Friday, May 15, 2009


Skyler's been feeling better the last few days, finally not fussing as much, sleeping almost through the night, he usually wakes up once around midnight or so, has a drink and goes back to sleep.

And now for the exciting part, he's eating solids! YAY! Turns out he just didn't like the taste of the baby rice cereal and that's part of the reason why he's been spitting it out. Last night I went out for a bit and the baby got hungry so C decided to try some butternut squash baby food, Skyler ate it quite happily. This morning I mixed together some rice cereal and some peaches and he ate quite a bit more than I expected he would, I was so proud. Then afterwards I topped him up with some breastmilk.

New things in my life? I don't know, I can't seem to think hehe. Yesterday N was putting me down for a nap, and her new thing is she has to read a bedtime story. So her bedtime story for me was "Once upon a time there was a beeeeautiful princess named Britt-Britt who lived with her mommy and daddy. The end. Now go to sleep!" and she tilted my head to the side. Haha so cute. And she's gotten better with Skyler, she's no longer trying to "share" his toys by taking them away. Now she grabs his toys out of the bag and brings them to Skyler and puts them in his hands. "Baby Skyler's toys! He's playing with it Britt-Britt, look" I can't get over how amazing her language abilities are.

Today C and I were discussing one of Skyler's drugs that was supposed to be couriered to us (twice) but wasn't. We called the pharmacy and told them we'd just go get it since they can't seem to send it over here properly. It's an injectible one, and on the 25th we have the appt with his endocrinologists to get his testosterone, which is another injectible. Then we remembered that he'll have to have injections every day of his life once he starts growth hormone replacement. He'll have growth hormone 6 days of the week and testosterone on the 7th. He'll also need his thyroxine and prednisone every day(twice a day for the pred).

Seems that in getting caught up in everyday life and having his drugs as part of our routine we had forgotten about him being different. I find that I often do. It isn't until I say something outloud to someone else that I remember that he is not like every other little baby and we are not like every other parent. We do have a lot of extra stuff to remember, and in getting caught up in living I forget that we're not the same as other parents. Sometimes watching other mommies and babies interacts reminds me that we're different. Sometimes seeing a baby look lovingly at their mommy reminds me. But I look down at him, his eyes wandering and his huge smile in response to whatever I'm saying and I feel like I am the lucky one.


Stacie said...

Yay for the solids. I have always mixed fruit with Laney's rice cereal. I still do as a matter of fact. She also loves it.

N sounds hilarious!

Karen said...

You ARE the lucky one. You get to be with your son.

I read an article yesterday about pain relief for babies and kids. You should talk to your pediatrician about getting some EMLA for Sky's shots. You put it on about an hour before the injection and when he has his shots he doesn't feel them at all. It only costs about $2 but it requires a prescription. I'm going to be talking about it to our pediatrician because I have always hated that giving my kids their vaccinations causes pain. My younger two in particular squirm so much that it's even more painful than it was for their older brother and sister.