Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Arm Explosion Sounds Cool

It's been a while since I wrote my last post. Everything has just been so hectic. Between work, school and all the appointments I haven't had a moment to myself. I'm almost done my last project for my course, and then all that's left is the exam. Exciting!

Yesterday was Skyler's appointment with endocrinology. It went very well. I think his endocrinologist was surprised by just how much I know and how I was able to discuss everything using all the medical terminology and keep up with him without him having to dumb anything down. He said the things we already knew basically, no testosterone during the last test, he's still growing on his own without growth hormone, chances are though that once he's a bit older he will need the growth hormone replacement. His hydrocortisone and thyroxine levels are fine, so we'll keep those medications at the same dosages. Still can't find his scan (MRI) from the hospital he was born at, he'll be sending a paper looking for that.

While we were in the waiting room C and I were looking at the brochures for MedicAlert. It reminded us that we need to get Skyler a bracelet, and when I looked at the list of "reasons to get a medicalert bracelet" I realized I needed one as well. If I were in an accident and became unconscious or something and a doctor ordered an MRI my arm would burn up from the inside and probably explode. I have two metal braces in my arm on either side of my humerus and interlocking screws all the way through it. So I ordered Skyler and myself each a medical bracelet. I didn't go through MedicAlert because it's $40 a year for one bracelet. I used Universal Medical ID because it was only $45 for mine and his combined and you don't have to pay for it every year, just once. I made sure they both matched too so Skyler's and mommy's are alike.

On Friday his CNIB OT came over. It was a lovely visit as usual. I adore her so much, she just has such a positive attitude and a vibrant personality it rubs off on you whenever she's near. I showed her how Skyler is tracking his black and white cards, she was very impressed and took lots of notes. I asked her if she knew of any good books for teaching blind children and she said that the CNIB published a book (that she wrote a chapter in) and that it's actually more for the people who work with the kids than the parents. But she said that with my background and schooling that I'd definitely get a lot out of it. She said it's a $50 book but she's going to see if she can track down a copy for me. I'm extremely excited.

My family is well my family. My dad called my mom and told her to leave me out of it. He called me and apologized for everything and asked how me and C and Sky-guy were doing. He said "I don't want you worrying about this stuff with me and your mom. You have your own family to take care of, and that's what's important. You have enough to deal with, without all of this added nonsense." So obviously I'm still involved somewhat, and still hearing about it, but he gets it and that's what matters. He doesn't bring it up with me, and just wants to know how his little "Sky-Guy" is doing when he calls. So I'm hanging in there, not doing too bad.

I'm just excited right now, the sun is finally shining and I've discovered a new craft thing that I'm obsessed with. (It's always something with me..) Scrapbooking! Yeah I know everyone is doing it. I was reluctant at first, thinking what's so exciting about gluing pictures onto coloured paper.. But my love of smiley Skyler pics and sparkly stickers won out and now I'm one of those people. Oh and I can't wait for Sunday! Why? Because "today is the day the day the teddy bears have their picnic!" I'm not sure if the Teddy Bear's Picnic is just a manitoba thing or not. Anyway it's tons of fun and I used to go every year as a kid. Everyone brings their teddy bear and they have a "B*A*S*H* tent" where doctors and nurses fix your teddy bears booboos and perform minor surgeries or put on bandaids etc. There's live music for the kiddies and face painting and snacks and crafts and games. Come to think of it, it probably is a Manitoba thing since all the proceeds go directly to the Children's Hospital.

Wow I have rambled on longer than I thought, I've got to be getting ready for work right away. I'm hoping to bring out a picture of N, and bring some stickers and paper and let her try out this scrapbooking thing for herself.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

One More Thing

You know how I was overwhelmed yesterday? Well N slept the afternoon, I left Skyler with C, and I was in the middle of getting my school work done when my mom called me. She says she just got a letter in the mail from the land titles office and my dad is staking a claim on the house. (Which is entirely in my mom's name. They were never technically married, they were common law. She put the down payment on the house before the two of them were together.) So now he is trying to fight her for the house. She called me, frantic, not knowing what to do. Telling me that her and my brother are going to be homeless etc. I told her to call a lawyer. She wants me to tell my dad to come and get the rest of his stuff. I have to be the one in between, because my mom doesn't want to talk to my dad and viceversa and my brother hates my dad and obviously they're not on speaking terms since the whole incident where my brother tried to kill my dad because he said he was moving out.

