.

This time my fetal assessment was in a different building in the same hospital. I didn't have to wait for my appoinment at all, they took me as soon as I came in. The tech was super friendly and nice, she told C and Skyler to come in and watch. She explained everything on the screen, told me what every little line and spot was on the screen, what she was looking for, how healthy he looked etc. I got to see everything this time, the screen was facing me. She chatted a bit with me too and she didn't jab me super hard nor did I have to have a full bladder. Then she had a doctor come in and verify that everything looked good. They both told me all looked great, and then the tech printed us out four pictures of the baby. For free! With Skyler they told me it would cost at least $50 or $60 for pictures. A much nicer experience. Next time I go for an ultrasound (if we have another baby someday) I'm going to request a fetal assessment. The doctor there said it would be no problem with my history.

The weekend was pretty good. We got a new sewing machine and sewed almost 20 scarves for the staff at C's work (Christmas presents) and C made his sister's presents too. Technically he did all the sewing, while I did the cutting and pinning. It was amusing at the fabric store because little old ladies would see C looking at fabric and ask him if he sewed. They were astonished or something that a guy actually likes to sew. Personally I like it, it's something we can do together that doesn't involve monitors or screens, since we spend far too much time in front of those as it is.

Yesterday was a gong show. My poor toddler woke up with a high fever. He was flush all over (red skin). We gave him his stress dose of pred and some infant tylenol (and I went and cried in the bathroom because I was so worried). His fever went down and he seemed to be fine, he slept most of the day and when he woke up he played and ate and then put himself back to bed. He woke up again around 10:30pm and the fever was back. We were going to wait it out, give him more tylenol and see if it went back down but he hadn't had a ton of fluids (even though I was trying to push them all day) and C's cousin was over so she pressured us to take him to the hospital. We ended up spending 3 hours in the hospital to find out that we were already doing everything we needed to be doing. That it's some sort of virus that's going around and to just take him home, monitor him and keep doing what we were doing.. Don't you hate it when people make you doubt yourself?? We ended up being awake until 3am in a hospital full of germs for nothing basically. Oh and spending $6 on parking. At least we know he'll be alright.. (Which we pretty much already figured.)

There are only eleven days before Skyler's birthday so I guess we better get planning for his party. Hopefully by then whatever he has will have run its course.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Walking Around

It's November 2nd, Skyler turns two in 17 days. Today my son stood up in the middle of the room without holding onto anything, and took 5 steps toward his bag of halloween candy. A few minutes later he attempted to get up again from his weird and hilarious crawling position (hands and feet) without holding onto anything, he stood took two steps and started to lose his balance so he sat back down. He did this two more times. Then as I was on the phone with my mom telling her how exciting it was that he'd finally got up on his own and decided to walk, he let go of the coffee table and toddled across the room to his exercise ball. I wish I had recorded it.

Perhaps he's finally figured out that he can walk. Just in time for his second birthday. What a gift to us, and himself.

Monday, November 1, 2010


Halloween was great! Crazy busy, but Skyler seemed to have a good time. We went to his CNIB party, my work party, then music class, then Saturday was a bit slower since C had to work, but we did carve Skyler's first pumpkin. He loved it. Sunday we were on the go from 8am until 9pm pretty much. We went to church in the morning, Skyler was tired because he of course woke up at 5am on Sunday and played til 6 or 7am. After church we went to my mom's place, then picked up C's cousin from work and drove out to the small town they're both from. We took her to her mom's place, got some candy from them, then went to C's parent's and had dinner. Dinner was a lot later than they said it would be.. As usual. So we didn't get to go trick or treating until it was pretty dark out.

We got candy from his parents place, then from some friends out there. It's a small town so everyone knows everyone else pretty much. We stopped to chat with a few different people he knew. Everyone loved Skyler's costume and they were impressed that I made it myself. After trick or treating we finally went home and the little guy was so tired out he passed out right away. (After we brushed his teeth of course)

So lately he has stopped wearing his glasses. He is just outright refusing them, and it's making me a little crazy, but I know that for both our sanity it's best that I just let it be for the moment. I try a few times a day to put them on him. He immediately pulls them off, and either tries to put them back on by himself (but can't because of the strap) or he throws them to the floor. I think the fact that he is now (almost) two has a lot to do with his refusal to wear them. He is still really interested in glasses. He takes mine off my face and tries to put them back on me, or on himself. He tries to take his off and put them back on, but the sports strap stops him. I tried taking it off, but they don't stay up on his nose without the strap.

I honestly think that if he can just take them off and put them on all by himself, perhaps he will start wearing them again. So on Saturday I took a walk to the closest grocery store (superstore is a big chain store) and as I was waiting for C's cousin to come out of the bathroom I noticed their vision centre. I took a peek inside and noticed that they had toddler frames!! Toddler frames that I could buy with lenses for only $59!! I had tried to order at that website online, but none of their frames were small enough so I figured we'd have to wait on that until he grows a bit. So I took Skyler to the store with me today and we tried some frames on him and found a pair that fit. His glasses should be ready by tomorrow or the next day. I'm excited. Skyler seemed to like wearing them while we were in the store, so we shall see. I'm hopeful.

