Tuesday, June 2, 2009

He Reached For Me!!

Wow, so this past weekend was slightly busy. Friday we cleaned the apartment and then went to my mom's place for a bit, then to C's parents for dinner. Saturday woke up and said "We should go somewhere today, so C said okay, lets go on a little roadtrip. So we decided to explore and go somewhere we'd never been before. We looked online and printed out some maps and headed out to the old Pinawa dam. It's 2 hours away from the city. We had a great time. I didn't think an old decommisioned dam would be such a cool place to visit but we ended up having a wonderful time. We brought sandwiches and ate at a picnic table before going hiking around the dam.

We had a great time, I can't wait for our next adventure.

I have to pause my train of thought now to tell you Skyler is on my lap and he just reached up and grabbed my arm!! (which is over his head because I'm typing) Not exciting if you have a normal baby I'm sure, but for a mommy of a low vision/blind baby it's thrilling I assure you. This means he saw my arm!! His focus is getting so much better and he is definitely seeing some things close up.

Sunday we were supposed to go to the teddy bear's picnic, but it ended up being cold and rainy and nasty out. So instead we babysat for our friends who are moving. They needed someone to watch their son while they packed and transfered everything from the old house to the new one. He's only a couple months older than Skyler (Sky is 6 and A is 8) and he's already walking. N walked at about 8 or 9 months too so I'm not super surprised, but it was fun to watch a baby who is a little more active. Skyler will probably develop a bit slower with his difference in vision, and being premature.

The only problem was A is at the age where they develop attachments, and he became stuck to me like glue and wouldn't let me out of his sight for 2 seconds without screaming his head off. It was cute, funny and annoying all at the same time. It amuses me somewhat because Skyler is not like that at all (mind you he isn't at that age yet, but) he is completely comfortable being held by anyone. On occasion he will protest especially if he is hungry then he wants me.

I'm really excited about Skyler's vision developing, he's surprising us all with how much he can see. He's still technically legally blind of course, but if things are close enough (like a foot away or less) he is starting to focus on them more instead of his eyes just wandering around in his head like they used to. His nystagmus is almost gone as well. I can always tell when his eyes are tired though because he starts to go cross eyed and sometimes has a bit of nystagmus if he's trying to focus. The fact that he saw something today and reached for it has me positively giddy! Especially since it was my arm. He's never done that before. Normally he finds my arms by waving his hands around until he smacks into me.

Oh and it's C's birthday tomorrow. Not sure what I'm going to do for that, but I can guarantee there will be cake.


She said...

That is SO exciting about Sky seeing your arm! Congrats on that! Happy birthday to C. :)

Stacie said...

The dam sounded really cool. I like going to places I've been before too.

That is SO awesome that Sky was able to see your arm and then grab it!!!

Happy Birthday C!

Karen said...

Oh wow! I would be beside myself if I were you. Heck, I'm almost beside myself just thinking about it now. I'm so excited that he's seeing some. I know that he will still have all sorts of difficulties, but it's wonderful that he can have that experience.

I found a present that I have to send to him. You so need to send me your address.