Saturday, August 28, 2010

Finally! (TMI warning)

Saturday is here (C has to work Sat & Sun which sucks..) and Skyler has finally stopped puking. We're on our third or fourth day now puke free! I can't even count the amount of times I caught puke with my hands in the last week. And the laundry we had to do.. Like 6 loads of laundry, most of it bedding or clothing that had been puked on. Yuck! Everything is clean now, we washed it at C's parents last night. They had a huge family dinner, I mean it wasn't supposed to be, but they have 4 kids, and each one of the girls brought their boyfriend except one whose boyfriend is in Ont. And I was there, and the baby of course. So it was 10 people for dinner. Dinner was good. Everyone behaved pretty well for a change which is a miracle in that family.

AND the most important piece of news! After we left at like 9:30pm C's sister brought over Skyler's new big boy bed! Actually it's his youngest sister's twin bed that she's grown out of as she's now 18 and has a double. We went and bought him his own sheet set and a mattress protector today and we set it up in his room this morning. And my little big boy, took his first nap in his big boy bed! We gave him a bottle, he laid down and past right out. Not a peep from him. We had to go in and wake him up at 2pm so he didn't sleep all afternoon. He woke up with a big smile on his face. He loves getting on and off his bed and playing on it, and laying on it. So cute. We really wanted to get him used to having his own big bed before the new baby comes. We don't want him being mad or jealous that some new little person came along and stole both his mommy and his crib! (Of course we're not going to forget about him when the baby is born, but I will be breastfeeding so he may get less attention for a while.)

Anyway here's hoping he sleeps as well tonight. I hope everything in your life is going well!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Fun Never Ends

If you've been following then you know that Skyler has been sick since Friday. He has some sort of cold that is making him congested, and when my boy gets congested he starts choking on his snot. When he starts choking he sometimes will puke. When he pukes twice, we have to give him his solu-cortef injection.Yesterday he went to bed around 6pm. I was delighted that he was sleeping so soundly. It was not to be of course. He woke up at midnight, just after C got home from work. He refused to go back to sleep (when he lies down the snot keeps him from breathing which keeps him from sleeping. I've tried propping up his head, but no luck yet.) and he got all upset and puked. Twice. He puked up his meds.

The next thing we had to do was give him his injection. It was our first time giving it to him and it was not the most fun thing in the world. So after we gave it to him, got the bandaid on, had some snuggles C decided to call and get his prescription refilled because we only get one vial at a time and there are only two doses in each vial. Each dose only lasts three days from when you activate it/open the vial. So we wanted to make sure we would have it on hand if this continued. We called 3 different pharmacy locations all the same chain. Only one of them had it. They refused to fill the prescription because the last one they got was from a year ago.

So we had to call the pediatric endocrinologist on call. Maybe she just doesn't like working over night or something but she was a (insert word here). C explained to her that we had to give his emergency dose. She asked why we hadn't taken him to the ER. He told her that Skyler is okay, just has a cold and is congested and is puking because he can't seem to get rid of the snot. She said "And who made that diagnosis?". . . . Let's be clear here that the tone of her voice as well as her words implied beyond a doubt that we as his parents are definitely not qualified to say why our son is puking and that indeed we are imbeciles for thinking that with our small brains we might be able to figure out what's going on.

She eventually said she'd phone in the prescription to the one store that was open 24 hours and had the meds on hand. We went and picked up the meds, and they gave us some insulin needles since they don't have the kind we need, and we got our very own biohazardous medical waste bucket. My life just keeps getting better. Heh. So we didn't get to sleep until about 5am. Then this morning (okay technically noon) we ate our breakfast/lunch and then decided to see if we could get him in to see our NP. We called at 1. They told us to come in at 2. So we did, we saw her right away, the visit was thorough, but not lengthy.