I really think the glasses have helped him in the short time he's been wearing them. His eyes seem to be a lot straighter, and he's started squinting! I know it's odd for me to be excited about that, but he never squinted before. To me it shows me that he is trying to see something at a distance that he didn't realize he could see before. He only does it when he's not wearing his glasses, and it started only after he had been wearing them. So I am willing to bet that he can see something with his glasses that he can't see without. So he is trying to compensate by squinting. Although why the silly child won't just wear his glasses to see is beyond me. Toddlers!

He is becoming so.. grown up. I always worry about him being behind and it seemed like it took him forever to do anything, but now I am seeing him do so many new things! He loves to read and look at books like I mentioned in the last post. We got one from the CNIB with touch and feel animals and a squeaker in it (Animal Kisses by Barney Saltzberg). He spent the longest time ever playing with that book. Turning each page to look at the animals and giggling when he pressed the squeaker. His hand manipulation is getting stronger. He likes to pick things up and figure out what they do. To me it feels like he is really becoming a toddler.. I know it sounds strange but I never really thought he'd be so.. typical? with his development. As soon as the walking part & more language comes.. it will be like he's almost a normal kid. I mean a kid who can't see as much as others, but still. He manages to explore his world just fine without it.

I hope you all had a happy halloween too!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Perfect Rhythm

Yesterday we went to the CNIB halloween party. It was fun, Skyler did some crafts and led me all over the place (he only ate a tiny bit of chocolate, even though I did offer! After the healthy food of course...) Everyone there loved his costume and thought it was cool that I made it. Then this morning Skyler decided that it's 3am on Friday that means playtime! Of course. So we were up from 3 until about 5 or 5:30. Then we had to get up at 7 to go to my work. It was my halloween party at work so C brought Skyler in his costume. The kindergarteners loved him of course. They all wanted to play with him (Ooh a life-size doll!). It was great, though he discovered the doll house and seemed to think it was fantastic so now I'm a little worried that I may be making or buying a doll house soon. Hopefully it can be arranged without spending too much money haha.

I was surprised how well behaved he was at school for someone who didn't sleep and didn't have a nap at all. Then from my work we went straight to his music class, with a pit stop for lunch on the way. He was amazing. I think he's really starting to enjoy the routine and the group and everything. He was really into it, dancing and smiling and laughing and everything. Even though he hadn't napped!

And the teacher brought out a drum at one point, and she sings and plays the rhythm and has us tap the rhythm on our/toddler's legs. Then each little one gets a chance to play the drum while we sing the song, she brought it to Skyler first. The idea is for them to just try it out, get used to instruments etc. I held his hand for the first 3 beats and then let go and he continued playing the drum with perfect rhythm, he kept up the beat for the whole time! I think the music teacher was a little shocked. All the other kids were too fast/slow or varied the tempo. The only reason I mention this is because I'm always noticing how the other kids do everything "better" than he does. So watching him play the drum at the right tempo and not missing a beat was pretty cool. It reminded me that while he might be a little behind in some things, he is still pretty amazing at others.

Lately he's started to enjoy books! Which for me is awesome because I've been an avid reader my whole life. He used to have very little interest in them except for chewing, and he wouldn't sit still for a story to save his life so I'd just read to him while he wandered off to play. But he's started picking up books (usually upside down of course) and pretend to read, or study the pictures, which is fantastic! And yesterday the postman brought us our almost daily supply of Braille books and I cracked one open with Skyler right away. He actually sat with me the entire story and followed the Braille with his fingers while I read him the book. He even pointed at the pictures of the little boy in the story and named some of the body parts (like ear). He's also started naming parts of the face on everyone he gets close to. He likes the eyes and nose best.

All in all, aside from him still not walking (he took about 4 or 5 steps at music class today!) he's doing quite well.. If only I could get him to use his words more often instead of whining! If anyone has a secret for that let me know.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Short Break

So C and I had a good few days off together. He went last week on Monday to the doctor because his foot has been hurting really bad and we couldn't figure out why. The doctors couldn't either. They took an x ray and saw nothing, so they said come back in a week. Today we went back and they did another x ray. Turns out he has a hairline or stress fracture that they couldn't see last time. They said it's harder to see when they first happen and it becomes more visible within a week or two. So now he has to wear this big foot/leg brace boot thing for 3 weeks.