Oooh C just put on 21 Jumpstreet.. What was I saying?? Right, family blows. So I get off the phone with her and try to go back to my school work but now I can't concentrate on anything at all. So today I still have homework to do before my class tonight because I couldn't get back into the right mindset to finish it yesterday. Haha so much for being overwhelmed. I'm not even worried about our bills now. I'm more worried about my entire family being at war with each other. As much as I'd love to distance myself (remove myself in fact) from the whole situation I can't. Unfortunately I want my parents to be a part of my son's life, and that means talking to them. And talking to them means hearing about it. And hearing about it means being involved in it. *sigh*

So after work yesterday I took a nice long nap. I was exhausted and drained. And then at night Skyler decided he couldn't sleep so, I literally got about 5 minutes of sleep last night. It's a good thing I took that nap. I had wanted to go to the gym this morning, but I'm too tired to do much of anything now. I'd like to go back to sleep but I have to go to work in a couple of hours and I still have homework to do, and then I have class. I had intended to write a post about Skyler, but I think it will have to wait until I get some time.. I hope you all are faring better than I am at the moment.

As I keep telling myself: This too shall pass.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Lately things have been overwhelming me. Which is odd because normally C is the one who gets overwhelmed with things while I take it in stride. I think I'm just panicking because I'm almost done my course, but I still have so much work to do before my last class tomorrow night, and I'm panicking because of the bills. C keeps adding more expenses. He's a sucker I swear. One of his friends somehow convinced him to sign up for a life insurance policy for the three of us which costs $64 a month. The only thing is we both had our own already.. Mine only costs $15 a month. The one he signed us up for costs double that each. And I didn't agree to it. He just signed the bloody papers without me, and then pressured me into signing them, while they were there so I didn't have time to read it over or fight with him about it. I wanted to wring his neck.

And the weather here. I tell you it feels like it's prophesizing doom. It is still not anywhere near anything resembling the beginning of summer! It's barely even spring. I keep thinking it's fortelling the end of the world. I think it's a big part of what's overwhelming me. I can't deal with this gray, rainy, snowy weather anymore. It's ridiculous. I should be outside wearing shorts and a t-shirt enjoying picnics and long walks, not bundling up in a cozy sweater crocheting a thick wool blanket in front of the tv. Baking things just to warm up the apartment. I'm losing my mind in here. Last night we had frost, just to ensure that anything anyone had the nerve to plant is now dead. No May flowers for you losers in Manitoba, enjoy the eternal winter.

I swear I feel better today than I did yesterday. That's saying a lot. Heh. Anyway, Skyler is doing well and that's all that matters. Yesterday I made him a little book with our home visitor. I love it very much, it was a great idea, and the girl who comes to visit us brought the textured fabrics so we could do a texture book for him because of his lack of vision. So I cut all the shapes out of the different textures, and since I don't know braille yet I just wrote each shape out in ball point pen on the back of the card pushing it into the carpet so it would be upraised on the front. This way he can feel the words, even if he can't read it, at least it will get his fingers used to feeling bumpy paper. It's a very cute book, and I'll take pictures of it later.

But for now, I am off to work. Crossing my fingers that N takes a nice long nap today so I can finish my homework..

Sunday, May 17, 2009


Yeah, just call me Destructinator. I think if I could have read my horrorscope for the long weekend (an accurate one) it would have said something like "Stay the hell away from anything that could possibly be broken, especially expensive things like your bestfriend's laptop." I'm not sure I can count the amount of crap I've managed to accidentally destroy this weekend, but on top of soaking a laptop in absinthe (at least I wasn't drinking it, like that's any consolation) I've managed to snap my crochet hook in two and give myself the most nasty black/blue bruise on my leg ever. I'm not even sure how I did that last one.

And C's sister in the hospital. I'm pissed about it. She invited us to meet her for lunch last week, and played with Skyler and then after she hands him back to us, she says "I'm going to the doctor now, because I've had a fever for 3 days." Uh.. We had told his family the rules, if you're sick, stay away from our baby, he's small and premature and susceptible to stuff. So she went to the doctor and apparently has mono, and they want us to get Skyler tested for it. And today C had to take her to the hospital because her throat is all closed up and she can't eat or drink anything. Lovely. I'm very sorry she's sick, really I am, I'm worried about her too. BUT hello could you not have respected our wishes and maybe told us you were sick before you started playing with our baby?? His family makes me want to rip out all my hair and eat it. UGH. If my baby is sick... I'm going to be one angry mama bear.