She examined him, said his ears are fine, no infection. Lungs are clear, throat is a little red from coughing so much. No fever, no signs of stomach flu. Everything in perfect working order except he is congested. It looks like a common cold virus. Bottom line? He's puking because he chokes on his snot and doesn't know how to spit it out or blow his nose. Sigh. I wish people would stop questioning our intelligence when it comes to our son. I am glad our NP looked at him and came to the same conclusion that we did, and I'm glad we didn't take him to an ER full of germs just to sit there for 8 hours and find out that he is fine. I just hate when specialists get that superiority complex. I feel like saying "No I'm not an idiot, when my kid is horking back a load of snot and then chokes on it til he pukes, I'm pretty sure I can figure out why he's puking."

She also checked everything else while he was there, and noticed that he has one leg longer than the other.. I agreed I had noticed his left leg is stiff, and his foot seems to point outward when he walks. She thinks he may have a problem with his hip and suggested we go get him X-rayed. So he may have some hip dysplasia or something on top of everything else. I've read that they can usually fix it when a brace and if that doesn't work they do surgery. I seriously don't want him to have surgery. What can you do though? If he needs it, he needs it. We'll cross that road when we come to it. For now I just want to make it through tonight.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Skyler Goes Shopping

Three posts in one day. Yikes. I had to share though, it's too cute not to.


We got to hear the heartbeat! Skyler's baby (brother/sister) has a heartrate of about 140. It sounded beautiful. :)

12 Weeks

Saturday night was alright, Skyler went back to bed at about 9 or 10 and slept through the night. Last night he did not want to sleep again, and he puked. We had to wait and see if he would puke again and if he did we had to give him his hydrocortisol in an injection. I honestly don't know if he puked again because I told C I couldn't stay awake any longer once midnight hit and I went and past out. Normally I stay up with the baby, but I've been so exhausted I just couldn't do it.

Yesterday was the CNIB bbq. It's at a farm so Skyler got to see some kittens and roosters and ducks for the first time, and he went on his first hayride. It was pretty hot, but at least there was a breeze. His runny nose is getting a bit better. I talked to his OT and found out a little bit about the girl I will be working with in September. It sounds like she needs a lot of extra help. Our OT said she will stay on working with the girl for this year if I am going to be working with her, because she needs someone who will actually follow through with the OT's suggestions and she knows I will.

And I might as well say it, today I am 12 weeks pregnant. In about an hour I will be at my nurse practitioner's office. Hopefully hearing the heartbeat for the first time. Wish us luck.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Worst Night Ever

Last night was possibly the worst night ever. Since the NICU anyway. The day before had been awful Wed/Thur I had been up with him super late and then woke up at 7am with him. The two of us had been up all day, he refused to nap and then didn't want to sleep. I was so tired I couldn't think straight. So fast forward to last night. Skyler's nose started running in the afternoon. The day had been super busy we had to go and deposit cheques and get new back tires on the car and I had to get fitted for a bridesmaid dress for C's sister's wedding. So after all that nonsense we had to go to C's grandma's for dinner. That's when the fun started.

Skyler's nose started to run and I could tell he wasn't feeling 100%. We ate dinner, then C went outside to change the oil in the car. We went out for a minute but there were too many mosquitos so we went back inside. C's grandma gave Skyler a juicebox, and the poor kid who doesn't seem to know what to do when he has a runny nose, sucked the juice right into his lungs and began hacking and sputtering and of course as he does whenever he chokes, he puked. I find whenever he is sick with a cold the snot in his throat makes him cough/choke until he pukes it up.

We went home shortly after and tried to get him to go to bed. I think he laid down for half an hour. Eventually at 11pm we went to pick up C's cousin from work. We returned home, tried yet again to get him to bed. Countless times we put him down and had to go in and pick him up because he wouldn't stop screaming and crying hysterically. Finally at about 2am we decided that the crib wasn't working and we were getting desperate so we were going to go for a drive. Unfortunately Skyler is not one of those babies who can "cry it out". If we leave him crying for too long (especially when sick. and sometimes too long is only minutes) he will puke. So when C went to get him from the crib I guess it had been too long and he puked all over C.