Over the weekend C and I spent time together without our computers for a change. Normally we are glued to them, it's pretty sad. We turned them off though for 4 or 5 days straight. Last night we did some sewing together. C put the zipper on Sky's cow costume for me. And he fixed my sewing machine. I had no clue what was wrong with it, my thread just kept snapping. He managed to figure it out, and take it apart and oil it. And I made myself a pattern for a sweater to cover my growing belly since none of my jackets zip up over it anymore. I made it out of pyjama fleece and it ended up looking more like a robe, but a very cute snuggly one so I'm not too disappointed. It feels nice and soft and warm, and I did a pretty good job if I say so myself. I'll probably still wear it out and about when it's winter because I'm not going to let my belly freeze.

C got me a deluxe membership to fabricland too, so everything I buy there is a lot cheaper, I've already saved a ton of money both with making my own clothes and buying the fabric with a discount. I'm planning on making a bunch of things for Christmas presents this year too. Speaking of presents it's November next week, I can hardly believe it. We went to Zellers (department store kind of like Wal-Mart but Canadian) and I found a ton of kids books for $3 each. These are books that are normally $8 or $9 a piece, so I grabbed about 8 of them and we wrapped them up for Skyler's birthday, which is almost here.

Last week we had OT (Skyler is doing fantastic, everything except walking is right up to par). This week we have the CNIB halloween party, next week the ultrasound, and the week after we have an OB appointment to find out the results of the fetal assesment. We're busy busy busy. I might take some more time away from the computer, it seemed like I got more done with this thing off for a while. And Skyler just turned on the tv, it's uncanny how he knows when Handy Manny is on.. He doesn't watch anything else, and he always seems to turn it on when Handy Manny is about to start.


I've had my computer turned off for the last five days, I'm only on it now for a quick moment before work and to let you know I haven't fallen off the face of the earth, and that sometimes life can be fun without too much technology.. But now I have to head off to work.. I hope you are all doing well.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Not So Great Day

So I was supposed to have an ultrasound yesterday at 10:30. Drove all the way out to the hospital, went up to the third floor, found out they had cancelled it because of my fetal assessment in Nov. and either my doctor or NP or whoever had forgotten to tell me or assumed I already knew.. Sigh. Oh well, I am glad that they shoved it all into one appointment. Less ultrasounds = better as they don't know for sure the effect that it may have on unborn babies. So I have to wait until Nov 3rd. Which isn't that far away I guess. We instead used yesterday to get C's foot looked at. We went to the sports clinic which is always super busy. Took 5 hours to get in to see the doctor. He's had some weird pain for 4 days or so and since he stands all night at work it's been making him crazy.

They aren't sure what's wrong with him, they think it might be a stress fracture, but they don't know. So he's supposed to try to take it easy and go back next Monday. Which means he has a 5 day weekend, since this is his long weekend off. He's been working a lot lately, and we hardly ever see each other, so I'm pretty excited to have some time with him. Though I'm not so happy that I will be working, especially after today..

Today was a not so great day. When I came in this morning I found out the little girl I work with is going on the field trip on Friday, which means I have to go too.. and the bus doesn't get back until 3pm. I have to miss Skyler's music class. And I'm not sure how well she's going to do at a corn maze all day. She was having an off day today, and when we went outside at lunch time she was very hyper and all she wanted to do was stim. She likes to spin around in circles and throw herself to the ground with all her weight. There's no way for me to stop her or catch her without injuring myself or putting my baby at risk. So my plan of action is to get her onto the grass and try my hardest to find something to distract her with and keep her calm.

Unfortunately the entire school is out at lunch time on the playground too, and a lot of other kids are very "interested" in her. They like to hover around us and crowd her, and make my life a lot harder because she throws herself onto them and injures them in the process. She doesn't listen to instructions either, nor does she communicate (she's non-verbal remember). And along with the lunch kids, come the lunch supervisors.. There was this one woman staring at me and my little charge, as I tried to redirect her. Finally she comes over and asks me if I work for the school. "No" I tell her that I work for the Y (as it clearly says on my shirt..) but I work in the school. She spends another few minutes staring and then decides to tell me how to do my job. She says "You need to play with her."

My supervisor is nearby and just as annoyed as I am and she says to the lady "She works with her everyday she knows what she's doing." and I'm pretty much too stunned to say anything. What does she expect me to do with a child who is literally throwing herself onto the ground, not listening, not responding to touch, voice, anything at all. I am simply trying to keep her safe and help her calm down. And this woman is telling me what to do, and she does not work with me, I do not work for her, or the organization she is with. She has nothing to do with me, and has her own charges she should be watching. Also she has never worked with the child I have assigned to me, nor does she have a clue about her special needs.

Instead of dropping it, she walks away, finds some other lunch supervisors to gawk with and proceeds to stand with these other women and talk about me. They blatently stare right at me and even point at us! How fricking rude can you get? She is turned facing away from all the children she is supposed to be watching, in order to criticize how I am doing my job which has nothing to do with her. I have spoken with my charge's parents who are satisfied with her level of care! Her therapists all believe she is doing a million times better with me than she has ever been before, and yet some random lunch lady has the adacity to think she knows better than I do. And to stand and point and gossip and tell me what to do. It was very unnerving to have several eyes on me, judging me while I was trying to deal with an already stressful situation.