So yes in short, I'm clumsy, accident prone, bad luck follows me everywhere, and the weather this weekend blows. Snowed yesterday, +20 today.

ETA: C brought the laptop back from the dead yay!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

It's Snowing

It's May 16th and it is snowing. That is all.

Friday, May 15, 2009


Skyler's been feeling better the last few days, finally not fussing as much, sleeping almost through the night, he usually wakes up once around midnight or so, has a drink and goes back to sleep.

And now for the exciting part, he's eating solids! YAY! Turns out he just didn't like the taste of the baby rice cereal and that's part of the reason why he's been spitting it out. Last night I went out for a bit and the baby got hungry so C decided to try some butternut squash baby food, Skyler ate it quite happily. This morning I mixed together some rice cereal and some peaches and he ate quite a bit more than I expected he would, I was so proud. Then afterwards I topped him up with some breastmilk.

New things in my life? I don't know, I can't seem to think hehe. Yesterday N was putting me down for a nap, and her new thing is she has to read a bedtime story. So her bedtime story for me was "Once upon a time there was a beeeeautiful princess named Britt-Britt who lived with her mommy and daddy. The end. Now go to sleep!" and she tilted my head to the side. Haha so cute. And she's gotten better with Skyler, she's no longer trying to "share" his toys by taking them away. Now she grabs his toys out of the bag and brings them to Skyler and puts them in his hands. "Baby Skyler's toys! He's playing with it Britt-Britt, look" I can't get over how amazing her language abilities are.

Today C and I were discussing one of Skyler's drugs that was supposed to be couriered to us (twice) but wasn't. We called the pharmacy and told them we'd just go get it since they can't seem to send it over here properly. It's an injectible one, and on the 25th we have the appt with his endocrinologists to get his testosterone, which is another injectible. Then we remembered that he'll have to have injections every day of his life once he starts growth hormone replacement. He'll have growth hormone 6 days of the week and testosterone on the 7th. He'll also need his thyroxine and prednisone every day(twice a day for the pred).

Seems that in getting caught up in everyday life and having his drugs as part of our routine we had forgotten about him being different. I find that I often do. It isn't until I say something outloud to someone else that I remember that he is not like every other little baby and we are not like every other parent. We do have a lot of extra stuff to remember, and in getting caught up in living I forget that we're not the same as other parents. Sometimes watching other mommies and babies interacts reminds me that we're different. Sometimes seeing a baby look lovingly at their mommy reminds me. But I look down at him, his eyes wandering and his huge smile in response to whatever I'm saying and I feel like I am the lucky one.

Thursday, May 14, 2009


I was reading one of Stacie's posts over at Never Clever and decided maybe it's time to try to get Skyler on something resembling a schedule. Especially since his has been so messed up the last few days and it's making me crazy. I'm going to try (crosses fingers) feeding him first thing in the morning and then leaving him home with his daddy, feeding him on my lunch break, and then feeding him after work, and throughout the night. The plan should go alright so long as he is eating solids. Which he should be by now, but is still trying to get the hang of.

C wants him to sleep in his crib now instead of with us. Which will make things a bit harder on me. But if Sky can sleep through the night (fingers crossed again) then maybe it won't be so bad. I'm going to take this whole schedule thing slow and not rush into things. For the first while I'll probably only leave him with daddy in the afternoons or something. And we're working on the eating cereal thing. He's still sort of pushing most of it out with his tongue, but he's getting better, and I'm hoping if we keep trying he'll figure it out.

Anyway that's all I have time to write right now. Hope you all are well.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I Meditated The Baby

Do you ever have those moments where you forget something important (and possibly shitty) for just a second, and then you feel like an ass? Today I had one of those moments. I was sitting there with N watching (an old school) mi.ckey mou.se movie. And the thought occured to me I can't wait for Skyler to watch Pirates of The Carribbean and decide he wants to be a pirate, and I thought about him imitating things he sees, and then "oh yeah my kid is f*cking blind" popped into my head. Riiiight forgot about that. /sigh. It's absolutely not his fault and I'm not angry about it, I'm more frustrated with myself for forgetting and thinking about him doing normal things like every other kid. Yes sometimes I have those moments. I think every special needs parent does occasionally. And of course he will still watch these movies with me even if he can't exactly see much more than a bright colourful blur, that's fine, I'm sure he'll imitate it by repeating what they say or something.