So a quick clothing change + bath and we tried the crib again. No luck, so off to the car for a drive. We gave him stress pred oral and headed out. He slept in the car, but we could only go until 3am and then we were both worn out and needed sleep. Unfortunately Skyler was not going to sleep when we got back into the apartment. He puked again around 3:30, we started freaking out. I gave him more pred at 4 and sent C to sleep for two hours since he had to open the store at 6:30am. Skyler puked again at 4:30. I know I should have given him his shot at this point, but we weren't thinking and by 4:30 I was dead tired and rocking back and forth crying on the floor basically, pleading with him to please sleep. This would end up being a recurring theme as we tried to decide if we should take him to the ER.

C left for work at 6am and Sky and I were still awake. He puked again at 7am and I called C and told him I couldn't do it anymore and he had to come home. He called his boss and made her go in for a bit so he could come home. We called the endocrinologist who told us we should have given him his shot at 4am, and that we should wake him up (as he had just just finally fallen asleep, it was nine am by the time C came home) and take him to ER so they could assess him, show us how to use the shot and send him home.

In other words last night/today has been one hell of a night/day! He slept til 7pm and he is okay right now, still sick and stuffy and tired but he's playing. He hasn't puked yet today either, not since 7. I'm going to go insane though if he refuses to sleep tonight. I was just ready to smash my head into a wall this morning, and stressed beyond belief, with panic attacks and everything I am so not ready to go through that again tonight. Tomorrow is the CNIB picnic, and his gymnastics registration. It's supposed to be 33c above not including the humidity.. It's going to be killer hot. Here's hoping the weather and his sickiness doesn't ruin everything. :( I so want him to be feeling better. It sucks when your baby is sick and medically fragile.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Class Registration

C and I went today and registered Skyler for his music class at the Montessori play school. We got to wander around and the director explained the program. I loved the school, it's gorgeous the way it's set up. There are all sorts of soft giant blocks for him to climb on, toys and books and they are all nice and neat and clean and nothing is so chewed or ragged that you can't figure out what it is. (Maybe the daycare I work in has broken things because we have too many kids) The way the room is separated too is just lovely. It's all an open concept and it's so welcoming. The walls are painted a lovely soft colour with murals of trees and bubbles and things painted on them. There are mirrors everywhere. There is a little dance studio toward the entrance where his music class will take place.

The director explained that the first 15 minutes we all just get to socialize and have free play throughout the room, and then the music teacher will ring her bell and call everyone into the circle for class. The kids will get to play instruments and sing and listen to music and whatnot. The class is 45 mins not including the 15 min free play. She said also that if at any point Skyler is bored or doesn't feel like sitting still the rest of the "school" is available for him to play in and explore and he can go back to the circle as he wishes. And it's open concept so he will be able to hear the music while he explores. There's also a small kitchen and refreshments are provided for the parents. And there's a spot to eat for the little guys if we want to bring him some snacks.

It's a beautiful place and I was quite impressed with it. More importantly Skyler loved it. He was so interested in exploring everything. I can't wait for classes to start in October. Also today I registered Skyler for a gymnastics class. It's Saturday mornings, and it's not too far from us. C and I decided we'll do one music class and one gym class for now. The gym class is for toddlers 18 months to 3yrs and they have access to this big room full of things to climb and swing on and play in. There are tunnels and slides, and all sorts of cool things. I'm really hoping this will help with his gross motor skills maybe give him the balance/confidence to walk on his own. Again it's parent involved so C and I will both be there with him. I can't wait to go to their open house to check it out.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Musically Inclined

Okay so I realize this probably makes me insane, but I'm looking into signing Skyler up for another music class.. Kindermusik. It's on Monday nights at 6pm. Lately he's been staying up until like 9pm anyway so this will hopefully tire him out enough to go to sleep before 9. It's a 15 min walk from my place. It's 15 weeks whereas the other one is only 10. You get a couple books and an activity book and a lunch bag and an instrument to keep. And you can pay in a series of post dated cheques. Skyler and I went to our Baby & Me class today and he watched the other babies interact, and he was reticent to join them. He wasn't crying or anything, but he was just sitting back and watching. At one point a little one came up and gave him a big hug. At first he was just like WTH, then he started to freak out a little like mommy why is this baby touching me?