After that I was happy to be on my way home. Until Skyler drank some water with his straw at lunch time and it went down the wrong way. Then he started choking, and soon I was catching puke in my hands, yet again. I'm not sure how many times I have caught puke in my hands now.. Probably close to 30 times. It almost doesn't faze me anymore. If it hadn't been for the fact that I'd already been having a bad day, it might not have bothered me so much. Add in that he puked up everything he had eaten all day, and the fact that he's still super small and it feels like a giant set back when he pukes up everything he eats. I just want him to gain weight! He's been 20 pounds for like 9 months it seems. So I had to make him another lunch (it seems he always waits until he'd done eating to puke!)

Tonight after he went to sleep I finally got a glimmer of news that might be good. Something is happening that may turn out in my favour. But it involves other people, and I'd rather not talk about it until I know for sure it's happening or not happening. It's all very up in the air right now. Here's hoping it turns out.. I won't know for a while.

Oh and one good thing happened the other day. C got an unexpected bonus in the form of a gift card, and he bought me a new camera since mine's been broken for a while. So if you've made it this far in my lovely novel here, to make up for all that ranting, here's some adorable pictures of my beautiful little guy:

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Developmental Milestones

Life is still chugging along at it's same pace. Skyler hasn't taken much more than 1 or 2 steps here and there since the day he took 5 steps. He lets go of things a lot more to stand and hold onto toys now, but still not walking confidently on his own yet. He'll get there. It's slow going, but I know he's ready, he just needs to realize it on his own.

He'll be two next month, it's hard to believe. I hate when I compare him to the other kids his age, or even younger than him. They all seem to be doing so much more. I know that he will develop at his own pace. I went and out of curiosity did one of those developmental checklists for 24 months. He's almost right on track. He's missing the walking alone piece, and a couple things in terms of communication. For instance, it asks if they can correctly pronounce m, n, p, and h and most vowel sounds. He can pronounce all but the letter p so far. And it asks if they're speaking in two word sentences. He's not really yet. He will say "I like that" on occasion, but I'm not sure if that's echolalia or if he's actually using it as expressive language.

Either way he is pretty on par with most of the developmental milestones. I was pleasantly surprised to find out. I've heard that sometimes meaningful speech doesn't develop in visually impaired kids until they are 3 or 4, at which point they suddenly begin speaking in full sentences. I'm hoping something like that happens, as right now his communication is still consisting mostly of him whining, yelling, screaming and flailing when he's upset or we misunderstand what he wants. We're working hard on getting him to say "help" and "done" when he's frustrated, or tired of a task. He will repeat them when we prompt him usually, but he's not saying them on his own yet. "Use your words" is something I find myself saying frequently throughout the day.

As for pipsqueak, the OB says everything sounds/looks good, and my fetal assessment is on Nov 3rd. Also I have a big baby tummy popping up now, haha. She told C and I to think about whether we want to know the sex or not, because they will likely be able to tell us at the fetal assessment. I definitely want to know if it's a boy or a girl. If it's a boy we have less stuff to buy. If it's a girl.. I may end up buying/making a few frilly things.. Either way I'd like to know if Skyler's getting a sister or brother. That way I can kind of prepare myself mentally, and if it's a girl I can start using her name. If it's a boy I can start a frantic search for the right name.. So far I have not come up with a single boy name that I like. Anyway it's 5am and I have no idea why I'm up so I'm going to try and go back to bed.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

At The Park

Let's pretend I posted this about ten minutes ago, before midnight on Wednesday. Skyler and I went to the park today, I don't think my little one can get much happier. He really is the light of my life.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Skyler's Glasses

Skyler got his new prescription! The frames are the same, but they seem to fit his face better this time around. AND he wore his glasses from about 1:30pm today (when we picked them up) all the way until bedtime tonight at 7pm. He only tried to take them off a few times, and I reminded him that he needs them to see and to keep them on. He wasn't too upset about it at all! Which is a really good sign, it means they're probably helping his vision. He was even looking around a whole lot when we put them on, and staring at things. I wonder what he can see with them.

His eyes are still crossing, the left one is especially turning in, but that's alright. Hopefully it will straighten itself out a bit more in the next few days as he adjusts to the glasses, and if not then it's time to patch. The cutest moment of the day has to have been when he took them off to lay down and have some milk. I put them back on him after (I cleaned them for him too, toddlers have dirty hands) and he simply reached up and touched them and said "glasses" and went back to playing. So adorable. Every once in a while he'd reach up like he was going to take them off, and then he'd stop and go back to what he was doing.

