Monday, August 16, 2010

Lots to Say

I've been a bad blogger lately. There's so much going on it's hard to decide what to tell you about. I'll start with our appointment at the hospital for prenatal genetics last week. My appointment was for 2:30. We got into the hospital with 7 minutes to spare, but then had to find our way through the tunnels to the right building. Then when we got to the right building the people behind the bullet-proof glass (who you had to use a phone to talk to) couldn't seem to figure out where I was supposed to be. After 5-10 mins of searching through some binder they finally told me to go to the basement.. Weird I know. I get down there and we must have been like 5 minutes late. So I tell them I'm here they tell me to go sit down.

Half an hour goes by and women are coming in and leaving fairly quickly after seeing their docs. There's a sign on the window of the reception that says "If you've been waiting longer than half an hour please inform the staff" Okay so I walk over and ask when I'll be seeing the doctor. The woman picks up a phone says she's calling him and then I'm standing there waiting. A couple walks in and basically shoves me aside to get to the window, I'm still standing there waiting. The woman hangs up the phone and tells me to "Go sit down." Which honestly was extremely rude. She didn't answer my question, I don't think she even talked to anyone on the phone, and just told me to sit down. I went and sat, annoyed.

An hour goes by and I walk over to the other woman in the reception desk hoping for a better answer. This time I get an "I don't know" giggle shrug. I walk off to the bathroom and when I come back Skyler is starting to get annoyed, C is getting antsy so I start pacing the room with Skyler loudly saying "I know baby I'm sorry, I'm just as frustrated as you are. I didn't think we'd be here for an hour and a half." All the while I can't understand why new people keep coming in and getting seen and leaving so quickly while we're standing here waiting. Finally some woman comes and says the doctor is with a patient.. I tell her it's been almost 2 hours. She says she doesn't know how long it will be because she can't just interrupt him while he's with someone. Fine, whatever. So we wait.

She comes back another 15 mins later and says it will be 10 more minutes. I'm frustrated, Skyler and C are frustrated. Finally the guy shows up and he says "I'm sorry about the wait I told them to call me when you got here. I had to go upstairs." I was ready to deck someone. We quickly run through the family history thing, how my pregnancy with Skyler went. He confirms for us (as we already knew) that septo-optic dysplasia is not hereditary, there is no reason to suspect that this baby will have it. He said that in some rare cases there is a gene that siblings might have in common, but it's not very likely. He set up an ultra sound for 22 weeks so they can check and see if anything looks abnormal, but thats it. He also stated that what Skyler has is an anomoly. That word for some reason comforts me. It's something that they can't decipher why it happens, it's not genetics, it's not something we did wrong. It just happens randomly and usually only once in a family.


Moving on, I haven't talked a lot about this pregnancy. Okay maybe hardly at all. Truth is I'm both excited beyond words and a bit nervous. We managed to have a baby already I know. I still worry though, I'm 11 weeks now. The morning sickness seems to have subsided mostly. I'm scheduled for so many appointments you wouldn't believe it. I have an ultrasound in October. They sent me a letter. No phone call, no Dr telling me why, I'm guessing she will explain at my appointment in September that it's because I'm high risk or whatever.

I still want to hear the heartbeat. I've gone to the clinic twice now and they keep telling me I'm just not far enough along. So I'm waiting. My next appointment with my nurse practicioner is this coming Monday, I'll be 12 weeks and hopefully we will be able to hear the heartbeat. I love my nurse practicioner, I'm very happy to have one. Too bad I will be seen by the high risk OB for most of this pregnancy.

The baby is due March 8th. We keep telling Skyler that mommy has a baby in her tummy. He doesn't seem to have clued in yet, but I'm not really showing (I have a tummy, but it's all fat) and he hasn't been around many other babies yet. He is saying a lot more new words. But he's not walking yet. He got new shoes and has worn them twice now. He seems to like them which is awesome because before he hated shoes. He's almost let go to stand a few times in his new shoes. I've got my fingers crossed. The weather has recently turned from scorching hot to chilly, windy and autumn-like. I'm thinking I might dress him up in something warm and take him for a walk soon.

I have more to say, but this is already a novel, so thanks for reading if you made it this far. ;)


LuckyOnce said...

It stinks that you had to wait so long for your appointment. I had a day like that and it turned out that the person who was supposed to have "checked me in" never did. SO annoying.

I'm glad that it seems like they'll be following you closely during this pregnancy, mostly for your own peace of mind. Hopefully they'll start telling you why you're having certain tests though! It must be frustrating to not know why they're scheduling certain things when you're a person who likes to have as much information as possible.

Karen said...

Wow that's a long wait! I hope he talks to his staff about it. If I were a doctor I'd ream out any staff who treated patients so disrespectfully.

But I'm happy your pregnancy is going well. I was only high risk on my last pregnancy but I liked the doctor quite well so I didn't mind.

jennohara said...

Err it burns me up when it takes SO long to get into an appointment. I'm glad your pregnancy is going so well though!
Gracie didn't really clue into me being pregnant with Hanna until about 6 months along. Soon he'll start pointing to your belly saying "baby"

Stacie said...

SO irritating. I had the same thing happen to me at my primary care physician's office. I had a scheduled appointment, but it took her almost 2 hours before she saw me. People were going in and coming about -- even though nobody was there when I arrived. I had Laney with me then too. I told the office staff that I was going to leave because I couldn't make my 2-yr old wait any longer.

I can't wait to see your baby bump once you have one!