I really want him to interact more with other babies, especially since he's (hopefully) going to be a big brother soon. Most of all though I want him to have fun, to interact with others (including adults) and try something different. You have no idea how stir crazy we get sitting in the same apartment doing the exact same things every day, so I'm hoping since music is something he loves and something I love and something that visually impaired kids can participate in easily that this will be a good choice for him.

Plus he gets a disability cheque each month, and that money is for him and to help support him in his development and all that stuff so I don't have a problem spending it on something like this. I know two days a week might be a lot, but they're spread apart enough I think. And both classes are parent involved classes so it's not like I'll be leaving him with strangers. Anyway, let me know if you think I'm nuts. (Not that it will change my mind or anything. ;)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Watching TV

Yesterday Skyler and I were at my moms. I was sitting on the couch with Sky on my lap and there was some commercial on tv. (My mom's tv is smaller and much higher up than ours) My little man points to the tv and says "Car!" sure enough it's a car commercial. I just looked at him, rather stunned. "You can see that?" Seriously. I think he's slightly less blind than we think he is..

And in the spirit of adorableness I have a picture of my little Scottish lad in his wee kilt. (My dad's side of the family is from Aberdeen, Scotland. We're proud Scots ;) I couldn't be happier that Skyler now owns his first kilt.
Tonight Skyler discovered three new things. I feel like Sesame Street here; the word of the day is "comb" Skyler loves the comb today. No clue. Food of the day: raisins! I made him two different meals for dinner, nope. He wanted raisins. Handfuls of raisins. Ok then. And his newest activity: riding in the laundry basket and saying "Yey!!" and yes it sounds just the way I spelled it, but much cuter than I can convey in type.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Lots to Say

I've been a bad blogger lately. There's so much going on it's hard to decide what to tell you about. I'll start with our appointment at the hospital for prenatal genetics last week. My appointment was for 2:30. We got into the hospital with 7 minutes to spare, but then had to find our way through the tunnels to the right building. Then when we got to the right building the people behind the bullet-proof glass (who you had to use a phone to talk to) couldn't seem to figure out where I was supposed to be. After 5-10 mins of searching through some binder they finally told me to go to the basement.. Weird I know. I get down there and we must have been like 5 minutes late. So I tell them I'm here they tell me to go sit down.

Half an hour goes by and women are coming in and leaving fairly quickly after seeing their docs. There's a sign on the window of the reception that says "If you've been waiting longer than half an hour please inform the staff" Okay so I walk over and ask when I'll be seeing the doctor. The woman picks up a phone says she's calling him and then I'm standing there waiting. A couple walks in and basically shoves me aside to get to the window, I'm still standing there waiting. The woman hangs up the phone and tells me to "Go sit down." Which honestly was extremely rude. She didn't answer my question, I don't think she even talked to anyone on the phone, and just told me to sit down. I went and sat, annoyed.

An hour goes by and I walk over to the other woman in the reception desk hoping for a better answer. This time I get an "I don't know" giggle shrug. I walk off to the bathroom and when I come back Skyler is starting to get annoyed, C is getting antsy so I start pacing the room with Skyler loudly saying "I know baby I'm sorry, I'm just as frustrated as you are. I didn't think we'd be here for an hour and a half." All the while I can't understand why new people keep coming in and getting seen and leaving so quickly while we're standing here waiting. Finally some woman comes and says the doctor is with a patient.. I tell her it's been almost 2 hours. She says she doesn't know how long it will be because she can't just interrupt him while he's with someone. Fine, whatever. So we wait.