In unrelated news, I'm now at the 19 week mark. I see my OB this Thursday. I'm not sure if I'm crazy or if I'm only remembering the last part of my pregnancy with Skyler, but it seems this baby doesn't move around as much as he did. I'm not at the stage yet where I can feel it from the outside, but I have been feeling kicks for a long while now, but they just don't seem to be as frequent. Perhaps this baby has a calmer disposition than my little firecracker boy. Next week on Monday I go for my first ultrasound. Here's hoping they'll tell us the sex.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving (in Canada anyway) and we're celebrating with family tonight and tomorrow night. What I am thankful for right now is obviously my family, being able to support ourselves, having a good safe place to live, healthcare, all the rights and freedoms that I have just because I live in Canada. But at the moment I'm also super thankful that I'm friends with an optician!

I was thinking yesterday about how Skyler is going to be wearing glasses full time now. Because he's so young I think it's worthwhile to have a back-up pair handy since he's likely to pull his off or pop out a lens or something. I went to work researching where I could find him another pair of glasses. As I mentioned before the frames we have for him now were given to us for free from his amazing opthalmologist. But they will be outgrown at some point soon, and I discovered yesterday that to find toddler glasses in our city is next to impossible. There is a grand total of ONE place that sells baby and toddler frames in this city. And the prices are as you can imagine astronomical. $350 and up for a single pair of glasses..

So I continued looking around online, I found a forum for people whose babies and toddlers wear glasses. There was an article written on there about buying glasses online. The best site they recommended is (I'm not getting paid to tell you this btw) as you can get a pair of prescription glasses for as low as $8. That's including the lenses (single focus). Shipping is only $5 in the states, and $9 to Canada. This to me sounded too good to be true, so I did some looking around at reviews. They're almost entirely positive, and there are lots of them out there. For $8 glasses how can I go wrong? If they don't work then I'm only out $8 + shipping.

The only thing is to order you need a pupillary measurement and the prescription and the frame size. Fortunately our next door neighbour and friend is the optician who does Skyler's (and my) glasses. We invited her over for coffee and asked what she thought about us ordering him some glasses (since I was still feeling a bit wary, but excited about not paying $350). She said she'd get us his measurements either tomorrow when he's awake (she'll come and measure him for me again) or on Tuesday when she can check them at work on the computer. She helped me pick out the right size frames on the website and explained to me a bit about how the measurements work. She also said there's no harm in spending a few bucks and finding out if they're good or not. If the lenses aren't proper she'll pop them out for us and we can send them in to have new lenses put in for $38 through her work.

Overall it's totally worth checking out, if they don't work out we can easily have her put new lenses in as long as they're optical grade frames. We're fortunate to have a friend who can help us with this stuff, especially since our child is visually impaired. Anyway I think I'll order him two pairs of glasses since I'm paying the $9 in shipping. The sizes aren't quite as small as he needs, so he will likely grow into them. One of the pairs should fit him right away and the other one I picked may take him a few months or so. I'm excited because I know his prescription is going to change, his head size will change, but he will need glasses like me and if I can get them for a fraction of the cost that's what I'm going to do, at least for back-up pairs.

Anyway I just thought I'd share and happy thanksgiving to my Canadian friends. I hope that you too have a lot to be thankful for.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Friday Madness

So yesterday, as my big boy was showing off his skills of standing one place while holding something with two hands (ex. not holding onto the table) he came across an ill placed mug of liquid which he hoisted up and all over mommy's laptop. The power plug was pulled, the battery came out quite quickly as well as mommy and daddy rushed to save its life. Miss Laptop is still undergoing surgery. Her keyboard was removed, cleaned and painstakingly put back together. Luckily nothing else inside got wet. I'm quite fortunate to have a man who used to build laptops and desktops..

As for Skyler, he's taken a couple steps on his own here and there.. Mostly one at a time, and he has been letting go of things more frequently to stand for a bit on his own. Today we went to his first music class. It was a ton of fun. Even though last night after said laptop debacle he decided he wasn't feeling well and didn't go to sleep until after 3am. I was so sad about that because he's been on a perfect sleep schedule for months, sleeping at 7:30 or thereabouts each night and making it until morning without waking up. Going to work this morning with 3 hours sleep was brutal.

Anyway, back to the music class. Though Skyler was tired (he slept until 11am, so he had more sleep than me) he still seemed to enjoy it quite a bit. His first transition experience went less than stellar. There's 15 mins playtime before the music part starts, and he did not like having his play interrupted to go sit on a mat in a circle with the other kids. However as soon as we started singing and playing instruments my boppy little toddler started to smile and bounce to the beat. I think he loved that daddy and I were both there with him, playing, dancing and singing. He enjoyed tapping the rainsticks, and putting the bean bag on his head.

