Tuesday, August 10, 2010


So C's done his holidays, back to work today. I'm having mixed feelings about it. I'm mostly sad that we'll have less time together, though at times he did get on my nerves (he likes things super tidy and uses his time off to clean and clean, and complain that I'm not wanting to clean) but that's just life as a couple. Honestly I'm more likely to clean while he's at work, I see his time off as time to spend together, I mean obviously some cleaning has to be done, but he went out and bought yet another carpet cleaning accessory and cleaned our carpets. Not that I'm complaining. Ah I just can't win here can I?

Skyler has new words, including the word "car" which he loves. Whenever we get into the car he sits there saying "car" over and over with a big smile on his face. He's so proud of himself. Speaking of which I forgot to tell you what happened to our car on the Friday before we went camping. We were set to leave on Saturday morning to go to Gimli (a town about 2 hours away) and then Sunday leave to go camping. So Friday morning we were driving to C's parents (they live just outside of town) and this person in front of us was driving a pick-up truck with a trailer attached on the back. The trailer had those metal poles that you see on scaffalding to clean windows of sky scrapers. Anyway, they hadn't checked that it was properly secured and of course a huge metal pole comes flying off this trailer and into our wheel well. Busted our tire completely.

C had to honk at them and follow them until they stopped (we pulled over to the shoulder) as these people had no clue. The guy who was driving was a grade A moron. He told us it wasn't his fault that the pole came off his trailer. As far as I can tell yeah it was his fault. If he had properly secured his load beforehand it wouldn't have happened. There was also another guy who ran over the metal pole before they went and picked it up out of traffic and he busted his tire too. The other guy was from out of province though and didn't know what to do. (My province's car insurance covers you anywhere in Canada, most other provinces don't.) So we called the police and tried to get them to respond to the scene (which if there's over a thousand dollars worth of damages they're supposed to) they told us to call Autopac (our insurance company) as no one was hurt so they didn't want to respond.

So Autopac says to empty out everything in the car, leave the doors unlocked and the keys inside and the tow truck will come pick up the car. Fortunately we were almost at C's parents (about halfway there) so his mom came and picked us up. Talk about stressful. Our claim adjuster said we could make a claim against the person whose fault it was to try to get a rental car. When we got a hold of the adjuster he said we had to wait until that person filed a claim which he was unlikely to do because he didn't believe he was at fault. Autopac has to send them a letter telling them to make a claim and then it's up to him if he is going to take responsibility for the damages to our car! I don't get it!! Which means we have to pay $200 (our deductible) to get our car back.

Fortunately C's youngest sister has a car but doesn't drive yet, so we fixed it up and we're borrowing that for now. I'm really ticked off about the whole thing though because I don't understand how this other person has the option of not taking responsibility for not properly securing his load. Now because of HIS actions we have to pay to have our car fixed, we can't get it back until we pay the $200, which is money we don't exactly have since I'm off work right now. Sigh.

Wow I hadn't realized how annoyed I would get just typing all that out. Here's hoping this person decides to take responsibility for his lack of care (which I doubt he will) or else we have to take him to small claims court and try to get the money for our deductible out of him.

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Stacie said...

I certainly hope the responsible party does the right thing. What a crappy situation. I hope that things work out for you and C.