Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Hungry Thing

C went out last night after I finished work at 6:30. Leaving us girls and the baby to fend for ourselves. Somehow we managed not to burn down the apartment and get the dishes done. How exciting. Except C stayed out quite late, and when he came home he decided to go out again. Not a problem, before we started going out and while we were going out he used to work midnight shifts as a manager at a restaurant, and we'd hang out long into the wee hours of the morning. He's a very social person, and when he got the chance to go out late and have coffee with friends I wasn't going to say no, it's just what he needs to get a little break. No the annoying part was when he came home at 4 am and wanted a conversation. And I wondered where my child got that from?!

Anyway, Skyler has been eating like a little monster! Nonstop eating constantly. Yesterday afternoon I fed him, took him to work, as soon as we got there he wanted food. I fed him again for about 45 minutes, until N woke up, went up and got her, changed Skyler's diaper fed N and then he wanted to eat again! fed him again for another 45 mins - 1 hour. (N and I watched treehouse while I fed him and she ran around the basement/playroom talking to me.) Then he took a breather, I played with N and then he wanted MORE! I kid you not. Whoever decided to teach this kid to sign for food was an idiot and should be kicked in the shin.

Finally C got there a bit early and I pawned the kid off on his daddy so I could have some girl time with N, who wanted to play with her mi.ckey and mi.nnie figures. Her new game is that I'm mi.ckey, and she's mi.nnie. She runs off with mi.nnie and then falls down and throws mi.nnie then comes fake crying back to where I am and gets me to go help find her (a search party of sorts) but first we have to bury mi.ckey under the carpet. (She wouldn't explain the reasoning behind that either, believe me I asked.) Then we have to check if mi.nnie is alright, and then run back to the center of the room. Rinse and repeat about 200 times.

Skyler slept pretty well last night, went 3 and a half hours in between feedings. Though from what I'm hearing from his millions of doctors nurses and specialists he should be starting to go longer than that. At this point though I will take the 3 hours because he's been feeding like 20 mins apart during the day. Actually so far today he hasn't been so bad. But it's only 9am so who knows. He may return to his feeding frenzy soon. I'm guessing he was just trying to increase my supply, and I can guarantee he has. So maybe (fingers crossed) mission accomplished and I can be free from my baby to boob shackle.

Skyler watching Little Einsteins in his exersaucer

Watching Little Einsteins from the couch, complete with monkey and blankie

I swear he's mine and they didn't switch him at birth, they had numbered bracelets you double check and everything! (I hadn't realized just how much he looks like C until I saw this pic)

Oh and despite the junk food pyjamas I swear I never feed any of those things to my baby. Plus it should be noted I was wearing pj pants with candies on them at the time, they just aren't visible in the picture. Which sucks cause we totally had a theme going on.


Stacie said...

Awww, look at that big boy in his exersaucer! He looks like he's going to be sitting up on his own soon?

Is Sky eating any solids yet?

Azaera said...

He's tried, but he tends to just push them out of his mouth with his tongue so I spend the whole time wiping it off his chin with the spoon and putting it back in his mouth lol.

She said...

Love the second to last picture. He looks totally riveted.

The food thing will get better - until it gets worse... when they start intentionally throwing it on the floor so they can say, "uh-oh." Haha.

Buttercup said...

Love the picture of Sky and monkey. So cute!