It was a bit interesting for me. We know he is behind developmentally in some areas, not by a lot though mind you, but it was a lot easier to see it in a group of his peers. The class was 18months to 36 months. All of the kids were able to walk on their own already except for him, and I started to realize the difference between him and his sighted peers a bit more too. His vision hasn't had much effect on his play at all before, because it's always been one on one for him with us. This time, in a big group I realized how the other kids are able to make eye contact with the teacher, watch the puppet she's holding and look at the story books while she reads. With Skyler he doesn't really seem to engage visually with the teacher like the other kids do. I'm not sure if she was outside of his visual range, or perhaps wasn't interesting enough for him to look at. He did however take a lot away from the class, and the teacher made sure to bring the book around for each child to touch (it had raised froggies in it).

The songs were catchy, and she did an entrance and exit song using each child's name and an action. He loved that, and the song was stuck in my head most of the night. The other parents seemed nice enough too. I had worried that since his class is in a wealthier neighbourhood that the parents might be a bit standoffish. After class we went home and ate and then took Skyler to the park by my mom's place. Skyler had a great time even though he was ready to pass out, daddy is usually at work when I take Sky to the park, so he had lots of fun playing with him today. Yesterday for the first time he went on the teeter totter all on his own, (and off and on and off and on ad infinitum) and today the park we went to had swings so he got to go on there for the first time in about 6 months. Last time we went on the swings he was terrified, this time he loved it.

When we got home, he promptly passed out at about 6:50. And so far so good. I hope you are all having a nice Friday as well.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

He Did It!!!

It took him 22 months and 17 days, but HE DID IT! Skyler took his first five steps unassisted today!! At our baby group. He was screaming (because I wouldn't let him push someone else's stroller) while the others were talking during group so I took him into the foyer of the church where they hold the baby group.. And he was pushing a toy, he let go of the toy and was walking holding onto me. Then I let go of him, and he was stunned for a minute. He took two steps forwards, then two steps back, almost lost his footing, but righted himself (Looked panicked too of course) and then took one more half step and lowered himself down.

Mommy then proceeded to cry, and call daddy at work and grama and text everyone and put it up on facebook. And cry some more.

Monday, October 4, 2010

October is Full of Appointments

We went Friday afternoon and filled Skyler's prescription for his glasses. We got lucky and he still fits his old frames! And our friend is an optician so she filled the order for us and she got authorization to cut us a deal. We only ended up spending $38 on his new lenses!! I paid it in full, and hopefully the new glasses will arrive sometime this week or next week. This time, they should help him see more! How exciting is that? He seems to be seeing quite a bit let me tell you.

In the last few days it seems like his development has exploded. He's yammering away, talking, repeating, pointing, turning knobs on his new toy kitchen, climbing up steps, trying to climb onto the couch, walking holding only one hand, walking holding onto a big people broom and nothing else, the list goes on and on. I'm so proud of him. And he gives himself "time-outs". Time-outs around here are not a punishment. When he's having a fussy-cranky-upset-about-everything-and-nothing-time, we head to his room, I give him a bottle of water and he lies down on his bed and takes time for himself, I leave the door open and when he's done he wanders back out, feeling refreshed and much less cranky. Now he knows when he needs to go for a "time out" and he'll wander off to his room, find his bottle of water and lay down. He also puts himself to bed now!

Today we had endocrinology, so we headed back to the children's hospital for the second time in the last few days, and over to the community services building where they have the endocrine clinic. Skyler was measured and weighed, and the doctor came in and said he is doing fantastic for growth, she was extremely impressed with where he is on the growth chart. She showed us how fabulous his curve is on the chart. And then we talked about doing his blood tests at the next appointment (in 6 months) and she asked how we'd feel about taking him for a bone age scan. She explained that they would x-ray his hand and see if his growth plates are at the right stage for his age. Even if they are behind that's alright, as long as they mature at a steady rate. This way we can take another scan in a year or so and see if he's growing properly. It will aid us in deciding if he needs growth hormone later.

We agreed and took him down to the X-Ray lab for his first ever X-Ray. Daddy held him on his lap while I waited in the waiting room (Didn't want to put baby at risk). They had to squish his hand under some plexiglass cause he didn't want to keep it open, but he did really well. I didn't hear any crying and it was done in less than two minutes. All in all it's been a good couple of doctor appointments, and those are the big ones for him. His vision is progressing wonderfully, as is his growth.

We went shopping today for groceries and Skyler picked out his cake mixes for his birthday cake/cupcakes/whatever I decide to make. I offered him a choice between chocolate or rainbow bits.. He chose both. I also spent some time with family yesterday after church and heard a rumour, that if it's true would be very beneficial for all parties involved so I am hoping it will end up being true.