She comes back another 15 mins later and says it will be 10 more minutes. I'm frustrated, Skyler and C are frustrated. Finally the guy shows up and he says "I'm sorry about the wait I told them to call me when you got here. I had to go upstairs." I was ready to deck someone. We quickly run through the family history thing, how my pregnancy with Skyler went. He confirms for us (as we already knew) that septo-optic dysplasia is not hereditary, there is no reason to suspect that this baby will have it. He said that in some rare cases there is a gene that siblings might have in common, but it's not very likely. He set up an ultra sound for 22 weeks so they can check and see if anything looks abnormal, but thats it. He also stated that what Skyler has is an anomoly. That word for some reason comforts me. It's something that they can't decipher why it happens, it's not genetics, it's not something we did wrong. It just happens randomly and usually only once in a family.


Moving on, I haven't talked a lot about this pregnancy. Okay maybe hardly at all. Truth is I'm both excited beyond words and a bit nervous. We managed to have a baby already I know. I still worry though, I'm 11 weeks now. The morning sickness seems to have subsided mostly. I'm scheduled for so many appointments you wouldn't believe it. I have an ultrasound in October. They sent me a letter. No phone call, no Dr telling me why, I'm guessing she will explain at my appointment in September that it's because I'm high risk or whatever.

I still want to hear the heartbeat. I've gone to the clinic twice now and they keep telling me I'm just not far enough along. So I'm waiting. My next appointment with my nurse practicioner is this coming Monday, I'll be 12 weeks and hopefully we will be able to hear the heartbeat. I love my nurse practicioner, I'm very happy to have one. Too bad I will be seen by the high risk OB for most of this pregnancy.

The baby is due March 8th. We keep telling Skyler that mommy has a baby in her tummy. He doesn't seem to have clued in yet, but I'm not really showing (I have a tummy, but it's all fat) and he hasn't been around many other babies yet. He is saying a lot more new words. But he's not walking yet. He got new shoes and has worn them twice now. He seems to like them which is awesome because before he hated shoes. He's almost let go to stand a few times in his new shoes. I've got my fingers crossed. The weather has recently turned from scorching hot to chilly, windy and autumn-like. I'm thinking I might dress him up in something warm and take him for a walk soon.

I have more to say, but this is already a novel, so thanks for reading if you made it this far. ;)

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Two posts in one day, sometimes I forget my head. I forgot to mention that I've been stuck with my kid 24/7 and started to go insane. I called up my mom on Saturday and asked if she had some time for just me. Thankfully she called me back and said she had planned a nice night for me and my brother. The three of us went out for dinner, and then to the casino. I won $15. Haha doesn't sound like much but I'm one of those people who cashes out as soon as I get two dollars. And my mom gave me the $5 to put in the machine I didn't even bring money to spend. So I tripled the $5 and was happy with that. It was a great time, and it was nice to get a quick break from little guy. As much as I love him I think we all need a break sometimes.


So C's done his holidays, back to work today. I'm having mixed feelings about it. I'm mostly sad that we'll have less time together, though at times he did get on my nerves (he likes things super tidy and uses his time off to clean and clean, and complain that I'm not wanting to clean) but that's just life as a couple. Honestly I'm more likely to clean while he's at work, I see his time off as time to spend together, I mean obviously some cleaning has to be done, but he went out and bought yet another carpet cleaning accessory and cleaned our carpets. Not that I'm complaining. Ah I just can't win here can I?

