Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Arm Explosion Sounds Cool

It's been a while since I wrote my last post. Everything has just been so hectic. Between work, school and all the appointments I haven't had a moment to myself. I'm almost done my last project for my course, and then all that's left is the exam. Exciting!

Yesterday was Skyler's appointment with endocrinology. It went very well. I think his endocrinologist was surprised by just how much I know and how I was able to discuss everything using all the medical terminology and keep up with him without him having to dumb anything down. He said the things we already knew basically, no testosterone during the last test, he's still growing on his own without growth hormone, chances are though that once he's a bit older he will need the growth hormone replacement. His hydrocortisone and thyroxine levels are fine, so we'll keep those medications at the same dosages. Still can't find his scan (MRI) from the hospital he was born at, he'll be sending a paper looking for that.

While we were in the waiting room C and I were looking at the brochures for MedicAlert. It reminded us that we need to get Skyler a bracelet, and when I looked at the list of "reasons to get a medicalert bracelet" I realized I needed one as well. If I were in an accident and became unconscious or something and a doctor ordered an MRI my arm would burn up from the inside and probably explode. I have two metal braces in my arm on either side of my humerus and interlocking screws all the way through it. So I ordered Skyler and myself each a medical bracelet. I didn't go through MedicAlert because it's $40 a year for one bracelet. I used Universal Medical ID because it was only $45 for mine and his combined and you don't have to pay for it every year, just once. I made sure they both matched too so Skyler's and mommy's are alike.

On Friday his CNIB OT came over. It was a lovely visit as usual. I adore her so much, she just has such a positive attitude and a vibrant personality it rubs off on you whenever she's near. I showed her how Skyler is tracking his black and white cards, she was very impressed and took lots of notes. I asked her if she knew of any good books for teaching blind children and she said that the CNIB published a book (that she wrote a chapter in) and that it's actually more for the people who work with the kids than the parents. But she said that with my background and schooling that I'd definitely get a lot out of it. She said it's a $50 book but she's going to see if she can track down a copy for me. I'm extremely excited.

My family is well my family. My dad called my mom and told her to leave me out of it. He called me and apologized for everything and asked how me and C and Sky-guy were doing. He said "I don't want you worrying about this stuff with me and your mom. You have your own family to take care of, and that's what's important. You have enough to deal with, without all of this added nonsense." So obviously I'm still involved somewhat, and still hearing about it, but he gets it and that's what matters. He doesn't bring it up with me, and just wants to know how his little "Sky-Guy" is doing when he calls. So I'm hanging in there, not doing too bad.

I'm just excited right now, the sun is finally shining and I've discovered a new craft thing that I'm obsessed with. (It's always something with me..) Scrapbooking! Yeah I know everyone is doing it. I was reluctant at first, thinking what's so exciting about gluing pictures onto coloured paper.. But my love of smiley Skyler pics and sparkly stickers won out and now I'm one of those people. Oh and I can't wait for Sunday! Why? Because "today is the day the day the teddy bears have their picnic!" I'm not sure if the Teddy Bear's Picnic is just a manitoba thing or not. Anyway it's tons of fun and I used to go every year as a kid. Everyone brings their teddy bear and they have a "B*A*S*H* tent" where doctors and nurses fix your teddy bears booboos and perform minor surgeries or put on bandaids etc. There's live music for the kiddies and face painting and snacks and crafts and games. Come to think of it, it probably is a Manitoba thing since all the proceeds go directly to the Children's Hospital.

Wow I have rambled on longer than I thought, I've got to be getting ready for work right away. I'm hoping to bring out a picture of N, and bring some stickers and paper and let her try out this scrapbooking thing for herself.


Stacie said...

Getting yourself and Skyler MedicAlert bracelets. Nobody wants their arm stuck in an MRI machine, OR exploding for that matter.

I was paranoid about my tiny wire permanent retainer that I have behind my two front teeth when I had my first MRI.

Karen said...

Wow! You're the bionic woman. I didn't know about the arm. It's super smart of you to get a bracelet. I'm going to be ordering one for my mom soon because she has bad reactions to a lot of different meds. Not only that, but one of the things she reacts badly to is benadryl. So if she were unconcious and they gave her a drug that she was allergic to, they would treat her reation with benadryl which she is also allergic to. Not a good scenario.

I'm glad to hear that Sky-guy's appts. are going so well. It's totally cool that you have training in all this and have studied up. I bet that it helps so much.

BTW, how was the Teddy Bear Picnic? We don't have anything like it here and I'm jealous. You'll have to post some pics.

Buttercup said...

Glad Skyler's appointments went well. Please take some pictures at Teddy Bear's Picnic. If I was within 100 miles, I'd be there.

Amy said...

Oooh, I want to see pics from the picnic, and I KNOW you took a ton!

How's the scrapbooking going? Is it just incredibly time consuming? I'm afraid of another hobby I don't have time for...

And before I forget, I LOVE your new header. It's...well, perfect. For everything.