We went to church for the first time in a few months yesterday. C has been working mornings on Sundays so we hadn't been able to go, but it was so lovely to be back! Everyone missed us and we had missed them too. Skyler had lots of fun in the nursery, I was worried about leaving him since it's been a few months since we'd left him there, but he didn't even notice us leaving, even though I kissed him on the head and said we'd be back in an hour. He played happily with the other toddlers until we got back. It was nice.

After church and after visiting my family we went home and had a new friend over. I met her through the baby & me group I go to. She has a 10 month old baby girl with a G-tube, who was born preemie as well. She was due in Jan and born in Nov just like Skyler. In fact their birthdays are only 2 days apart. We had a lovely night, hanging out together with our new friends. Skyler was so enthralled with the cute baby girl. He was gentle and attentive, he wanted to touch her cheek, and he danced for her. She smiled and cooed and flirted back. It was really cute to watch. I loved how fascinated he was with her, and how he was so happy to meet her.

I can't wait for Friday when we have our first music class! So far this month is starting off quite well. I hope it continues that way. and I hope your October is going as well as ours is so far.

Friday, October 1, 2010


We had opthalmology today. At 9:15. There were two no-shows and a cancellation so we got in almost as soon as we got in the door, which is amazing in that office. I love his opthalmologist so much! The British accent doesn't hurt things either. He took a look at Sky and agreed that he seems to be switching and using both eyes now instead of just one! (Fantastic!) He told us that since we can recognize when he is using one eye over the other, that we can watch him and if he starts favouring one eye, patch that eye for a while, until he starts using both again. And to just keep watching and patch whichever eye when necessary.

He also did the drops and examined his eyes (which he hates, but he wasn't too bad about it.) and wrote him out a new prescription. So we're back to wearing glasses again, let's hope he keeps them on! I just need to get his prescription filled.. I'm hoping the frames still fit him or else we're looking at a huge bill for this one. Kids/toddler frames = extremely expensive. And we talked a bit about surgery to straighten out his eyes. The Dr. said that usually with strabismus he would do the surgery quite early, but since he has ONH he doesn't want to operate until he's older, because there's a risk of over correcting. He says that there's a good chance we can correct it with the patching and glasses while he's young. Though he thinks that he likely will end up "slipping" and crossing his eyes after a while even if we correct it now. So we may be looking at surgery later on when he's older.

And he was saying that he will probably never have the same kind of vision we do (how the two eyes take the pictures and put them together into one. Or depth perception basically) but he will likely keep using one eye at a time. That's okay of course. That's just him. Also I inquired about him seeing colours because in my human eye course I've learned that optic nerve problems can cause colour deficiency. He told me that if you and I suddenly had a problem with our optic nerves, colour might go, but because Skyler was born with smaller optic nerves he doesn't think it's an issue for him. But because we can't test yet we won't know. He said though that it's not a big deal even if he does have some problems with colours, he will still see things, just a bit different than us. Which I mean I already tell people that. :)

Anyway it was a lovely appointment and he's testing somewhere within the ranges of 20/125 to 20/220 because he's having trouble getting him to co-operate for the testing. Anyway the idea of him seeing somewhere between those ranges is kind of exciting for me.. I've always just gone with his last diagnosis of 20/200. I think the 20/125 is more accurate because when he's at home he points out things further away than the cards at the doctors office which he finds utterly boring.

I just had to share!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Climbing to New Heights

He seems to be learning so quickly. We hadn't done too much "schooling" over the summer, but I picked him up a new pack of Ses.ame alphabet flashcards the other day, and he's already picking out letters and saying their names. (His favourites are A and D). Yesterday we worked on using a spoon. Haha it was hilarious, and awesome. He doesn't quite do the wrist rotations yet, so when I gave him a cup of yogurt and a spoon he went at it, and managed to get some in his mouth, and quite a bit all over him. He then decided maybe it would be easier to use his hands, so he dunked those in there, but realized that he wasn't getting much yogurt that way, so he then must have thought to himself "hey it's in a cup.. I must be able to drink it." which resulted in lots of yogurt all over my little man, but he did keep alternating methods until he had finished the entire thing. And I think at least half of it went in him.

I've started putting him to bed at 7:30 on the dot each night. It's made an amazing difference in how well he sleeps at night. There seem to be few wake ups. Minus the other morning when he decided to get up at 4am and stay up for the day.. Other than that he's been sleeping straight through the night, which is fantastic as it allows me to do the same.

Today the weather was gorgeous so after work we ate some lunch and then I took him outside to the park next to our building. It was a wonderful afternoon. He was in a great mood, I took literally 200 pictures. He walked around the park holding my hands, we played in the leaves. I'd pick them up and then let them fall, sometimes the wind would take them, and he would giggle like crazy watching them float to the ground. Then he would pick up his own leaf and let it drop too. He crawled around the park, and he climbed over a bunch of wooden post things. His gross motor skills are improving so much. He even went up and down the wooden steps twice. We also walked down a pretty steep slope together through a massive pile of leaves (which he loved because the leaves make a funny sound) and headed down toward the river.