In happier news, Skyler's sleep schedule has been so messed up since Mother's Day that he hasn't been napping properly and spent the entire morning crying. How is that happy news? Well I did something you won't believe, and that's okay because I know it worked. He just wouldn't stop this morning, I did everything, fed him (numerous times) changed his diaper, played with him, sang to him, walked him around, everything that normally works.

N was asleep upstairs when I finally couldn't take it anymore, I put him down in his carseat (since it was almost lunch time and C was picking us up in about 15 mins.) and I gently took his feet into my hands and I meditated. (Meditation always helps me calm down when I'm upset or frustrated) And his crying quickly turned to quiet whimpering and then ceased completely. I opened my eyes and he was smiling at me. I sat like that for a bit with him, then I had to bring him upstairs to wait for my boss to get home. He started crying again when I got him upstairs. So I did it again, sat down on the floor in front of him said nothing, held his feet and meditated. He stopped crying immediately and finally fell fast asleep. He's still asleep now. Now if that isn't some sort of awesome magick I don't know what is. C asked how I managed to calm him down, I said "I meditated the baby."

The thing is I had been holding him before and touching him gently while I tried to comfort him and it didn't do anything, but once I started meditating while touching him he just calmed down. Whatever I did it worked and I'm glad, because I was getting rather exhausted with the crying. Of course my response to that kind of thing (babies being upset, crying nonstop) is to calm myself down completely. Because I feel like how can someone else calm down if I am frantic. Enter the meditation, and I figured well if I'm going to meditate why not try meditating with him. Anyway, thought I'd share that super cool discovery with you. Maybe it will help someone else out, and hey even if you can't get the baby to calm down maybe you can calm yourself down and that always helps!

Skyler after a diaper change in his crib (his overalls are still undone cause I just changed him)

Monday, May 11, 2009

Love Remember Forever

Yesterday was alright. We were so busy, running from one place to another that I was mostly forgotten it seems. I managed to pamper myself a bit first thing in the morning though. I took a nice hot bath and actually took the time to condition my hair and moisturize my skin after. Then I painted my nails and even did my hair, and for the first time a year I put on some eyeliner and mascara. Honestly though I've worn make up all of ten times in my entire life. I had no clue how to do it. I didn't even know how to open the eyeliner. Sad I tell you.
We went to my nana's (where my dad is staying now that him and my mom had their little blow-up. He's looking for his own place now.) and brought pictures for my nana, my auntie and my dad. Then we went to my mom's and brought her her mother's day present (An 8x11in photograph of Skyler looking adorable). Then we went to the store, then home, then to get C's mom from work, then out to his parents place outside of the city.

Skyler got like literally no sleep yesterday and is consequently miserable today, and all of last night. I can't blame the poor kid. He's actually started sleeping through the nights now, he's been going for about 6-7 hours at a time without even waking up to eat. And he naps during the day. Visiting C's family was well. What can I say? I mean it's always interesting. I brought my crochet. I'm making a ripple blanket for myself for a change. I wanted something girly, I ended up with blue. Eh what can I say blue is my favourite colour.

For mother's day C did well.. nothing. I'm not exactly pleased about it. Not like I expected a diamond necklace, but maybe a backrub or offering to watch the baby for a while. Ah well whatever.. My mom gave me flowers, but the very best present I got was from my girlfriend. (I managed to hold back the tears til I was alone.) There are some people who just get it.. And I am absolutely blessed to have her as my friend.
I haven't been able to find any tulips this year for Sophie, and she knew how much it meant to me. And the next picture is a close up of the bracelet around the bottom. I'm trying not to tear up right now looking at it.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

It was a year ago today that I found out I was pregnant (ok technically the 11th, but still, mother's day). For some reason I woke up at six am today, and snuck out of bed (I swear Skyler takes over my side of the bed every night until I'm squished up against the wall in about 2 inches of space). I went through his "baby bag". We have too much stuff for a little keepsake box, we have an entire bag (it's a sparkly blue gift bag from his baby shower) full of his stuff. Things like leads from when he was in the hospital (monitors they had on him to watch his heartrate), his hospital bracelet, his first christmas stocking, his first teeny weeny tiny little hat that I crocheted that was too big on him! (Yes I cried looking at this stuff).

