Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Musically Inclined

Okay so I realize this probably makes me insane, but I'm looking into signing Skyler up for another music class.. Kindermusik. It's on Monday nights at 6pm. Lately he's been staying up until like 9pm anyway so this will hopefully tire him out enough to go to sleep before 9. It's a 15 min walk from my place. It's 15 weeks whereas the other one is only 10. You get a couple books and an activity book and a lunch bag and an instrument to keep. And you can pay in a series of post dated cheques. Skyler and I went to our Baby & Me class today and he watched the other babies interact, and he was reticent to join them. He wasn't crying or anything, but he was just sitting back and watching. At one point a little one came up and gave him a big hug. At first he was just like WTH, then he started to freak out a little like mommy why is this baby touching me?

I really want him to interact more with other babies, especially since he's (hopefully) going to be a big brother soon. Most of all though I want him to have fun, to interact with others (including adults) and try something different. You have no idea how stir crazy we get sitting in the same apartment doing the exact same things every day, so I'm hoping since music is something he loves and something I love and something that visually impaired kids can participate in easily that this will be a good choice for him.

Plus he gets a disability cheque each month, and that money is for him and to help support him in his development and all that stuff so I don't have a problem spending it on something like this. I know two days a week might be a lot, but they're spread apart enough I think. And both classes are parent involved classes so it's not like I'll be leaving him with strangers. Anyway, let me know if you think I'm nuts. (Not that it will change my mind or anything. ;)


jennohara said...

Sounds great! I'm sure Skyler will be interacting with little ones more when he gets more used to them. I'd be annoyed if I was him, too :)

Ya Chun said...

You're not crazy! I was thinking of signing Beanie up for Kindermusik too! And she's only 5 months. Let us know how you like their program. I think it will be perfect for Sky!