There's a river behind our place, that is really more like a stream, it's not very wide or deep at all, but there are beavers, and geese. I don't think Skyler had ever seen a goose before, because they've never gotten close enough, but there were three in the water today and when they saw us, they came so close! Only a few feet away, I'm not a hundred percent sure, but I think Skyler saw his first goose today! It was amazing to be able to share that experience with him. He pointed toward them so I think he saw something, even if it was only the shape of it. They were honking too, so I know he heard them.

Then we headed back up the slope to the park and he shocked me again, but not only approaching the usually loathed play structure, but by climbing up to the top all by himself!! Then he played with the tic tac toe wheels for a while, and I freaked about because a wasp landed on him (and I carefully shooed it away whilst pretending for his sake that all was well, even though my heart was racing.) luckily he didn't get stung so it was all good. Then he climbed down, and back up again, and then almost fell, I'm not sure if it's his lack of depth perception or if he just didn't look, but he went to step where there was nothing to step on. I was right there of course and I made sure he didn't fall, but he was startled a bit. After that we went and wandered around the park some more until we were ready for dinner.

We came inside and had popcorn shrimp and french fries. So delicious. Then we played until 7:30 and off to bed he went. Now I'm about to pass out so I'd best head off to bed.

PS. I tried to add pictures to this post, but blogger is being a jerk and won't let me. Which sucks cause the pictures are super cute. :P

Saturday, September 25, 2010


We just finished a photo-shoot for Skyler. The CNIB contacted us a while back asking if we'd be willing to let Skyler be in a photo essay about living with vision loss. So the photographer is someone who goes to a local college and is doing her photo essay to promote a more positive image for living with vision loss. How could I possibly say no? He was awesome the whole time, showed her just how happy he is. She said he was the easiest person to photograph ever. So that was cool. She took some shots of us together. I'm glad I snuck in that quick shower before she got here! She was really grateful to us for letting her include him in the essay. There's going to be an exhibit in Feb (I'm hoping I'll be able to make it since it's pretty close to my due date.) She said she'd call back with the dates closer to when it'll be showing, and that she'll give us a photo from it too as a thank-you.

Yesterday we celebrated Mabon (the autumnal equinox). Chuck made us a lovely roast, the best whipped potatoes ever, veggies and home made bread. I made us a homemade strawberry pie with a homemade shortbread crust (coated in chocolate) for dessert with whipped cream. It was all soo delicious! Celebrating the harvest is awesome. Then this morning I woke up early (unfortunately Chuck has to work today and tomorrow) and I made us pancakes from scratch, with fresh bananas and strawberries, covered in real whipped cream and chocolate sauce. Mmmm. Homemade stuff is the best.

Now Skyler and I are just relaxing, eating some cheese bun for lunch and listening to music. Who could ask for more?

Sunday, September 19, 2010

A Smile for the Day

I found this on, most of the stories on there are about customers being silly/dumb, but this one touched my heart :)

No Pranks, Just Thanks

Library | Eugene, OR, USA

(I am shelving DVDs in a library when a man comes in with a boy who appears to be autistic. The boy sees a movie about Thanksgiving)

Boy: “Thanksgiving! I love Thanksgiving! I’m thankful… I’m thankful for… I’m thankful for my friends at school!”

Caretaker: “You’re thankful for your friends at school?”

Boy: “Yeah! Yeah and… and… what are you thankful for? Are you thankful for your friends?”

Caretaker: *no response*

Boy: “Are you thankful for me?”

Caretaker: “I’m thankful for you, kid. I’m more thankful for you than all my friends in the world.”

Boy: *smiles*

Saturday, September 18, 2010


I'm anxiously awaiting the letter in the mail letting me know when we're doing this fetal assessment thing so I can find out if I'm on bedrest for the next 5 months or not. I know it has to be before Oct 14th because that's when my next OB appt is, and she will tell me then what we're going to do. I'm a little nervous about being on bedrest (possibly) with a toddler.. This should be interesting. I'm sure we'll get through it if that is the case. Any suggestions for books to read?? I love books, and if I'm stuck in bed for months I'm going to do need something to do.

I'm also worried about missing Halloween.. If I'm on bedrest I wonder if I can sit in the car while C takes Skyler out for Halloween.. We're mostly driving to and from people's houses that we know (friends and family). Otherwise that's going to suck.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

A work in progress. Skyler is helping by taking a nap on the pieces I just cut.

The (almost) finished project

All it needs is a zipper. And it looks so much cuter on him than on the floor! Haha I took a couple pics of him trying on the hoodie, but he was tired so they're mostly shots of him lying on the floor trying to nap in it. I put him to bed, I'll have to get pictures of him wearing it tomorrow. For something I made entirely myself including the pattern (but not the actual fabric as my lovely husband points out) it's not too shabby.