I spent about an hour thinking back to when I found out I was pregnant, how the pregnancy went, giving birth to him, the NICU, basically reflecting on the past year. There's just so much. I can't believe how far we've come. I even went back and read some of my blog posts from last year. So much has changed. To all of you other mommies out there I hope you have a good day.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Light Up The Fireplace

So it's what the 9th of May today, and my dear friends it is snowing. Oh how I love Manitoba. Anyone want to trade locations? Anyone? No? Ah well..

Skyler seems to think he can crawl, and stand up by himself. I had him sitting on my lap this morning and all of a sudden he stands up and launches himself over onto my other leg and my arm and starts climbing me. I sit him back down on my leg and he stands up again and just stands there leaning on me for a while.

I'm ovulating. I can tell because I woke up the other day wanting to crochet like immediately. And I started crying twice in the same day over silly things. And chocolate tasted way too sweet. It's odd how I can tell these things. It was either the very last day in April or very early in May last year that I got pregnant with Skyler. So it's been a year since he was conceived. It was Mother's Day last year when I got my first positive pregnancy test with him. So it's kind of a special day to me in another way.

I started making a blanket for Skyler yesterday and then realized I have never actually made myself a blanket. Out of the numerous ones I've made they've all been for babies my own or others. So now I'm tempted to go back to Wal-Mart and pick up a ball of something pretty possibly a girly colour (because every other crocheted blanket in this place is blue, white, green or some combination of these colours.) and make myself something for a change. I know it's May, but with this weather, yes I am thinking about making nice warm blankets. /Sigh.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Hungry Thing

C went out last night after I finished work at 6:30. Leaving us girls and the baby to fend for ourselves. Somehow we managed not to burn down the apartment and get the dishes done. How exciting. Except C stayed out quite late, and when he came home he decided to go out again. Not a problem, before we started going out and while we were going out he used to work midnight shifts as a manager at a restaurant, and we'd hang out long into the wee hours of the morning. He's a very social person, and when he got the chance to go out late and have coffee with friends I wasn't going to say no, it's just what he needs to get a little break. No the annoying part was when he came home at 4 am and wanted a conversation. And I wondered where my child got that from?!

Anyway, Skyler has been eating like a little monster! Nonstop eating constantly. Yesterday afternoon I fed him, took him to work, as soon as we got there he wanted food. I fed him again for about 45 minutes, until N woke up, went up and got her, changed Skyler's diaper fed N and then he wanted to eat again! fed him again for another 45 mins - 1 hour. (N and I watched treehouse while I fed him and she ran around the basement/playroom talking to me.) Then he took a breather, I played with N and then he wanted MORE! I kid you not. Whoever decided to teach this kid to sign for food was an idiot and should be kicked in the shin.

Finally C got there a bit early and I pawned the kid off on his daddy so I could have some girl time with N, who wanted to play with her mi.ckey and mi.nnie figures. Her new game is that I'm mi.ckey, and she's mi.nnie. She runs off with mi.nnie and then falls down and throws mi.nnie then comes fake crying back to where I am and gets me to go help find her (a search party of sorts) but first we have to bury mi.ckey under the carpet. (She wouldn't explain the reasoning behind that either, believe me I asked.) Then we have to check if mi.nnie is alright, and then run back to the center of the room. Rinse and repeat about 200 times.

Skyler slept pretty well last night, went 3 and a half hours in between feedings. Though from what I'm hearing from his millions of doctors nurses and specialists he should be starting to go longer than that. At this point though I will take the 3 hours because he's been feeding like 20 mins apart during the day. Actually so far today he hasn't been so bad. But it's only 9am so who knows. He may return to his feeding frenzy soon. I'm guessing he was just trying to increase my supply, and I can guarantee he has. So maybe (fingers crossed) mission accomplished and I can be free from my baby to boob shackle.

Skyler watching Little Einsteins in his exersaucer

Watching Little Einsteins from the couch, complete with monkey and blankie

I swear he's mine and they didn't switch him at birth, they had numbered bracelets you double check and everything! (I hadn't realized just how much he looks like C until I saw this pic)

Oh and despite the junk food pyjamas I swear I never feed any of those things to my baby. Plus it should be noted I was wearing pj pants with candies on them at the time, they just aren't visible in the picture. Which sucks cause we totally had a theme going on.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Life Lessons

Here's the recipe for switchel, as requested.

Today I'm going to share a secret with you. This is a post I've needed to write since my son was born, but something I swore to myself I wouldn't share with anyone until Skyler was home safe and sound.