Skyler has new words, including the word "car" which he loves. Whenever we get into the car he sits there saying "car" over and over with a big smile on his face. He's so proud of himself. Speaking of which I forgot to tell you what happened to our car on the Friday before we went camping. We were set to leave on Saturday morning to go to Gimli (a town about 2 hours away) and then Sunday leave to go camping. So Friday morning we were driving to C's parents (they live just outside of town) and this person in front of us was driving a pick-up truck with a trailer attached on the back. The trailer had those metal poles that you see on scaffalding to clean windows of sky scrapers. Anyway, they hadn't checked that it was properly secured and of course a huge metal pole comes flying off this trailer and into our wheel well. Busted our tire completely.

C had to honk at them and follow them until they stopped (we pulled over to the shoulder) as these people had no clue. The guy who was driving was a grade A moron. He told us it wasn't his fault that the pole came off his trailer. As far as I can tell yeah it was his fault. If he had properly secured his load beforehand it wouldn't have happened. There was also another guy who ran over the metal pole before they went and picked it up out of traffic and he busted his tire too. The other guy was from out of province though and didn't know what to do. (My province's car insurance covers you anywhere in Canada, most other provinces don't.) So we called the police and tried to get them to respond to the scene (which if there's over a thousand dollars worth of damages they're supposed to) they told us to call Autopac (our insurance company) as no one was hurt so they didn't want to respond.

So Autopac says to empty out everything in the car, leave the doors unlocked and the keys inside and the tow truck will come pick up the car. Fortunately we were almost at C's parents (about halfway there) so his mom came and picked us up. Talk about stressful. Our claim adjuster said we could make a claim against the person whose fault it was to try to get a rental car. When we got a hold of the adjuster he said we had to wait until that person filed a claim which he was unlikely to do because he didn't believe he was at fault. Autopac has to send them a letter telling them to make a claim and then it's up to him if he is going to take responsibility for the damages to our car! I don't get it!! Which means we have to pay $200 (our deductible) to get our car back.

Fortunately C's youngest sister has a car but doesn't drive yet, so we fixed it up and we're borrowing that for now. I'm really ticked off about the whole thing though because I don't understand how this other person has the option of not taking responsibility for not properly securing his load. Now because of HIS actions we have to pay to have our car fixed, we can't get it back until we pay the $200, which is money we don't exactly have since I'm off work right now. Sigh.

Wow I hadn't realized how annoyed I would get just typing all that out. Here's hoping this person decides to take responsibility for his lack of care (which I doubt he will) or else we have to take him to small claims court and try to get the money for our deductible out of him.

Thursday, August 5, 2010


It's been a crazy week. Skyler loved camping right up until he realized we weren't going home at night and that he had to sleep with us on the air mattress. Then he was much less than pleased.

So sleeping was less than ideal out in the woods, but the weather was beautiful (mostly, there was a bit of rain, but not much) and I got to spend some quality time with my brother. I really loved canoeing, it's been forever since I went out on the lake in a canoe! I surprised myself by actually remembering what to do. We came back a day early because we didn't feel like staying up all night a second night, but we really did enjoy our time camping.

I've been looking into getting Skyler into a music program. He loves music, and I want him to have some sort of interaction with other kids as he's starting to get interested in them. I think it would be a good opportunity for us to spend some time with him in a different setting with other toddlers, helping him learn some social skills and having fun at the same time. I'm looking into a local program, and into kindermusik in our area. The kindermusik is closer to us, but it's on a Monday so I'd have to bus there with Skyler on my own and it's more expensive. The local program is cheaper, the classes are an hour instead of 45 mins, and it's on Friday afternoons so while it's a bit further away C can drive us and attend with us. It's at 2 on Friday afternoons, and I'm done work at 1 so it's good timing.

The class sizes are small (6-8 kids) and the teacher is a music teacher. I'm hoping it will be something Skyler will like. I sent an email and they offered to hold a spot for us until registration on Sept 10th. Classes begin Oct 8th. I'm hoping it works out, and I'm hoping we can come up with the fees by then.. I'm supposedly on unemployment for the summer, but the gov't hasn't bothered to give me any money yet.. Sigh.. Here's hoping they get it figured out soon.