When I went into labour at 31 weeks, I was suprisingly calm. C was excited, babbling on about meeting the baby, talking about what we were going to name him. Making plans for this and that. I kept saying "Let's just not worry about that right now." He seemed so optimistic, and all that was running through my head was "It's too early, don't get attached." I basically detached myself from the whole thing, just in case. I was extremely calm throughout the whole labour. I did not once scream, yell or swear. I kept repeating over in my mind "my body and my baby are healthy and strong, my body and my baby know exactly what to do." all I could think about was getting him out of me as safely as possible. Anything beyond that I didn't want to focus on.

I didn't expect them to show him to me when he was born. I was sure they would just take him and rush him out of the room as quickly as possible. But they held him up, said "It's a boy" and put him on my stomach for a moment before whisking him off. He had trouble breathing of course. He was not ready to come out yet. The thing was, I was pretty sure he wasn't going to make it. I was terrified he wasn't going to live. And it didn't go away after he was born either.

Everyday I'd down the hall to his bed in the NICU, and everyday I would pass by a cupboard labelled "Bereavement kits & Bereavement boxes". I would worry that one day they would hand me one of those and my heart would break in two. One day I heard the nurses talking about someone else. Snippets of conversation "Get me a bereavement kit. She's freaking out. I have to get back to her." The nurse who said it sounded nonchalent, uncaring. Maybe she had to be detached from her job to deal with it, I don't know. But it sounded like everyday conversation, not like someone had lost a baby. If anything she seemed almost annoyed. I cried that day, well more than usual.

The NICU was hard. It killed me when they said my baby was "a puzzle" and "we don't know what's wrong with him. He should have gone home by now" among other things. I know now that the reason he kept desatting was that he had no cortisol and no way to deal with his stress. But to someone who is afraid their baby is never coming home, it was terrifying. Some days I didn't feel like his mommy. Some of the nurses could be cruel, probably not on purpose but they want to get things done and don't always make allowances for new parents to just be new parents.

I got through it, and Skyler did of course, he is my little warrior. He is strong, much stronger than I am. And I'm grateful for the experience as hated as it was, as much as I wouldn't wish it on an enemy. It taught me to appreciate my baby. That a life so small and so precious is not something to take for granted.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Happy Beltane

I'm sure none of you have a clue what I'm talking about (except C and Smolder) but May 1st is a Wiccan sabbat known as Beltane or May Day. We celebrate the arrival of summer, and like all sabbats it basically includes a lot of good food, friends and fun! We had so many appointments yesterday that we didn't have time to celebrate, so today we spent the day baking mostly, and eating delicious goodies. The three of us each picked a couple new recipes to try and we spent the day baking together (and C did a lot of cleaning which was overdue, and greatly appreciated.) I made petticoat tails, and strawberry muffins. They both actually turned out really well. I'm quite impressed.

I'm now covered in food colouring of various colours and sugar and flour, and feeling quite satisfied. We're also drinking switchel which is suprisingly good (it's like lemonade without any lemons, it uses ginger instead.) and very thirst quenching. So I hope you're all having a great time enjoying the start of summer!

Oh and if you're interested in any of the recipes let me know in the comments and I'll post them.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Fancy Pants

Today internets, I'm wearing dress pants. Yes you heard that right. I haven't worn dress pants in oh 3 years? Not much need when you work with a baby who is likely to spit up on you at any moment or a two year old who likes to touch everything including wet and sticky things and then touch you. The reason for my fancy pants? Could it be the trip to the cardiologist today at ten am? I'd like to say yes, but why bother being dishonest? The truth is that both of my two pairs of jeans that actually fit me are soaked in urine. The first thing wrong with that sentence is that I only own two pairs of pants that fit me, the second is how does one manage to get two pairs of pants soaked in urine when presumably they were not wearing both pairs of pants at the same time. The first one is a lesson in how not to clean the bathroom. Which is to say that cleaning the bathroom should not involve dropping something into the open toilet bowl as the backsplash may hit you. YUCK. The second one is a lesson in not leaving the baby's diaper open any longer than necessary especially whilst said baby is lying on your side of the bed and is in aiming range of your leg. My pants were not the only casualty in that second one.

And there you have it internets. Today I am wearing my fancy pants. Let's hope they bring good luck at the cardiologist appointment. Not that luck has anything to do with it. I'll update afterwards.

UPDATE!!: Skyler's heart is absolutely perfect!! Yay fancy pants!!